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red sox shots.

I’m kind of obsessed right now… With my camera. It’s the new Nikon P90 I’ve been given to try out. I’ve been having fun experimenting with food photography over at We are not Martha and have seriously been loving it. But last week, I took it to a couple of Red Sox games and oh my goodness, this is amazing. First of all, at the first game we were sitting in the right field grandstands. We had friends sitting way over on the third base line. I took a picture of the crowd alll the way on the other side of Fenway. And? And I found them. Everyone was basically amazed. And then we all got freaked out that someone was watching us too. Because they could have been. I later showed our friends the picture and I think I sufficiently creeped them out. Love it.

Anyway, here’s a pretty photo of Jon Lester I took at the second game. Our seats weren’t really that great (grandstands), though there aren’t many horrible seats at Fenway. And the camera is just that awesome.


Oh hey, David Ortiz, looking pretty fabulous today.


Wind it up.


Sweet Caroline 🙂


Varitek is looking good. And actually has some pretty great plays.


I know, I know. But I have always loved Gabe Kapler, so I was pretty happy to see him again. Plus, we won, so I’m allowed to say that.


With my camera, I almost felt like I was in the dugout with them.


The best part of a 5:00 game is that you get to see Fenway at all different times of the day. Afternoon:






I haven’t eaten a hotdog in 15 years. EXCEPT when I’m at Fenway Park. Is that weird? They just don’t appeal to me at any other time. But Fenway Franks are pretty amazing.


Kevin Youkilis is my favorite Sox player (ever since my beloved Trot Nixon left), but sadly he only played at the first game I was at.


But that didn’t stop me from wearing my shirt.


Maybe you’re not overly impressed by my photographs, but trust me, for me these are amazing. I have photography issues and the new camera is helping me take pictures that look like an adult may have actually taken them.

Thank you Red Sox for winning both games and thank you Nikon for letting me capture some awesome memories. Woot!!

3 Responses to “red sox shots.”

  1. emrlds Says:

    these pictures are amazing! and youk is my favorite, too. i mean, if you can’t tell by my facebook or twitter. haha. =)

  2. Cindy Says:

    These are great pictures!

  3. Therapeutic Ramblings Says:

    I love the “evening” picture!!

    Have you learned how to touch any of them up? A bit of tweaking can really make them pop.

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