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Archive: May 2010

the nail polish quest conundrum.

Buying new nail polish is often a conundrum.

If I was more fun, I’d totally buy nail polishes based on name alone. But then I’d end up buying OPI’s “Suzie Says Feng Shui” because it uses my name (kind of!!). And I’m not so sure I can pull off bright blue nail polish. Though my 7-year-old self did (again, kind of!!).


Or OPI’s “Gargantuan Green Grape,” which is totally not a “me” shade of green.


Though I totally do want to try Essie’s Mint Candy Apple. But would it be a wear-one-time and stick in a drawer type deal?


The fact of the matter is, I’m super picky about my polish color choices. I mainly wear pinks (the brighter the better!) with the occasional deep navy, and orangey tone. I much prefer mattes to iridescent and am not a fan of bright reds or barely there colors. I’ve been searching for the perfect pastel violet matte for a while now, but can never find exactly what I want.

The other day I was wandering around CVS trying to choose a new shade of nail polish. And I kept thinking about how I wished I could see it on my nails before purchasing. I KNOW I’m totally illegal here, but I was seriously opening some of the polishes and brushing them on my nails (quickly and discretely). I absolutely hate that you can’t tell what a polish looks like until it’s out of the bottle and on your nails.

You can buy nail polishes online, but that’s even more difficult. Go to three different websites and you’ll see 3 bottles of nail polish that look completely different! Plus, it doesn’t give me the opportunity to sneakily open the bottles up before purchase (shhh!). Being a girl? It’s hard. Wah wah.

Then i got home and randomly came across an iPhone/iPad app from OPI. It actually lets you choose the shade of your skin, find an OPI nail polish color and “try it on” And it’s totally legal. Ahem. Of course, it’s not the perfect fix, but I had fun playing around with it.


But still, no matte pastel violet. And no pink that’s just that perfect shade.

How do you find your perfect shade? I’m actually thinking Essie’s upcoming Miss matched might be my dream purple.


Or is it OPI’s Done Out in Deco? Who the heck knows!


File this under “When I am rich, I shall have an entire closet in my house devoted to nail polish. Organized by color. Obvi.”

haircuts and highlights that still let me pay rent.

Hi Boston friends! Since I am “Boston Girl” (when I feel like it, anyway), I do feel like it’s my duty to tell you about my fun new salon experience on Newbury Street. Rock Paper Scissors Salon just opened and they treated me to highlights and a haircut the other day. Conclusion? I LOVE it. And? It’s totally affordable! I haven’t been to a salon that would highlight and cut my hair for under $250 ever. And now I’m going to a salon on Newbury Street and getting all that for $130. Which means I can actually go back when I need to instead of sporting hot roots for months on end. Which is just not super cute on me. Or anyone.

Also, I have a giveaway running on We are not Martha until the end of tonight, where you could win a free haircut! But if you want highlights anyway, you may as well call up and book your appointment because if you mention We are not Martha, you’ll get a free haircut with any color treatment. And color treatments start at $36!

OK, I’m done promoting, but I’m just super excited to have found such a fabulous salon. And I really want them to be successful. And for you to get rid of those ugly roots (not to be rude). Yayy for being able to afford haircuts and color on Newbury Street! I looove it from the back (I know, TWSS).

Happy haircutting, friends 🙂