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wait. santa clause is coming to town?

Help! I’m still not in the Christmas mood. This is really distressing to me, considering it’s December 11. I’ve tried many different tactics like online shopping (meh, not feeling it), wandering through the Commons and seeing the tree and watching people skate (nope), baking lots of holiday cookies (yummy, but that’s all), and sitting in Starbucks for hours listening to their Christmas music over and over and over (annoying).

NOTHING is happening inside me! I don’t understand. It’s never taken me this long to be all holly jolly like. I heard about people going to holiday parties this week and I LOLed. What? It seemed so early. And then I realized that people had been going to holiday parties for weeks now. Where have I been? Clearly not being invited to holiday parties.

This weekend I’ll do a bit of shopping and celebrating and hopefully will feel something. I also have a pretty busy next couple of weeks going out and doing semi-holiday-ish stuff, so let’s hope that works. I want to be merry and happy and excited for the holidays. Like now.

Oh, wait. I just got distracted by a television commercial and spent the last 15 minutes look at
this website. It is an indoor water park!!!! How amazing is that? I seriously wish I had thought of the idea to build this place. I need to go and soon. Boston friends, come with? And I think I just discovered my problem…I wasn’t quite ready for summer to be over. So now instead of being excited for snow and Santa, I want to hang out at indoor water parks.

If you can’t afford a tropical vacation, take one to CoCoKey. Please?

16 Responses to “wait. santa clause is coming to town?”

  1. k a t i e Says:

    Yeah, I totally agree with the lack of Holiday Spirit. Mostly I just want to beat shoppers with their own rolls of wrapping paper – could I be more scrooge?

    That water park looks AWESOME!

  2. susan Says:

    I know what you mean – I have not purchased one present. Whenever people say, are you excited for Christmas? I think, isn’t it too early??

    Hopefully things will change soon!

  3. peterdewolf Says:

    Yeeeaaah, Xmas hasn’t kicked in for me yet either. I still have a bunch of gifts to buy. The music is still annoying me. And it is pouring rain right now. Definitely not gonna help.

  4. Renee Says:

    We have a CoCoKey in the Chicago suburbs. I’ve never been but I’ve totally considered playing hooky to slide down some awesome water slides!

  5. MRhé Says:

    It’s funny, I expected you to be one of those people who get all amped up for Xmas from the day after Thanksgiving, what with all the baking, cooking, Martha-ish decorating, etc.

    But I’m with you on the wanting-it-to-still-be-summer. I’ll feel like this until May.

  6. Nicole Says:

    that park is more for kids i think? but there is a bar there for parents.. ive been once real quick with my godson i was there picking something up… The one in danvers…

  7. dmb5_libra Says:

    im still not in the “holiday spirit” either. holiday spirit to me this year is like some kind of clinical psychological disorder.

    hearing christmas music has done nothing but piss me off. i think im just going to be a grump this year. this is a first for me.

  8. Shelley Says:

    I am still not ready for winter. But for once I’ve been in a Christmas-y mood since before Thanksgiving. Perhaps it’s because I was so anxious for the semester to be over that I was longing for anything that reminded me of what I have to look forward to.

    Watch Love Actually because that always gets me excited for Christmas.

  9. Katelin Says:

    that indoor waterpark looks amazing! as for getting into some xmas spirit i recommend watching love actually or home alone, both always get me in the christmassy spirit. 🙂

  10. Sara Says:

    i’d wanted to go there forever, until 4289402 little kids got sick from the massive amount of chlorine they were using there last winter. if they have “adults night” i’ll go. but i don’t want to trip over dirty babies!

  11. emrlds Says:

    that looks amazing!

    i’m having a hard time feeling like christmas too, which is a huge bummer. but i’m slowly getting there. just go to the north end. so festive there!

  12. nicoleantoinette Says:

    I’ve been to an indoor water park before. And while it was cool, it just seemed… dirty?

  13. Lynn Says:

    I was in the spirit before Thanksgiving this year! But, most years it takes me until like 3 days before Christmas to get excited about it. I’m sure it’ll hit you soon. 🙂

  14. brookem Says:

    ill go with you! or, you come with us! my roommate has been trying to talk me into it for a few months. i just cant totally get down with wanting to bust into a little bikini right now…

    also? not feeling very holiday-esque here either.

  15. Jamie Says:

    I’m no feeling very Christmasy at all. I still haven’t done all of my shopping.

  16. Valley Girl Says:

    I know what you mean!

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