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the question is, what night didn’t rock?

Did you have a night out with friends or a loved one that rocked your world?

Guess what bloggies? I had about a billion nights out in 2009 with friends and loved ones that rocked my world. OK, so a billion probably isn’t believable as there have only been about 330-something nights in 2009, but whatevs. You get the point. Yes?

Really, my #1 favorite night has to be my sister’s wedding because it’s the night she married the love of her life. And I was surrounded by my family and loved ones and total and complete happiness. There is no beating that.

But there were more too:

Every night in Hawaii rocked my world.

Every night I spent at blogging events worked my world.

Every night I spent with my friends rocked my world.

Every night I spent sitting in my parents’ kitchen rocked my world.

Every night I spent with my love just hanging out, drinking wine, and watching bad reality TV rocked my world.

And you know what? Even the nights I spent alone working my butt off until 2 a.m. rocked my world.

Basically, 2009 was a year full of nights that rocked my world. And I hope 2010 has even more!

(Gosh, this Best of 09 challenge is making me totally sappy and stuff. I need to start writing about questionable fashion trends and my vapid wants again soon. Also? Hawaii is pretty much the answer to all of these questions. All of them.)


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