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Archive: April 2009

dear diary 1990 style.

When I was at home last weekend, I came across all my old diaries. I started a diary when I turned 8 and kept going straight through college. Then I discovered blogging and forgot how to write with a pen and paper. Most of the content in these diaries is pure embarrassment. Like, really bad. I almost wanted to throw them all away because, what on Earth was wrong with me? But then, there are some good memories in them so I figure I need to save them forever. The funniest was the first diary, which took me from age 8 to age 12 to fill up. I’m sharing some of the more hilarious tidbits below; mostly from the earlier pages because, as I get older, it gets more embarrassing. And yes, I did write “Dear Diary” before each entry in the first diary.

By the way, it is absolutely SHOCKING how horrible my spelling (and penmanship was). We’re talking I could barely read half the stuff because my writing was so bad. I couldn’t spell for anything. Who would have thought I’d end up being such a writerly grammar-freak?! I’ve spared you the horribleness and translated the writing for you:


“Right now I am watching Punky Brewster, the dog is lost. And after Punky is Small Wonder and then Family Ties is on then Alf then Cheers.”

Woo hoo to early 90s TV. And to the times when I had nothing better to do it than watch it. Also, I never watched Cheers? Especially when I was 8! Plus, I wasn’t allowed to watch Family Ties. Not sure why.

“Tomorrow is my friend’s birthday and she doesn’t like My Little Ponies and we got her one. What should we do?”

Gosh, life was tough, right? Also, who the eff doesn’t like My Little Ponies? I wish I knew whose birthday this was.
“Yesterday my dog was crying because today the dog my dog is related to is coming over and they got a new dalmatian. What do I do?”
How on Earth did I figure my dog was crying? I do kind of remember the dalmatian being mean to her though.
“Yesterday was Thanksgiving… Beth and I even got to drink out of wine glasses.
Awesome!!! That’s like totally the most exciting thing EVER.

“Beth is being so so so so mean. She’s calling me a jerk. When she’s one!”
Ew, first of all, we weren’t allowed to use the word “jerk” in my house, so hopefully my sister got in trouble for this. And I wonder what we were fighting about.
“Our septic system is wrong. We might not get to go to Water Country. What should I do?”
I vividly remember this day. It was my dad’s work outing to Water Country. And our septic system broke and we had to get a new one. We didn’t go to Water Country because my parents had to deal with this. I had NO idea what a septic system was; I just knew it was “wrong.”
“I still love Nick. He is my dream boy.”
OK, 9-year-old, Susie. I’m sure you totally knew who your dream boy was.
“Guess what? Peachy got put to sleep today. I am so so sad; I could cry all my life. I watched it all. She fell asleep on my leg. Now she’s in heaven. I loved her so much; she was my best friend.”

Saddest day EVER. Not even lying. Nothing this bad has happened to me since. It was the first time I saw my dad cry. And I STILL miss her all the time. I wasn’t lying when I said I could cry all my life.

“Here’s a picture of J.L. [Joey Lawrence]! I like him so much that I actually covered up a picture of Jason Priestly to put him here! Chelsee gave me a poster of Joey Lawrence! I’m going downstairs now to see when Blossom’s on!”

OK, really? I thought he was crazy hot. Ugh. And thanks Chels, for being such a fabulous friend even back then.

push it up.

Today I started the 100-pushup challenge. I know. ME?! Yes. I’m not even doing it because I particularly want to do 100 pushups. I’m doing it because I am pretty positive there is no way in heaven or Earth that I can possibly do 100 pushups in a row. NO WAY. So I’m forcing myself to do this so I can prove the challenge faulty and that some people are just not made to do 100 pushups. Ever.
I had heard about the challenge before, but ignored it due to its total implausibility. Then someone mentioned they were forming a group on tumblr for people who wanted to do the challenge. I made some comment about how it was ridiculous. Then they invited me to the group. And I joined. And decided ehhh why not. What do I have to lose besides a few minutes every day?
I started today and it actually wasn’t too bad. The site tells me exactly how many pushups I need to do each day. Today I did 5 sets of 6, 6, 4, 4, 10. The last set you just do as many as you can. And I did 10! Woot! That’s 1/10 of my goal! And I didn’t die, which actually kind of surprised me.
Then I got to thinking… What if I do end up completing the challenge? What if I can do 100 pushups in a row? Will I end up looking like this??
But hopefully not so green? I don’t know if I even want to be able to do 100 pushups. Won’t that make me like some sort of super human or something? But. I cannot turn down a challenge. So if it makes me into the Hulk, so be it.
Ugh, my arms are starting to hurt already. We’ll see how long this lasts.

help. in japanese. tasukete.

About a year ago, I bought a book titled “Japanese for Busy People.”* How appropriate, right? I want to learn Japanese and I am a busy people, so this is perfect. However, little did I know, the book still requires that one takes the time to actually read it. No matter how busy you are, you need to find at least a few moments to glance at the pages. They should put a disclaimer on the book or something.

Upon my massive amounts of research, it was brought to my attention that buying the romanized version of the book wasn’t a good choice. I needed to buy the “Kana” version so that I could learn to read Japanese while I was learning to speak it. OK, done. But herein lies the problem.

I cannot read the book.

Because the book is written in Japanese.

Japanese symbols.

That I cannot read.

