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and 2010 is already the best year yet.

I have about 100 posts I’ve started and then never finished. OK, maybe not 100 but way, way too many. I could tell you I’ve been ridiculous busy (I have been), but that’s the lamest excuse in the world, so I’ll just say I was kidnapped or something. By evil blog-haters. But now I’m starting a new (and quick!) post. Mostly to tell you to go to my other blog (I’m SO interesting) because Chels and I had our 2-year blog-iversary party and it was pretty amazing.

I liked the cake a whole lot:


And the swag bags:


The food from Chef Brian Poe at the Rattlesnake was to die for (GO there now and order 15 orders of the cornbread. You’ll eat them all):


The people were my favorite part, so go check out We are not Martha for about a billion photos (NOT an exaggeration):



And 2010 has officially kicked off to be the best year ever. I MEAN it. It’s also the year of the re-birth of Everyone Loves a Boston Girl, so get ready for lots of bloggy goodness. Whoop!

2 Responses to “and 2010 is already the best year yet.”

  1. Stormin Says:

    Congrats on a successful party, and Two Years!

    The Bodum Travel Press from the totes looks totally BA… I think that I am going to have to go into my local shop and buy one. Just another thing to generate a glare or two around the office about a cool gadget that nobody else has yet.

  2. Kimberlie Says:

    Wow, the bags look great! Congrats!

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