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a beautiful secret.

I’m going to let you in on a little secret. OK, it’s a big secret. Especially if you’re a product junkie, like me. This secret could either make your life complete or it could deplete your savings and take up all your cabinet space. But I hope it’s the first one. I hate not having room in my cabinets.

The secret is a website called Beauty Ticket. I have absolutely no idea how I discovered it; it’s almost like it came to me in a dream. “Helloooo, Susie… visit me. Give me your credit card number. It will be fun. And I’ll send you lots of products in the mail. You’ll spend a ridiculous amount of money, but it’s OK because you’re really saving money. Isn’t saving money so much fun? See how smart you are?” OK, I’m exaggerating. I’ve actually shown incredible restraint as I’m making huge efforts to save money. But there are some deals on here you just cannot pass up.

What is Beauty Ticket all about? It’s about getting makeup, lip gloss, nail polish, hair products, etc. at huge, huge discounts. Brands you’ve actually heard of, like Stila and Smashbox and Pop and Pixi and Yves Saint Laurent. And yes, I could go on and on. They also have a “steal of the week.” For instance, here’s this week’s steal:


It’s Pop Beauty’s smokey eyes kit and it usually costs $33. But as Beauty Ticket’s steal of the week? $7.99. Yuuup.

Love Stila’s eyeshadows?


You can get the $18 shadow for only $7.99. Again, yuuup.

How about some new gloss? OK.


How about the Smashbox lipstick palatte. Originally $42.00 and now $19.99

Or a Yves Saint Laurent gloss, perhaps.


Normally $30, but only $14.99 on Beauty Ticket. Say it with me now. Yuuup.

Told you so. I could go on and on and on, but I need to go to bed (beauty sleep is just as important as beauty products!!). This site can get totally addicting, especially since new products are being added all the time. But I’m sure you can show a little restraint like me, right? Just don’t open my cabinets…

And enjoy!

Also, I realize a of people seriously hate Pantene, but I really am loving it lately. So, I’m kind of excited to see who they’re going to announce as their new spokesmodel. They’re making the “big” announcement tomorrow at 12 p.m. on their live webcast. I sadly won’t be home, so someone please tweet me the person. They’re claiming their choice is going to be quite surprising and I’m thinking it may be a male.

Oh wait, I just learned it’s a reality star and a former Time person of the year. Huh? It’s totally “you,” isn’t it? Please be someone cooler than “you.” Not that I don’t love “you” and all.

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  1. Gooseberried Says:

    Love it! Thanks for sharing! 🙂

  2. maiah Says:

    GREAT find!!

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