So the logical thing is to learn to read Kana, right? Well sure, it

sounds all easy. But Kana is actually made up of two alphabets, Hiragana and Katakana. And it’s not exactly a snap to learn them. But I started trying about a year ago. There are lots of fun little cheesy tricks you can memorize to learn the symbols. Like this:

This is “Ni” in Hiragana. Because it looks like someone on their “KNees.” “NI” Right? Right?? I told you this wasn’t easy. Anyway, I actually got a majority of the way through, save for a few characters that constantly tripped me up and had no fun memorization tricks. Like this one:

Which is “Wa.” Really? How on Earth do I remember that’s “Wa”?? Any advice is appreciated. Maybe you see something I don’t.

Then like got a bit busy, otherwise known as I took a little break. And when I went back I had to start at the beginning.

And that’s where I’m at now. The beginning. I have about a million flashcards I made last year and now I need to re-utilize them until I have everything re-memorized.

This is incredibly frustrating to me because hiii, I just want to read, speak, and write the language, but I don’t have millions of hours to spend. You see, I am essentially TOO BUSY FOR JAPANESE FOR BUSY PEOPLE. And I need a book titled so, “Japanese for People Who are Too Busy for Japanese for Busy People,” yes? I think that one would sell quite well.

(I mean, come on, look at the dude. He’s running off to work, cell phone in hand, and he’s still finding the time to learn Japanese? Le sigh. Maybe I really am just pathetic.)

In all seriousness, if you or someone you love has learned Japanese in a semi-efficient yet thorough manner, please fill me in. I do want to read it along with speaking it, so I have a sneaking suspicion there’s no easy-ish way. But if there’s one that involves running to work (not that I have an actual job to run to) with my briefcase (which I don’t yet own) and cellphone (check, I’ve got that!) and having Japanese just magically sink into my head, I would love to know. Because I wasn’t aware Japanese for Busy People actually wanted me to open the book. If they did, they should have written it in a language I could understand. Gosh.

*OK, so it was actually in January of 2008. My how time flies.

in which you discover i haven’t disappeared forever.

OK, I’m back. I know, I know. I kept delaying writing a post because it had been so long. And my first post back really needed to be super good, right? Well, I kept starting it and then stopping it. And then I decided I was just going to jump in and start blogging here again. So I am.

I missed it here! Here are some quick life updates so we can get this show on the road:

We are not Martha:

Still going fabulously! I’m sooo happy Chels and I decided to start this venture a little over a year ago. It’s already brought us SO many awesome things, like being able to attend a Martha Stewart Show taping; getting to meet tons of awesome food bloggers; and having the opportunity to try a whole lot of fun products. Also, we were recently featured in the Boston Globe. And we just did a taping for How2Heroes, which should be up on their website soon. The other day, Chels and I said, “I wonder where we’ll be a year from now…” I’m excited to find out! In the meantime, you should follow us on twitter (@wearenotmartha) and join our Facebook page.

My jobs:

Still have a bunch of them and still always looking for more (Boston rent+grad school loans+sister’s wedding+having fun=not cheap)! Since I know you all lurvee hearing about my jobs I’m going to tell you about a couple. Really, I’m telling you because this blog is titled “Everyone Loves a Boston Girl” and therefore I have a duty to tell you all things important in Boston.

Important in Boston like going out to eat, shopping, and having spa days? Well, kind of. I know the economy sucks right now, but you can still do these things! How? Well, with the new company I just became Community Manager for. It’s called Groupon and it basically offers a deal-a-day on something cool to do in the city. Yes I work for them, but I’m also partaking in tons of the deals. Like the deal the other day for the Savant Project in Brigham Circle. You only have to pay $20 and you get a $40 gift card. I’m also psyched to use my 2 mani-pedis (for $39!!) at CQI salon. There’s also a Groupon for Chicago!

I’m writing the weekly music column for College Candy, which I’m having tons of fun with because I get to write about another one of my passions… music. I’m definitely a way beginner when it comes to music writing, but I’m kind of hoping this will lead to other opportunities.

And I’m still working for Guidespot, now as a Ambassador, which is super fun. You should all be on Guidespot because we like to represent all cities. You can sign up, create new guides, add to community guides, and just have fun. Some of the guides are hilarious and everyone on the site is super nice.

Sister’s wedding stuff:

I went to her Chicago shower a couple weeks ago and had tons of fun. But I’m even more ridiculously excited for her Boston shower, which we’ve been spending lots of time planning. The theme is crazy awesome and the invites that Chels made are amazing. But I’ll have to wait to share all that with you until the shower is over (May 9).

The Bachelor/Bachelorette party is in July and is a cruise to the Bahamas! It’s going to be absolutely amazing and I cannot wait. However, my bank account hates me right now.

I’m mostly excited that my sister invited me to the food tasting. The wedding is going to be at the Westin Copley and I’m pretty psyched to try out their food and help in the reception meal decisions. Yes, these are the things that make me happy.

Other stuff:

I don’t admit I’m wrong very much, but I’ll admit I was wrong in claiming PCs are better than Macs. It’s not even so much that I believed it, I was just sick of people making fun of me for having a PC. Well, another PC decided to die on me, and I’m now a Mac user. And I’ll never look back. There. I admitted I was wrong. And stubborn.

There’s now a tab on Blogger that says “Monetize.” Never noticed that before.

I need a blog re-design. I also need to go do some MAJOR Google reader catch-up. I mean it this time!!

Lots more that will be updates as I’m not back to blogging regularly. Yuppp.