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Archive: July 2010

the big move.

I’m afraid of change. And clearly not afraid to admit it. And yes, I blame it on my parents. After all, they still live in the same house they’ve lived in before I was born. That means I grew up never experiencing a move, until college. And while I blame it on my parents, I don’t blame it on them. After all, any time a potential move was even discussed, I threw my silverware on the floor, pushed my dinner table chair aside, and stormed up to my bedroom, tears flowing like crazy. You should have seen me when they decided to remodel the kitchen. Normally, I’d be all for a larger kitchen, but destroy the space I grew up watching my parents cook in? God, no! So, yeah, moving was not an option in my world.

I still joke I want to buy the house from them some day. Only it’s not really a joke. I would. For sure. And it’s possible I’d never remodel a thing. Ugh, I have issues.

Which is probably why ever since I moved to Boston 5 long years ago, I haven’t moved once. It’s a rare thing to live in one apartment for so long in your 20s. But I guess I just have an “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it” philosophy. I love my apartment, the location, the space, the fact I can throw my trash outside my front door and it gets mysteriously carried away in the middle of the night, the fact that I’m never cold in the winter, and more. So why am I going to pack everything in boxes, hire movers, and transplant myself to another apartment? Sounds pretty miserable.

Only now I’m moving. Literally across the street. But still, it’s moving. And I’m currently in the very middle of packing my 5 years worth of stuff. Yesterday I was packing up my bedroom when Rachael Yamagata’s “Over and Over” came on my iTunes. And as I stood there surveying my room with my hands on my hips, I felt like I was in a scene from The Hills. And like I had just had enough with my life and had to get away from it all (and yes, go to Europe in general or something).

Except that’s not it at all. It’s kind of the opposite. Everything is going so wonderfully in my life, so beautifully, and so (dare I jinx it) perfectly. And that’s what I have to keep telling myself. This is a new beginning; the next step in life. I’m moving into a nicer apartment (with a kitchen with more counter space) with someone I love with my entire being. It’s going to be an amazing experience and is so exactly right.

And let’s be real. Can I live in an old apartment with a random roommate for the rest of my life? No, probably not. But still. So many memories are held in that apartment. So many nights with friends dancing to Shakira. So many cupcakes. So many tears and lessons learned. Some things I thought I’d want to forget, but find myself clinging to because they’re the things that made me. And so many things I just never want to fade.

I threw away about 15 pairs of shoes yesterday. It was tough. I almost dug them out of the trash bag after throwing them in. But I resisted. I resisted the urge to stop when I packed 7 huge bags of clothing for Good Will. And I resisted the urge to stop when I threw away various items I’ve just had my whole life. I didn’t need them; I just had them.

Life is about change. It’s about moving on. And taking the next steps that you know will make your life even fuller than it already is. And all those places you spent so much time making memories in? They’ll always be there in your heart. They’ll never fully disappear. That’s what life is all about.

And for now… I posted this pic on Twitter while I was in the depths of packing yesterday:

And someone asked me if the robbers took much. Sigh. Maybe that’s why I’m not generally open to moving.

beware the mbta officer ticket man.

T is for… Ticket?


It makes sense that I was a bit confused when my boyfriend ran in the door the other day saying, “I got a ticket!!!” (with some other expletives mixed in). I could see his car outside from where he parked it earlier that day. How do you get a ticket if you’re not driving? Oh, let me just tell you how. Pull up a seat.

What do I like even less than apartment hunting in Boston? Thanks for asking. That would be the MBTA. But then, who likes the MBTA? Don’t get me wrong, I try really, really hard not to complain that much because I feel incredibly lucky to live in a city that actually has a public transportation system. And one that generally works. Really, it could be so much worse. I’m totally aware of this. But. But. But. But. I’m going to complain now. Or something like that.

Yesterday, my boyfriend got a ticket on the T. Yes, a ticket. Did you know? That was possible? Because I did not. Now I do. And I feel it’s my duty to educate all of you.

So, you know when it’s really crowded on the C-line and you walk on in the middle car? Well, he did this while he was on the phone with his mom. And because he was chatting away with his mom, he didn’t go right up to the front of the T to pay his fare. Of course, it was wrong of him. And of course, he would have paid the second he realized it or if they said, “please come to the front of the T to pay your fare” like they often do. But instead, an MBTA officer issued him a ticket. A $15 ticket. For a $2 T ride.

I mean, remember when you didn’t even have to pay to ride outbound on the C-line?! I do.

I understand the MBTA is hurting big time. And they need money really badly. But, can we talk about how many times I’ve gotten on the T and NOT had to pay because the machine is broken? Or because the T driver hasn’t turned it on yet and just waves you on? The drivers often act like they don’t really care collecting your fare and I can’t blame them since the money system is awful and if you don’t have a card, you’ll likely take 10 years to pay your fare angering everyone behind you. Plus, they probably hate their jobs. So, the MBTA is hurting for money. And their solution, instead of MAKING people pay their fare, is giving $15 tickets.

The ticket says “FARE EVASION” on it. He had no less than $40 currently on his T pass. And if the gentleman had said, “sir, go pay your fare,” I guarantee he would have said, “omg I’m sorry!” And gone to pay it. Because he is not a fare evader (He also doesn’t normally say O.M.G. though, just so you know).

I understand ticketing people jumping over turnstiles or refusing to pay or whatever. But the MBTA is clearly hurting so bad for money, they’ve hired an “officer” to ticket everyone who makes an error. Tickets on the T! Who the heck would have thought?

Let this be a warning, good people of Boston. On the street stops, get on the T through the front door. And pay your fare or you’ll be slammed with a ticket. And if you don’t pay the ticket? They will issue a warrant for your arrest!

OK, I’m kind of laughing because, really? This is kind of funny. I’ve never heard of a soul getting a ticket on the T and it would only happen to Chris. Only him. But not, because it could happen to you, too. It’s just so ridiculous.

SEE?!?! He’s really writing Chris a ticket!!!!! On the T!!! (kind of embarrassing, right??)


This happens. It’s real. Thank you, Boston.