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gray leather is my new black.

I’ve never been a fan of the leather jacket. Maybe because I’m the opposite of a “tough girl.” And leather makes me feel like I’m trying to look tough. Like, “hey you, I’m gonna mess your face up if you get near me!” Which is laughable really seeing as I’m 5’3 with long blond hair and penchant for pink and cupcakes. I ain’t beating no one up. Nor do I ever talk like that. What I’m trying to say is leather isn’t a good look on me.

Come to think of it, I also have a recurring flashback of that time in 4th grade I got a rollerblading Barbie for my birthday. Her rollerblades were awesome and little sparks shot out of them for real. She was also wearing a white leather outfit. I made the mistake of bringing her on the school bus and the 5th graders (all sitting in the very back seats, obvi) made fun of me relentlessly. “Oooh white leather is SO cool” they laughed sarcastically. No, leather has never been my friend.

Thanks, Barb:

rollerblading barbie.jpg

But anyway. I think, at age 27, I’m finally getting over my fear of leather. Why? Because of gray leather. I can’t say I’ve quite become a fan of black leather jackets (and will probably stay away from white leather for life), but gray leather? Now that’s a whole different ball game.

Exhibit A)


This is seriously cute. From the off-center zipper to the over-sized collar to the super cute ribbed cuffs, I could totally rock this. From Nordstrom.

Exhibit B)


If I stumble upon $852, I might have to splurge on this Mike & Chris Isys Gray jacket from Shopbop.com. After all, we all know what a sucker for a hoodie I am.

Exhibit C)


At a much easier to swallow price of $152.97, this ASOS gray hooded leather jacket is super reasonable. And super cute. I love the ribbed cuffs. But I don’t love that the shop appears to be in the UK. OK wait, shipping is only $5.85 to the Americas? This might have to be a jacket I consider. Now, what the heck is my UK size? No wonder, they referred to it as “grey,” which is also my personal preference.

Are you a fan of leather jackets? If you can’t handle the black, isn’t gray a little easier to handle?

2 Responses to “gray leather is my new black.”

  1. brookem Says:

    the good thing about living with a roommate who is also my best girlfriend is that we can share clothes. and she has this amazing black leather jacket, which i sometimes wear. it’s nice because i, like you, dont think i would splurge on one for myself, because im still not sure it’s even fitting for me, and my style. but sometimes it’s fun to pretend?
    that being said, i really, really like those grey leather coats! if only i could afford them!

  2. Kimberlie Says:

    I have been looking at leather coats too, but I sm liking cream coloured ones. I really like the first grey coat though..!

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