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Archive: November 2008

more stuff to love.

Because I basically just like talking about the stuff I love. And the stuff that makes me happy. It doesn’t take much, but it’s the little things in life, right?

My new Saucony sneakers:

I’ve been having serious issues. I’m not usually what I call an “issue person,” but my foot really started bothering me a couple weeks ago. I knew I desperately needed new sneakers and when my foot developed what I’m pretty positive is a stress fracture, I thought, “Well, now’s as good a time as any.” I went over to Marathon Sports in Brookline and they helped me pick out some new kicks (and made me run up and down Beacon St. a few times). The second the girl brought these out for me to try on, I knew I was going to love them because they’re so not me (bright green? ick). But they are seriously growing on me now and I actually don’t mind how they look. Not to mention, my last sneakers were an adorable pair of pink Nikes. Super cute, but not made for my feet at all. Hence my issues. And why I had to go comfort over cuteness. I honestly don’t think I’ll ever buy a pair of sneakers that isn’t Saucony again. They are the only brand that has ever felt good to me.

Maybe my future Saucony sneakers:

I can’t really run until my foot is better, but I’ve been working out on the cross trainer and bike a lot. Once I’m able to run and I am fully convinced these are the sneakers of my dreams, I might have to snag a pair of these. Because yes, they are so much more me.

Mitzi and Cissy:

Yup, I’m with the girlies again. And they always make me happy. Except when they’re driving me crazy by following my everywhere, barking their heads off, and licking my face non-stop. But they’re adorable so I can’t really complain.

Marthsa Stewart and Snoop Dog:

Just because this is absolutely the best thing I’ve ever seen in my life. Again, reason #8439 why I love Martha Stewart

Rembrandt Mouthwash:

I don’t know. But I’m a huge fan of Rembandt’s new image. It’s so clean and sleek and definitely sucked me in. I’m an Act girl myself, but I couldn’t resist the packaging on this Rembrandt mouthwash.

My new t-shirt. And yours too?

Remember my new and awesome t-shirt? Well, now you can have one too!! