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party dressing.

You want to know something? I have absolutely no idea what I’m doing for New Year’s Eve this year. And furthermore, I really don’t care. I’m at that point in life where I’m just plain happy to be here hanging out with people I love. And I’m so over expectations. And spending over $100 to go to a hotel with a bunch of random people and drink my face off. In an expensive dress. Well, the expensive dress part is nice. But expensive.

But whether or not I’ll be purchasing one this year, I’m still allowed to lust over New Year’s Eve dresses. Right? I really just can’t help myself. Though I feel like I haven’t seen too many amazing party dresses, the one I have seen and loved have really blown my mind. Like so freaking awesome.

I kinda of really, really (REALLY!) need this feathered Jovani. Unfortunately, it’s $640, which is quite a bit over my budget, even for New Year’s. But seriously? This dress is my idea of heaven. (And the skirt is like a nice fluffy heavenly cloud).


This Parker is a bit more reasonably priced at $297.00 and just as glitzy and glamorous. I’m totally feeling the sequin thing this year.


I just can’t get over the feathered dress look this year. Santa, please bring me this ASOS feather corset dress.


There’s not much from Alice + Olivia I don’t like, but this Maggie Strapless Sequin Dress is way up there on my list ($484). More sequins! Grey! Perfection.


OK, if we’re talking budget (and you know I hate talking budget), I suppose either of these will do.

This Express Sequin and Chiffon Dress is actually totally up my alley ($98).

Screen shot 2010-12-15 at 9.36.47 PM.png

And this Dillard’s Extraordinary Strapless Sequined Dress is only $79! The girl wearing it is totally 12 years old. But that’s OK because I’m definitely fine wearing a junior’s dress. Shopping the juniors department is one of the best things you can do for your wallet.

Screen shot 2010-12-15 at 9.34.01 PM.png

And it’s a good thing I’m not getting married right now because I’d totally be all over the skirt of Nicole Richie’s Marchesa wedding dress. Some might see it as excessive; I’m too busy swooning (and drooling). It just happens to be 100 yards of organza and tulle. She looks stunning and this is just perfect.


Hey, you can’t say I don’t  know myself quite well. And now, I suddenly want to buy a New Year’s Eve party dress just so I can sit in my apartment and sparkle.

4 Responses to “party dressing.”

  1. Vanessa Says:

    Sequins FTW!! I used to make NYE plans weeks in advance and spend ridic amount of $$$. Now I’m so happy sitting on the couch and drinking bubbly. Getting old is weird!

  2. Kinsey Michaels Says:

    this post is probably the best I’ve seen featuring sequin dresses! and i love alice & olivia 🙂
    by the way, i recently created http://www.bostonbloggers.com as a way to further enhance the local blogging community. i’d love for you to check it out, and please keep me posted if you hear of any blogging events i’ve missed!

  3. Elizabeth Jarrard Says:

    OMG Love love love these dress! you’re going to look smokin on New years!! and ps-CONGRATS!!

  4. gowns Says:

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