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Archive: September 2010

fashion week’s spring 2011 looks to obsess over.

New York Fashion Week. I’ll probably never go and that’s probably a good thing. I think I’d totally freak out over a) what to wear and b) how to act. I’d likely have a nervous breakdown due to all the excitement. And make a complete fool of myself. And not pay attention to anything actually happening on the runway. However, I do LOVE sitting at home and looking at the photos from some of my favorite designers. I go back and forth from “Yes, I could actually wear that!” to “Gah! When will I be famous enough to attend a dress-worth event?!?!”

Keep in mind, I’m not a fashion writer. Unless I’m making fun of celebrity fashion, of course. I just like pretty clothes.

Naeem Khan

Naeem Khan has been a favorite of mine since last year. I loved the bright accent colors in some of the pieces and especially loved the funky jewelry.

I’d probably go on a cruise again just to wear this. On second thought, maybe a private yacht would be better.


The dress is beautiful, but I’m pretty sure the necklace makes this look. And her pretty hair, obvi.



Marchesa is what I always say I’d wear every single time I hit the red carpet. If I was the kind of person who hit red carpets. This collection wasn’t my all-time favorite, but I’m obsessed with this one-shoulder nude rosette dress. And I don’t think I’d have to wait for any red carpet invitation to wear it.

Birthday present? Please?

Screen shot 2010-09-21 at 4.42.31 PM.png

I might wait for the red carpet for this one. But I have a feeling someone else will beat me to it. I can’t wait to see who.

Screen shot 2010-09-21 at 4.42.58 PM.png

Tadashi Shoji

This is one of my top 3 favorites. My two fave dresses are clearly not the most wearable dresses, but that’s not what all of this is about. I just love how feminine and ruffly they all are. Swoon.

Seriously? Smile girl! You’re in the prettiest dress ever. Gosh.


You too.


Monique Lhuillier

I’ve never loved Monique Lhuillier so much as I do right now. Can you tell I have a bit of a thing for the rosette/ruffly look this season? It’s a problem because it’s a bit too fancy for my lifestyle, but I’m dying to get my hands on something like this.

The color, the fit, everything about this dress makes me feel all tingly. Monique said the inspiration for this collection was the “Garden of Eden.” Yes, yes, yes. I can’t even find the words.


Now this is a dress I could wear to a wedding, no problem.


Elie Tahari

All I have to say about Elie Tahari is that I WANT THIS JACKET. Right. Now. I would wear this every day of my life. Love. And I’m pretty sure no imitation would do.


Nanette Lepore

What can I say– I love metallics and sequins.



Matthew Williamson

I have a thing for the feminine simplicity of Matthew Williamson. There’s just nothing not to like about these dresses and I’d be quite happy to try them on and take them for a test run.



Erin Fetherston

I love this style dress and the colors (which, in general, are so not me). I tend to drown in silk, so I love the belt holding everything together.


I can’t get over this belted v-neck dress. Cocktail hour, anyone?


It’s not like I don’t have enough similar coats, but this belted trench just screams luxury safari to me (is that possible?). Could be the hat. But the trench is beautiful.


Christian Siriano

Another dress that begs a red carpet event invite. Or a ball. Just something fancy. Please?


Jenny Packham

Jenny Packham just found her newest fan. All I can say about this dress is that it’s stunning. Out of control stunning. And that skirt is so me.


Peter Sorn

Oh hey Peter Sorn, it’s barely even fall here, and you’re already getting me super excited for spring. I’d wear this dancing around my neighborhood. That works, right?


There were many, many, many more. But I need to stop somewhere. Now I’m going to sit back and cry over the beauty of everything. And my inability to purchase any of them. But, if that Elie Tahari jacket somehow made its way over to me, all would be forgiven.

See? I do Fashion Week SO much better from my couch. (P.S. I’m wearing sweat pants and a hot pink cardigan).