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Archive: i’m back

in which you discover i haven’t disappeared forever.

OK, I’m back. I know, I know. I kept delaying writing a post because it had been so long. And my first post back really needed to be super good, right? Well, I kept starting it and then stopping it. And then I decided I was just going to jump in and start blogging here again. So I am.

I missed it here! Here are some quick life updates so we can get this show on the road:

We are not Martha:

Still going fabulously! I’m sooo happy Chels and I decided to start this venture a little over a year ago. It’s already brought us SO many awesome things, like being able to attend a Martha Stewart Show taping; getting to meet tons of awesome food bloggers; and having the opportunity to try a whole lot of fun products. Also, we were recently featured in the Boston Globe. And we just did a taping for How2Heroes, which should be up on their website soon. The other day, Chels and I said, “I wonder where we’ll be a year from now…” I’m excited to find out! In the meantime, you should follow us on twitter (@wearenotmartha) and join our Facebook page.

My jobs:

Still have a bunch of them and still always looking for more (Boston rent+grad school loans+sister’s wedding+having fun=not cheap)! Since I know you all lurvee hearing about my jobs I’m going to tell you about a couple. Really, I’m telling you because this blog is titled “Everyone Loves a Boston Girl” and therefore I have a duty to tell you all things important in Boston.

Important in Boston like going out to eat, shopping, and having spa days? Well, kind of. I know the economy sucks right now, but you can still do these things! How? Well, with the new company I just became Community Manager for. It’s called Groupon and it basically offers a deal-a-day on something cool to do in the city. Yes I work for them, but I’m also partaking in tons of the deals. Like the deal the other day for the Savant Project in Brigham Circle. You only have to pay $20 and you get a $40 gift card. I’m also psyched to use my 2 mani-pedis (for $39!!) at CQI salon. There’s also a Groupon for Chicago!

I’m writing the weekly music column for College Candy, which I’m having tons of fun with because I get to write about another one of my passions… music. I’m definitely a way beginner when it comes to music writing, but I’m kind of hoping this will lead to other opportunities.

And I’m still working for Guidespot, now as a Ambassador, which is super fun. You should all be on Guidespot because we like to represent all cities. You can sign up, create new guides, add to community guides, and just have fun. Some of the guides are hilarious and everyone on the site is super nice.

Sister’s wedding stuff:

I went to her Chicago shower a couple weeks ago and had tons of fun. But I’m even more ridiculously excited for her Boston shower, which we’ve been spending lots of time planning. The theme is crazy awesome and the invites that Chels made are amazing. But I’ll have to wait to share all that with you until the shower is over (May 9).

The Bachelor/Bachelorette party is in July and is a cruise to the Bahamas! It’s going to be absolutely amazing and I cannot wait. However, my bank account hates me right now.

I’m mostly excited that my sister invited me to the food tasting. The wedding is going to be at the Westin Copley and I’m pretty psyched to try out their food and help in the reception meal decisions. Yes, these are the things that make me happy.

Other stuff:

I don’t admit I’m wrong very much, but I’ll admit I was wrong in claiming PCs are better than Macs. It’s not even so much that I believed it, I was just sick of people making fun of me for having a PC. Well, another PC decided to die on me, and I’m now a Mac user. And I’ll never look back. There. I admitted I was wrong. And stubborn.

There’s now a tab on Blogger that says “Monetize.” Never noticed that before.

I need a blog re-design. I also need to go do some MAJOR Google reader catch-up. I mean it this time!!

Lots more that will be updates as I’m not back to blogging regularly. Yuppp.