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the wonderful world of vodka.

This weekend I discovered cotton candy vodka. Now, I generally consider myself a classy girl when it comes to alcohol. I tend to stick to red wine or Grey Goose and soda or dirty martinis when I’m out on the town. But I’m also a sucker for fun alcohol. I can’t resist a candy-flavored drink. And cotton candy vodka just spoke to me. In so many ways. Does this bottle not speak to you, too?

Screen shot 2010-11-13 at 11.52.07 PM.png

And yes, it was absolutely incredible with a splash of soda. It tasted like childhood, minus the sugar high and crash. Well, plus a little vodka buzz. Being an adult is so much better than being a kid anyway.Thank you, Pinnacle Vodka for making my life just that much better.

And then I realized there are all kinds of alcohol I haven’t yet had the honor to try. That I really need to get themselves in my liquor cabinet ASAP. My liquor cabinet is pretty much always stocked with fun stuff like Absolut Boston, Absolut Vanilla, and Skyy Ginger, but now I’m realizing it’s not nearly stocked enough.

Adult Chocolate Milk. Come on. Are you even serious right now? Chocolate milk is my drink of choice when I’m feeling crabby and just want to escape back to my childhood. But add a little alcohol (please, is there some reason I can’t even tell what KIND of alcohol is in this milk?? Not that it really matters) and my crabby mood just picked right up.


You might also be excited to learn this company will soon be coming out with “adult” orange cream, fruit punch, and limeade. I am. I’ll take one (or 10) of each, please.

I’ve already had the honor of trying this one, but I’m pretty sure it needs a spot in my liquor cabinet. Three Olives bubblegum vodka.


OK, yes, it was ridiculously sweet. And no, I couldn’t drink more than one in an evening, but it’s probably the most fun alcohol I’ve ever had in life. It tastes EXACTLY like bubblegum and will not let you down. In fact, you’ll probably try to chew it.

And speaking of Three Olives, I would just like you to file this under things I would like to try ASAP. There’s not much I love more than a good bloody mary and I’m pretty sure this tomato vodka would make it complete. I’d probably sip on a tomato vodka and soda from time to time too. If that’s wrong, I am not interested in being right.


OK, so say I happened to buy that tomato vodka. And say I wanted to make a bloody mary with it. Well, what exactly do you think would happen if I added in a splash of this?


Would the world implode on itself? Probably. This is Bakon vodka. And while I’ve always dreamed of making my own bacon vodka, I didn’t realize it could be bought already in the bottle. It’s worth a taste, right? Shut up- you know you wouldn’t turn it down. I don’t even care that “bakon” is spelled so horribly wrong. And that’s not like me at all.

I mean. I mean. How did I not know this existed?


I’m completely disappointed in myself for haven’t yet discovered this. Don’t get me wrong, I recently learned how to make a mean pumpkin spice martini without this. BUT I wouldn’t mind sipping on this pumpkin pie spice vodka over some ice. Allegedly this distillery also makes a celery peppercorn vodka and a freaking black truffle vodka. BLACK TRUFFLE. Please, Modern Spirits, hire me as your vodka taste tester. No offense, but you guys have a pretty horrible PR team considering I haven’t heard about you and your heavenly vodkas (and cannot for the life of my find your website). I can help. But I’ll need to try them all first.

Belvedere obviously makes a super delightful vodka. But how about adding pink grapefruit into it? Well, don’t mind if I do.


I already eat pink grapefruit by the bushel, so why not drink it instead? I guess all the health benefits won’t be there, but I won’t complain.

Other vodkas I really need to get my hands on? Absolut Brooklyn is made with apple and ginger and Vincent Van Gogh’s vodkas are all awesome-sounding (dutch-caramel? Yes!).

Wow, I can’t quite say where my head is that I’ve got so much vodka on the mind. It sounds like I need a vacation. These liquors are all good beach drinks, yes?

Now, if I really want to bring out the kid in me, I’ll have to mix all these “fun” alcohols together… And call them SUICIDE!

Probably a bad idea. Huh.

5 Responses to “the wonderful world of vodka.”

  1. Jenna Says:

    I neeeeed that cotton candy vodka!! And bubblegum too. It sounds perfect! And Bakon vodka? A little odd but you made me want to try it!!

  2. Susan Says:

    When we wanted to splurge in college we’d put Three Olives Cherry vodka in diet Coca Cola (yes I wrote that out fully because I didn’t want anyone to get the wrong idea). And if we wanted to be extra nostalgic, Dr. Pepper.

  3. Kori Says:

    I want all of this. Now.

  4. JMo Says:

    ADULT CHOCOLATE MILK? I need this now!! Must find it.

    I’m very interested in trying the Pinnacle WHIPPED CREAM flavored vodka. Yum!!

  5. Valerie Says:

    I’ve been trying to find Pinnacle vodka in the Waltham, MA area! I have had no luck!

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