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Archive: August 2010

putting the horse before the carriage.

OR buying the wrapping paper before the present.

Some girls want to fall in love. And some just want to get married. Like really, really, really badly. So what do you do if you want to get married but don’t have a man? Oh, just plan your wedding and hope and pray with all your might that said guy comes along before the wedding date.

And if he doesn’t? Well, you’re probably going to have a freaking lot of bills. Because weddings ain’t cheap these days.

I heard about this woman a couple months ago and I just read another update on her. Her name is Lisa and she doesn’t have a boyfriend. But she’s planning out her whole wedding in hopes that she’ll find a man before then. She needs to get a move on because the wedding is scheduled for February 15 (like, OBVIOUSLY it would be at Valentine’s Day time, right??) What was that they always say about finding someone when you’re not looking for him? Girl totally does not believe in that theory. Clearly.

I’m totally confused. I mean, cool if you want to find a man to spend your life with. But the whole wedding thing? Well, weddings aren’t necessary to love. However, love is necessary to weddings (in my own humble opinion I guess).

Furthermore, I believe a wedding should be a collaborative effort between a couple. The details of it should be “them” and should relate to their love. If Lisa finds this special man, the wedding is going to be all what she wants. It will have nothing to do with “them.” Which, isn’t that the point of a wedding? I get lots of men don’t want to actually plan the wedding, but the wedding should still relate to the love between the couple.

And of course, What kind of guy is going to want to date a girl who has “their” wedding planned already? Like, please. If you’re a guy who wouldn’t mind at all, please fill me in here. Because I don’t get it. And if I ever met a man who said, “Hey, let’s go on a date! By the way, I have my wedding planned for February… And you could be my lucky wife!” I’d get the heck out of there as fast as I could.

I mean, I don’t know. Who the heck am I to say, right? I’m not 35 and single and I have no idea what I would do if I was. I suppose this is an interesting social experiment. And Lisa says she’s been dating more now than every before. Likely because everyone is talking about her and setting her up. And she’s on the news and all over the Internet and all that.

This is even weirder than ABC’s Bachelor. Probably even weirder than the Bachelor Pad, which you might not have thought possible. I say this chick just wants her own reality show. And she should get one… Because if she’s crazy enough to plan a wedding by herself, she would be perfect for reality television.

I love that someone commented on Lisa’s blog with a quote from their mother: “Even if you don’t have money for the present, buy the wrapping paper. That way, when it comes, you’re ready.” UM. Wrapping paper=wedding? Present=husband? Pshhh. People have more issues than I thought.

But seriously, I hope she finds her groom. This could get interesting.