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Archive: March 2010

a beautiful secret.

I’m going to let you in on a little secret. OK, it’s a big secret. Especially if you’re a product junkie, like me. This secret could either make your life complete or it could deplete your savings and take up all your cabinet space. But I hope it’s the first one. I hate not having room in my cabinets.

The secret is a website called Beauty Ticket. I have absolutely no idea how I discovered it; it’s almost like it came to me in a dream. “Helloooo, Susie… visit me. Give me your credit card number. It will be fun. And I’ll send you lots of products in the mail. You’ll spend a ridiculous amount of money, but it’s OK because you’re really saving money. Isn’t saving money so much fun? See how smart you are?” OK, I’m exaggerating. I’ve actually shown incredible restraint as I’m making huge efforts to save money. But there are some deals on here you just cannot pass up.

What is Beauty Ticket all about? It’s about getting makeup, lip gloss, nail polish, hair products, etc. at huge, huge discounts. Brands you’ve actually heard of, like Stila and Smashbox and Pop and Pixi and Yves Saint Laurent. And yes, I could go on and on. They also have a “steal of the week.” For instance, here’s this week’s steal:


It’s Pop Beauty’s smokey eyes kit and it usually costs $33. But as Beauty Ticket’s steal of the week? $7.99. Yuuup.

Love Stila’s eyeshadows?


You can get the $18 shadow for only $7.99. Again, yuuup.

How about some new gloss? OK.


How about the Smashbox lipstick palatte. Originally $42.00 and now $19.99

Or a Yves Saint Laurent gloss, perhaps.


Normally $30, but only $14.99 on Beauty Ticket. Say it with me now. Yuuup.

Told you so. I could go on and on and on, but I need to go to bed (beauty sleep is just as important as beauty products!!). This site can get totally addicting, especially since new products are being added all the time. But I’m sure you can show a little restraint like me, right? Just don’t open my cabinets…

And enjoy!

Also, I realize a of people seriously hate Pantene, but I really am loving it lately. So, I’m kind of excited to see who they’re going to announce as their new spokesmodel. They’re making the “big” announcement tomorrow at 12 p.m. on their live webcast. I sadly won’t be home, so someone please tweet me the person. They’re claiming their choice is going to be quite surprising and I’m thinking it may be a male.

Oh wait, I just learned it’s a reality star and a former Time person of the year. Huh? It’s totally “you,” isn’t it? Please be someone cooler than “you.” Not that I don’t love “you” and all.

a cup of tea.

My life as of late tends to be made up of a constantly re-filled tea cup, an endless flow of words both written and spoken, a sink (and counter) full of dirty dishes, and good, good people. Do you ever get to a point in life where you think, this, without a doubt, is it? Because that’s where I am right now. While I still have a long way to go in terms of wants, desires, and goals, I have absolutely everything I need right now. Content just doesn’t seem a strong enough word to describe it because content doesn’t explain any of the excitement, joy, and general awesomeness of it all.

My sister and her husband recently moved in down the street from me. Having never lived in the same general area as my sister since she went away to college (12 long years ago), I honestly wasn’t sure what it would be like. But, it’s been absolutely perfect. Though my parents live fairly close, there’s nothing like having family right down the road. And I had no idea I’d spend so many nights sitting on their couch or that they’d want to hang out with me and Chris so much. There’s really nothing better than having family you can also call friends. And there’s nothing better than having friends in your life that you can truly count on and who truly care for you.

I’ve been writing more than I’ve ever written in my life. And while freelancing is still a tricky little lifestyle, I realize that I would give up my right arm to get paid to write and it’s what I’ve always dreamed of doing. And can’t ever imagine not doing it. It’s funny because, while I’ve always been a writer, writing doesn’t usually come easily to me. I’m generally not one to just let the words flow. I’m more of a thinker, a reader, a re-thinker, and a re-writer. But part of why I love writing so much is for the challenge. And for coming up with something in the end that really means something. Even if it’s just to me. And even if I do spend an hour writing stories about Justin Bieber as part of my job. I’m still writing and that’s what matters.

