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the non-fashionista’s guide to fashion: thigh-high boots.

I am not a fashionista. Though sometimes I like to pretend I am. But really, nope, I’m not at all. I always strive to look good, professional, and up-to-date; but sometimes I have a difficult time putting outfits together. I hate being plain, but sometimes I’m scared to take risks. A lot of times I have to ask people, “does this look good?” But maybe that’s because I’m just super insecure. Sometimes I know an outfit looks good, but question whether it looks good on me. I think, “Wow, this would look fabulous on a model! But me? Hmm, I think I look rather like a 12-year-old playing dress up.” Because that’s how I often think of myself: as a 12-year-old playing dress-up. Sad, right?

So, I can’t help but laugh out loud about the fact that I write about fashion as part of my job. Really, I laugh. I always have to preface talk of what I write about with, “Well, I don’t really know anything about it, but I write about fashion.” But why don’t I know anything about it? I read about, I learn about it, I’m passionate about it. I just don’t think I have the confidence to go along with it. Again, it’s quite sad!

Seriously people, I need some fashion confidence. So, from now on, I’m going to have it. Because that’s how confidence works, right? You need some, so you get it. Thank goodness. OK, I’m going to try anyway.

So from now on, I’m going to be I’m going to be a non-fashionista fashionista. Because I bet a lot of you are lacking fashion confidence, too. Right? Please say yes, so I don’t feel so all alone. Anyway, we can help each other with the trends and deciding if they “look good” on us. Are you in?

First topic of debate: Thigh-high/over the knee boots.


Photo from trendsupdate.com

These are basically all the rage this year. Everyone who’s anyone is wearing them, including Miley Cyrus. Which means I really need to start getting on this. I’m already a fan of knee-high boots, so I kind of really like these. They act almost like a pair of pants. What? They do? I can totally see myself comfortably rocking a pair of leggings and thigh-high boots and not really being sure which were acting more like pants. They both cover up almost my entire leg; one stopping higher and one lower. So how can I decide? Is this kind of like the what came first, the chicken or the egg question?

I’m LOVING Blake Lively in thigh-highs:

blakethighighPhoto from Current.com

In any event, here’s my main non-fashionista worry when it comes to thigh-high boots. Am I going to look like a skank? A 12-year-old skank? Because I wouldn’t look at a girl wearing thigh-high boots and think “Oooh what a hoe!” But for some reason, I worry people will look at me and think those exact words. Maybe this is mainly a Boston-based worry. I seriously feel like I could run around in a piece of cloth in NYC and not feel insecure. But in Boston, people are conservative. And people look you up and down if you’re dressing a little bit out there.

But if 16-year-old Miley Cyrus can pull them off, can’t I too? Though hers might be a littttle too low, though they are over the knee. The ones she wore in Elle were quite high. And quite scandalous.

mileythighhighPhoto from starpulse.com

Now, which thigh-high boots would I purchase? Good question. I’m really feeling these black suede Jimmy Choo’s. Since they’re flat, there’s less of a chance I’ll kill myself. Plus, $956 seems like a steal for thigh-high Jimmy Choos.

jcthighhighPhoto from BlueFly.com

Or these Kelsi Daggers, which can actually be purchased on the Victoria’s Secret website for only $225. I MIGHT be able to pull these off (but would also probably take a few spills on Boston’s icy streets):

thighhighVSPhoto from VictoriasSecret.com

So, what do we think about thigh-high boots for the non-fashionista type? Do you have favorites or, like me, are you a little bit scared to wear them?

8 Responses to “the non-fashionista’s guide to fashion: thigh-high boots.”

  1. ToKissTheCook Says:

    The solution actually does lie at Victoria’s Secret if you choose me same route. The Colin boot. Can be warn scrunched, cuffed or over the knee. About a 3.5 inch heels and you can decide just how scandalous you’re feeling. J, surprise surprise, prefers them high.

  2. Gooseberried Says:

    I’m actually not a fan of the thigh-high boot. Every season, there’s some trend that everyone’s talking about and anyone who is anyone is wearing, as you described. But some trends are just not me. Years ago, when people started wearing capris again and bringing back more of the 60s look, I knew the capris were not for me. I still have never worn any. Same goes for the thigh-high boot. I’ve always liked horse rider boots and so that is what I stick with.

    If I had to pick, I really like the looks of the Victoria’s Secret ones. I definitely think you could pull them off.

    I know it’s scary in the fashion world to start wearing a trend you’ve always admired but never had the guts to do. But you must repeat over and over to yourself, when it comes to fashion, never be scared. It’s not about being scared. It’s about being comfortable.

    My best advice to you is to purchase a pair and try it out. If you don’t feel comfortable, don’t do it. Return them. Even if you look hot as a sex kitten, if you’re uncomfortable, people will notice.

    Sorry, long post but I adore fashion.

    Boston is conservative?

  3. Kimberlie Says:

    I like the boots, but do not have the guts to wear them!

  4. k a t i e Says:

    love, love, LOVE them!

    If only it weren’t 35c and the thought of wearing any kind of footwear beside sandals makes me shudder.

    This is one thing I’m looking forward to, come Winter. I personally prefer the Vic Secrets ones -Gasp! Over CHOOS?! – but they seem more versatile, and I always love a heel 🙂 I think flats are a bit ‘piratey’

  5. k a t i e Says:

    …and btw, if anyone thinks you look ‘skanky’, you’ve got to remember a) it’s probably pure jealously for having the guts to wear them and b) it’s probably not best to wear them with a belt-sized mini skirt. Stick with leggings/jeans under and it’s all about the boot, not the booty 🙂

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