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Here are some of the fabulous things I’ve been up to lately:

Michelle of Gooseberried came to Boston! With 6-6! She was only in town with enough time for a quick lunch, but it was so awesome to meet her. Her blog is one of the first I started reading long ago, so I already pretty much felt like I knew her. How did we even find each others blogs? I don’t remember at all, but I’m so glad we did. And now I need to plan a trip to Arizona to visit her!

Oh, hi. This is only one of my very favorite people IN THE WORLD. And doesn’t he look absolutely thrilled to be with me?! Well, that was my mom’s fault. See, the first picture she “took,” she didn’t actually “take.” You know how moms are. So as we’re walking out, I decide to double check and oh, what do you know? No picture on the camera. So I made her do it again. I don’t think he was really annoyed; just his expression. AND he remembered me from when I interviewed him for a paper a couple years ago. Most magazine editors wouldn’t give me the time of day for grad school paper interviews, but he took time out of his busy schedule to chat with me. And he’s not just a magazine editor, but a television celebrity, book publisher, etc. etc. Anyway, now I’d love for him to interview me for a job at his test kitchen. Ahem. Anyway, in case you don’t know, this is Christopher Kimball of America’s Test Kitchen/Cook’s Illustrated. I went to his cooking demo/discussion and obviously enjoyed myself immensely.

Another thing I’m really excited about is the fact that I’m now writing a music review column for College Candy!! You can read my first column here if you want. If you read my blog, you obviously know how into music I am (and and all kinds), so I’m super psyched to have the opportunity to write about it. This week is pretty mainstream (because hi, Brit’s CD came out!), but I’m hoping to get into some more indie music, less known stuff soon!

Uhh I know I talk about tumblr ALL THE TIME. But that’s how fabulous it is. Seriously. Yes, I spend a little too much time on there when I should be doing other things. Yes, I love blogger. But tumblr is different. So I wrote up a guide on why I love tumblr for people who don’t have tumblr. The bottom line? I honestly think tumblr is the future of blogging and social media as a whole. Annd you don’t want to miss out on that. So join it. And follow me.

In other cooking fun, Chels took me to Stir for my birthday present. We obviously wrote all about it on We are not Martha. But I had to share this picture of ravioli with an egg yolk in it. In a sauce that was made of pretty much just butter. HEAVEN. As were the truffles we had. This was one of the best experiences of my life and makes me thrilled to be a Boston girl. Can’t wait to go back.

And the rest of the week I’m devoting to catching up on my reader. Also, I had much more to say that has escaped my tired head, so will be back for more ASAP!

10 Responses to “fabulousness.”

  1. Larissa Says:

    Those Stir photos made me so envious! I want to go there.

  2. peterdewolf Says:

    I tried to describe the difference between blogging and tumblring to someone the other day.

    I settled on, “Tumblrs are like blogs, except that the people have shorter attention spans and are more co-dependent.”

    Then I gave her the link to mine.

  3. Maxie Says:

    that ravioli looks so strange but I’ll trust you that it was good. I love trying new foods so I’m super jealous!

  4. Therapeutic Ramblings Says:

    It sounds like you are having fun!

  5. Gooseberried Says:


    I love Susie!

  6. Lynn Says:

    Oh my gosh, my mom, sister and I LOVE America’s Test Kitchen! Awesome!

  7. Katelin Says:

    that ravioli looks amazing. i want to try that, i pretty much love eggs on everything!

  8. Northern Girl Southern Living Says:

    That food looks delicious! How fun 🙂

  9. brookem Says:

    my reader is flipping out. blah.

    glad you’ve been having a good time and keeping busy lady! we must grab drinks asap.

  10. susan Says:

    What a great week! I LOVE America’s test kitchen!

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