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valentine’s day is love.

Single or attached, I’ve always been a fan of Valentine’s Day. Pink and red? Basically my color dreams come true. And I was always raised to think of Valentine’s Day as just a day of LOVE. Not a day of just love between couples. I mean, let’s face it, I wasn’t exactly dating too much in high school, but every Valentine’s Day, my mom would give me a sweet card and a gift bag filled with lots of fun little Valentine’s Day presents. And it was always a fun day, no matter what.

These days, I get giddy from walking into CVS and seeing the shelves filled with red and pink boxes of chocolates, heart-shaped trinkets, and pretty sparkly things. Nope, it does not take a whole lot to make me happy. And I guess it’s safe to say that sparkly objects do distract me. I don’t need to be in a relationship on Valentine’s Day to just think February 14 is a totally pretty, fun day.

Seriously though, the color pink has always, and likely always will, make me happy (can you not tell from the theme of my blog??). It’s just a happy color, much like bright yellow. But, of course, it would make me even happier in the form of pink Christian Louboutins. Or a pink-ish DVF dress. A pink Kate Spade bag. Or a pink Burberry trench. While playing around on Polyvore for a work project, I started compiling a few of my Valentine’s Day favorites. It’s kind of addicting and also kind of makes you feel all sorts of greedy.

Valentine's Day

But really, I’m just happy it’s almost Valentine’s Day and I have a whole lot of love in my life right now. In the form of the most loving and caring family, fabulous friends who are always here for me, and the most amazing boyfriend in the world. So while I wouldn’t mind Sephora’s set of 10 lip glosses (in pink!), I’m pretty much all set with everything I’ve got.

Happy upcoming Valentine’s Day weekend… I hope you have a love-filled holiday. Or at least get that pink Essie nail polish.

2 Responses to “valentine’s day is love.”

  1. Kimberlie Says:

    i love that trench coat!

  2. Kinsey Michaels Says:

    I love all of those pretty pink v-day things! I painted my nails in Orly’s “Cherry Bomb” in honor of the holiday 🙂 I am from the Boston area too by the way. Nice blog!


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