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almost new look and lots of tags.

So, I have a new blog. Kind of. It’s a start anyway. The big news is that it’s been transferred over to WordPress. Yay! Chels and I are also in the process of transferring We are not Martha over to WordPress (and are getting ready to unveil a bit of a new look!). Since I have so much experience with WP from several of my writing jobs, I’m pretty used to it. And blogger is driving me beyond crazy lately! I hate change like whoa, but I think this is one I can deal with.

But I know much of my lack in blogging here has been due to the ugliness of my blog! I still need to fix this up, personalize it more, get rid of my 38293982 tags, etc. but then I think I’ll be feeling good!

Speaking of, what is up with all my tags? There are SO many random ones!! And it’s making me feel like I need to go back and read every single one of my old blog entries because what on Earth am I talking about?? Some of the most confusing ones are below:

  • You can try but I still won’t shut up
  • Want to become an alcoholic?
  • Toys that make me feel dumb
  • I suck at arts and crafts
  • Should guys wear eyeliner?
  • How do you have a party without drinking games?
  • My mom sings inappropriate song lyrics at work
  • Destroying ex’s property
  • Looking into someone’s shower
  • Can you tell that a woman is single and unlaid just from her apartment
  • Imaginary boyfriend
  • I was almost killed by elderly and I almost killed them

This makes me question what my is even about. But then again, I kind of love it. I am a pretty random person after all. And so, in case you were concerned, my story continues. With hopefully fewer tags.

3 Responses to “almost new look and lots of tags.”

  1. Sara Says:

    I LOVE YOUR TAGS! they are great and bring back a lot of fun memories 🙂

  2. k a t i e Says:

    I’m digging the new blog!

    Now…post more!

  3. emrlds Says:

    my tags are the most absurd thing, ever so I totally understand. looks great!

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