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Archive: January 2010

take a shower on the mbta. er, with the mbta?

A few weeks ago, I was just sitting all innocently at my computer when an email popped up. A potentially life-changing email. OK, so not really life-changing, but still pretty awesome. It was from a company called Izola Shower. And they wanted to know if I’d like to have an MBTA shower curtain. Would I like to have an MBTA shower curtain?! Um, did they even have to ask?? Well, they probably did so they could have my shipping address. But other than that, they did not have to ask.

OK, let me be clear on a few things. I am not really a fan of the MBTA. Mainly because it’s dirty, I get nauseous every time I’m on it, and it stops too much with no explanation. However, I appreciate the MBTA because it generally gets me where I need to go, which is more than people in many other cities can say. Plus, it’s a pretty complex system that can even get me to my parents’ house with not too much effort. Oh and plus, it’s cheaper than a cab.

So, you can bet I hung this little bugger up (I actually hung it in my boyfriend’s bathroom since my roommate looks at my funny whenever I want to make a personal change to the apartment, but that’s whole other story) right when I got it. Because why wouldn’t I want the entire MBTA system map hanging in the bathroom?

Check. it. out.


My only disappointment is that you can’t view the map from the inside of the shower. Because I was actually really excited to figure out my daily plan of attack while IN the shower. But instead I have to stand outside of the shower to view all the MBTA routes. BUT, I can always look at it while I’m brushing my teeth so NBD. Also, if I reallyyy want to, I can just get another shower curtain and hang it on the inside of the shower too. Bam, problem solved.

And trust me, ALL the routes are there. Even for the commuter rail! Absolutely anything you want to know about any MBTA route is here. In the bathroom.


Izola has lots of other shower curtain maps too, like a Chicago transit map for all my Chicago buddies and an NYC MTA for all you NYCers. But they also have other fun shower curtains too for you know, if you don’t care to stare at your daily commute every time you’re in the bathroom.

But I do enjoy staring at my daily commute in the bathroom. Probably mostly because I don’t have a daily commute. Seriously though, I love my new MBTA shower curtain and think it’s definitely a necessity for every Boston girl. Now. Where should we go next?!?! I’ll map it out.

gray leather is my new black.

I’ve never been a fan of the leather jacket. Maybe because I’m the opposite of a “tough girl.” And leather makes me feel like I’m trying to look tough. Like, “hey you, I’m gonna mess your face up if you get near me!” Which is laughable really seeing as I’m 5’3 with long blond hair and penchant for pink and cupcakes. I ain’t beating no one up. Nor do I ever talk like that. What I’m trying to say is leather isn’t a good look on me.

Come to think of it, I also have a recurring flashback of that time in 4th grade I got a rollerblading Barbie for my birthday. Her rollerblades were awesome and little sparks shot out of them for real. She was also wearing a white leather outfit. I made the mistake of bringing her on the school bus and the 5th graders (all sitting in the very back seats, obvi) made fun of me relentlessly. “Oooh white leather is SO cool” they laughed sarcastically. No, leather has never been my friend.

Thanks, Barb:

rollerblading barbie.jpg

But anyway. I think, at age 27, I’m finally getting over my fear of leather. Why? Because of gray leather. I can’t say I’ve quite become a fan of black leather jackets (and will probably stay away from white leather for life), but gray leather? Now that’s a whole different ball game.

Exhibit A)


This is seriously cute. From the off-center zipper to the over-sized collar to the super cute ribbed cuffs, I could totally rock this. From Nordstrom.

Exhibit B)


If I stumble upon $852, I might have to splurge on this Mike & Chris Isys Gray jacket from Shopbop.com. After all, we all know what a sucker for a hoodie I am.

Exhibit C)


At a much easier to swallow price of $152.97, this ASOS gray hooded leather jacket is super reasonable. And super cute. I love the ribbed cuffs. But I don’t love that the shop appears to be in the UK. OK wait, shipping is only $5.85 to the Americas? This might have to be a jacket I consider. Now, what the heck is my UK size? No wonder, they referred to it as “grey,” which is also my personal preference.

Are you a fan of leather jackets? If you can’t handle the black, isn’t gray a little easier to handle?

and 2010 is already the best year yet.

I have about 100 posts I’ve started and then never finished. OK, maybe not 100 but way, way too many. I could tell you I’ve been ridiculous busy (I have been), but that’s the lamest excuse in the world, so I’ll just say I was kidnapped or something. By evil blog-haters. But now I’m starting a new (and quick!) post. Mostly to tell you to go to my other blog (I’m SO interesting) because Chels and I had our 2-year blog-iversary party and it was pretty amazing.

I liked the cake a whole lot:


And the swag bags:


The food from Chef Brian Poe at the Rattlesnake was to die for (GO there now and order 15 orders of the cornbread. You’ll eat them all):


The people were my favorite part, so go check out We are not Martha for about a billion photos (NOT an exaggeration):



And 2010 has officially kicked off to be the best year ever. I MEAN it. It’s also the year of the re-birth of Everyone Loves a Boston Girl, so get ready for lots of bloggy goodness. Whoop!