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The Great Winter Boot Hunt

Oh hello, Boston Winter. I hear you will be arriving next week. Though you’re not quite here yet, you’ve already brought us some frigid temperatures and even a bit of snow. Somehow we’ve avoided slush thus far. But I KNOW there’s a lot more of all of that coming. Dread. Dread. Dread. And there’s absolutely nothing I can do. But pick up and move to Hawaii (which will work until my sister moves home mid-January, which is the worst time for winter in Boston) or hide out in my apartment all winter (which is actually quite feasible. but I unfortunately can’t avoid all commitments all season long).

I’m a long-time lover of Uggs, no matter what the haters say. And I still love them mainly because I believe they’re the most comfortable things you could ever put on your feet that aren’t slippers (Ugg slippers?! The world implodes). However, I took WAY too many spills last winter (flat out had bruises from falling on the ice). Not to mention, Uggs are all warm and cozy until you step in a traditional Boston slush puddle and your feet get soaking and freezing. So I’m on the search for something a little bit more waterproof.

Yes, my friends, I want to be able to trudge through a blizzard, come up to my ankles in puddles, and jump in a snow bank and come away with completely dry and warm feet. And I also want to be semi-cute. Sound like too much to ask? I don’t care. I want it.

But the big dilemma is that I just don’t know which ones I like the best and which ones will do the job best. So I created a collage because a lot of times when I want to buy something, I sit and obsess over it until I don’t even want it anymore. By the time I make this decision, I will either a) hate all boots in existence or b) be sitting on a beach because it’s now summer.

But I’m cold. And I still want some boots. And here are my top picks for winter boots this year.

Winter Boots
Winter Boots by susieand featuring Sorel boots

If you live on the frozen tundra too, what are you rocking for kicks this year? I’m sure I’ll make up my mind by April. But don’t worry, because it will probably still be a blizzard out here! Until then, I’m not leaving my apartment.

6 Responses to “The Great Winter Boot Hunt”

  1. emrlds Says:

    i’m contemplating the same thing! i need traction (hello, klutz) but the warm uggs? love. ugh, i hate winter and it’s not even here.

  2. brookem Says:

    im in the same exact pickle over here! ive got so many cute boots, but they are more… fall friendly, not winter (and definitely not BOSTON WINTER) friendly. i need help too! stacy and clinton come to boston!

  3. Savings Says:

    When I lived in Boston my saving grace was wellies and wool socks. Not joking when I say it was the best thing ever. I probably wouldn’t want to stand outside ALL day in them… but it really does keep your feet warm and dry if you’re just doing the typical jaunt around town 🙂

  4. Janna Says:

    I live in Cambridge and commute to the Fort Point Channel area, which means over the freezing Summer St bridge…I have the Sorel Joan of Arctic and I’m not kidding they are AMAZING and still very cute and fashion forward…I looove going outside in them! So, if you need motivation to get outdoors (and who doesnt in Boston in the winter)and want to look awesome while doing it, get the Sorels. I’m also a fan of the Helen of Tundra but they are a bit more expensive.

  5. Stormin Says:

    The “Joan of Arctic” ones are pretty damn cute actually.

    Out here (Seattle) we just get a ton of rain. Every woman out here is buying rain boots this year. I guess the the “rubber boot” look is back.

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