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Archive: July 2009

born to blog. and throw parties. and wear gap jeans. again.

Welcome to my new blog for real!! Yay!! I’m telling you, I just can’t bear to blog anywhere that hurts my eyes. And my blog has hurt my eyes forever now. I’m sure the pinkness of this blog probably hurts some of your eyes, and for that I am sorry. But it’s totally me and I think I’m actually happy blogging here now.

I knew I had to get the ball moving on this fixing of the blog thing because so many exciting things are happening in the coming months. So, thank you to Chris for helping me so much because I’m pretty much HTML inept, especially when it comes to WordPress.

I’m SO excited for my Gap Born to Fit party this weekend that I was asked to throw by Brand About Town (pretty much the best marketing company in the world… and the smartest!). And though, of course, it will be blogged about on We are not Martha (we are throwing a party with delicious food and fashion after all), I wanted to share some other details here.

Like the fact that they sent me this super cute Gap t-shirt:



Which is now my favorite t-shirt EVER! (please excuse my mess of a room).

They also sent me all this glorious stuff:


Am obsessed with the lip gloss (obviously) and I actually LOVE the perfume as well. It’s called Close and is super pretty smelling. I haven’t worn Gap perfume since my “Dream” days (remember that?! Which one did you wear?? I also liked the yellow one. Sun? Or something like that), so I’m really excited for the opportunity to try their scents out again.

I also might have gotten a huge box filled with 21 pairs of Gaps new Born to Fit jeans in it. For my party. I won’t say too much excpet that I haven’t worn Gap jeans since middle school and figured I never would again. But um, I’ve changed my mind.

So, like I said, Brand About Town is the smartest marketing firm ever. I also got a TON of other fun stuff, but I’ll share that after the part-ay. There might also be a giveaway involved on We are not Martha for those of you not lucky enough to be in attendance. All I’m saying is, get excited!!!

almost new look and lots of tags.

So, I have a new blog. Kind of. It’s a start anyway. The big news is that it’s been transferred over to WordPress. Yay! Chels and I are also in the process of transferring We are not Martha over to WordPress (and are getting ready to unveil a bit of a new look!). Since I have so much experience with WP from several of my writing jobs, I’m pretty used to it. And blogger is driving me beyond crazy lately! I hate change like whoa, but I think this is one I can deal with.

But I know much of my lack in blogging here has been due to the ugliness of my blog! I still need to fix this up, personalize it more, get rid of my 38293982 tags, etc. but then I think I’ll be feeling good!

Speaking of, what is up with all my tags? There are SO many random ones!! And it’s making me feel like I need to go back and read every single one of my old blog entries because what on Earth am I talking about?? Some of the most confusing ones are below:

  • You can try but I still won’t shut up
  • Want to become an alcoholic?
  • Toys that make me feel dumb
  • I suck at arts and crafts
  • Should guys wear eyeliner?
  • How do you have a party without drinking games?
  • My mom sings inappropriate song lyrics at work
  • Destroying ex’s property
  • Looking into someone’s shower
  • Can you tell that a woman is single and unlaid just from her apartment
  • Imaginary boyfriend
  • I was almost killed by elderly and I almost killed them

This makes me question what my is even about. But then again, I kind of love it. I am a pretty random person after all. And so, in case you were concerned, my story continues. With hopefully fewer tags.