The dirty dishes are there because I’ve been cooking more than I ever have before, too. I’ve managed to build a pretty good schedule for myself that lets me cook at least a couple nights a week. And the more I cook, the more I fall in love with cooking. And the happier I am.

Then there’s the tea. I’ll still drink a couple glasses of red wine any night of the week, but lately there’s been nothing quite like a cup of hot cinnamon tea (Harney and Sons, if I have a choice). And there’s definitely not anything like sipping it with someone. Someone who’s always there to offer to re-fill your cup.

And that’s where life is right now. And yes, I realize I’m not usually totally cheesy like this but sometimes I can’t help it. I promise tomorrow I’ll be back to my frivolous fashion wants and Boston living. In the meantime, I’m having another cup of tea. OK, I’ll stop now. For real.

boston, sometimes i hate you.

My poor boyfriend got up this morning and went off to work. Only, when he got in his car, it wouldn’t drive. Why? Because, oops, on the passenger side, it looked like this:

Seriously? He lives in Brighton close to Cleveland Circle among mostly young professionals. This happened right outside his window on a busy car-lined street. It’s just plain scary. This comes a few weeks after someone hit his car and left a note on it. With the wrong phone number. Ugh.

At least I won’t have to do much convincing to get him to move to Brookline when his lease is up ( I know this can happen anywhere, but Brighton just hasn’t been very welcoming to him this year).

it’s a beautiful world.

I’m the kinda girl who simultaneously has 18 bottles of shampoo in the shower. And a dresser FULL of beauty products. Like over-flowing OMG why do I need to dust my bedroom every day full of products. Not to mention, my closet and bathroom are both overflowing with it all. I don’t use nearly half of them (because it’s not humanly possible), but I love trying new stuff alll the time. Especially if it’s going to help me get pretty.

And here are a few of the things on my current list o’ favorites.

loreal kit.jpg

I’ve never paid that much attention to the differences between mascaras because I’ve never really noticed many differences. My eyelashes are OK and I like using mascara to lengthen, separate, and accentuate them, but I couldn’t notice a big difference between mascaras. Until now. And wouldn’t ya know it, the mascara I’m loving is $25. Obviously. It’s L’Oreal 24-Hour Lash-Boosting Power System (huzzah, that’s a mouthful!) and BzzAgent.com sent it to me to play around with. You put the clear stuff (lash boosting serum) on before bed and then use the 2-step mascara (with lash boosting primer during the day). Honest to goodness, my eyelashes look longer. Sometimes if I put my glasses on after the mascara, my eyelashes freaking touch my glasses!! I would never believe something like this would work, but I was pleasantly surprised. Annnd now I’m going to have to buy this every 2 months. Oops.


I used to be a John Frieda and only John Frieda kinda girl. You know, for my fake blonde highlighted hair. Highlights are expensive and I’ll do anything I can do preserve them and brighten up my hair a bit. And I love John Frieda’s Sheer Blonde like none other. But when I saw Pantene Blonde Highlighting Expressions on sale for $3.99 at Target, I had to try it out. And? I like it A LOT. It seriously makes my hair shine and sparkle and all that fun stuff. And it makes my hair nice and softy smooth too. I think I may be converting. I still have a soft spot in my heart for good old Johnny, but unless the throws some sales my way, I can’t resist Pantene.


On the same shopping trip to Target, I grabbed a bottle of Nivea’s Touch of Sparkle body wash? Why? Because IT CONTAINS DIAMOND POWDER. And why wouldn’t I want to slather my body in diamond powder? If you can think of a reason, please let me know. I was a bit skeptical because it’s called “cream oil body wash” and using oil to clean myself never sounds like a great idea. But it actually moisturizes sooo well and that is important, so I guess I do like cleaning myself in oil. Plus, IT CONTAINS DIAMOND POWDER.

OK, clearly I want to be a vampire or something, all sparkly in the sun.

So, if you know of any other beauty products that can help further my goal of becoming a sparkly vampire, please let me know ASAP.