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the great wedding venue hunt.

If you could get married anywhere in Boston, where would it be? I always dreamed of the Boston Public Library…


(Courtesy of Person + Killian, Boston Public Library)

Or the State Room…


(Courtesy of Longwood Events)

But when I got engaged, I quickly realized those were $$$ and difficult to plan on any type of budget (since there are no packages, per say). Plus, we decided getting married in a hotel would be our best choice for us since we have so many out-of-town guests and like that a hotel will take care of everything.

But we’re still going to look at Brookline’s Veronique. Because I hear it’s absolutely stunning. And it’s close to our neighborhood. And I can’t resist:


And I think we’re finally realizing no one venue is going to have every single thing we want. And any time you spend that much money, the decision feels like the biggest one in the world. But no matter what we do, it’s going to be amazing. And hopefully still leave us some money leftover to go on a honeymoon… And buy a house some day.

Of course, we have our top venue contenders, but I won’t mention them here just yet. I get weirdly worried about disappointing people… even venue coordinators we really don’t know. But if they’re super nice and buy us dinner and are very attentive, I’ll feel so horrible turning them down. But we can, after all, only choose one spot in which to get married.

It’s funny how when we first started wedding planning, we had NO idea what things should cost, what should be included, etc. And now I feel like we’re total experts and can quickly look at a package and immediately know if it’s a good deal or crazy ridiculous or contains lots of hidden expenses. I totally get why so many people plan their own weddings and then want to be wedding planners. a) You think you know it all and b) You only got to choose 1 venue, etc. for your own wedding and you want to do more!

Venue hunting is fun… But I really just want to know where (and when) our wedding is going to be!! 🙂

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  1. Kinsey Michaels Says:

    All of these venues are absolutely gorgeous! The one you’re planning to look at is exceptionally pretty too.
    Susie, I’d love for you to come to the next Boston blogger event in April, all bloggers are welcome & it’s great for networking!!
    here are the details: http://www.bostonbloggers.com/2011/03/fireiceboston-bloggers-april-event.html

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