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fashion week fall 2010 favorites. that i would actually wear.

Because I’m not one of the celebrities offered $100,000 to sit in the front row at Fashion week shows (ahem, Rihanna, ahem), I have to be content watching from the sidelines. Also known as my couch. But hey, at least I haven’t been banned from Fashion Week (ahem, Lindsay Lohan, ahem) and maybe someday I’ll be invited. Though I’d probably have a panic attack/heart attack trying to figure out what to wear each day.

I’ve been doing a lot of Fashion Week writing and thus paying a lot of attention to it this year. And now, since this is my blog and I am not a model (or a fashionista), I just want to point out a few things I especially love so far from the designers at Fashion Week. Which means the pieces I would actually consider wearing. In real life. I have a huge appreciation for lots of the stuff shown at Fashion Week, but let’s face it, I’m not about to wear fur booties (yet, anyway) or dresses that completely drape over my already non-curvy body. But there’s still lots that I would wear and totally want to own.

One trend you’ll see in my favorite pieces are color! I love color and while my outfits sometimes seem mostly black/white/gray, I’m always immediately attracted to pieces with color.

This Zac Posen dress is a piece I would die to own. I love this dress for fall because it looks fabulous with tights, but also adds some fun color to a somewhat less colorful season in fashion. I love the busyness of it, while still managing to keep an elegant (but fun!) simplicity.


Though I’m not really a turtleneck girl, I love the way the skirt works with the top, again by Zac Posen. The colors are exactly what I think of when I think of autumn. One thing I’m having an easier time with in my Fashion Week studies is that I don’t have to love every part of the outfit. I think this skirt is awesome, but might just pair it with another top.


I’ve always been a fan of Diane von Furstenberg’s designs and this collection is no different for me. This dress doesn’t exactly scream fall to me, but the style looks like it would be quite flattering on a variety of bodies and the sequined cardigan helps it fit with the season. Everything about this look is just SO appealing to me. I want to swim in it! Plus, I think this model is beautiful.


I’m not totally sure I would wear this DVF, but I love it. It’s a little bit out there without being totally ridiculous and given the right occasion, it could totally work.


I’ve never paid a whole lot of attention to Badgley Mischka but they really impressed me with their collection. When I first saw this dress I thought it might look a bit too much like something I could buy at Express. But this dress is so much prettier and actually shimmers (it’s a bit easier to see in the video of the model, over this photo). The neckline is exquisite and the tights and shoes are the perfect simple pairing.


I absolutely love this Badgley Mischka skirt. And this model is inspiring me to try wearing one of the many blazers I have hiding in my closet that I always think look too business-like. But paired with a skirt like this, the blazer looks perfect.


Marc by Marc Jacobs is always a favorite of mine (plus, I love that he doesn’t invite celebrities to his show). I’m obsessed with SO much from their fall collection, especially the fact that he pairs a thin belt with so many of the outfits. Cropped jackets always make me happy and this outfit is the perfect autumn Gossip Girl look. OK, so I would look hideous in those shorts paired with a cropped jacket, so I’d have to opt out of wearing them together, but I think it looks awesome on her.


This is one of my very favorite casual looks of Fashion Week so far, again from Marc by Marc Jacobs. Clearly, I’m not overly-adventurous in my fashion sense, but everything about this outfit is appealing to me. I’ve recently become more of a hat person and think fall is the perfect time to sport a fashion hat. I’m not too into the shoes for myself, but I think the look is fabulous and would be willing to try them. This jacket is a dream come true to me (I told you I like gray and black).


My favorite NEW designer discovery in Fashion Week so far is Sachin and Babi for Ankasa. This husband and wife design team is making me swoon. This fuschia dress with black ribbon belt? Yesss. And I love the way the necklace works with it, too.


Another ribbon belt on a high-waisted skirt; it’s simple, but would work with so much.


And lastly, this Sachin and Babi design actually makes me want fall to come. I’m not sure if I could get this particular skirt to work with my waist, but I’d certainly be willing to try (and do whatever it takes to make it work!). And I think I need a pair of these shoes since they seem to work with absolutely everything!


So, those are my initial Fashion Week thoughts. Clearly, I’m an amateur, but I’m having lots of fun paying attention and getting inspired. Oh, and wishing my bank account was a little bit larger, so I could actually indulge in some of these designs come fall. But for now, just looking is perfectly OK with me.

(all photos taken from Fabsugar.com.au, except for Sachin and Babi for Ankasa photos taken from Elle.com)

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  1. Susan Says:

    I wish my bank account was larger too! I want to print out this post and take it to the Wrentham Outlets and see if I can recreate some of these outfits! If only I were creative enough…

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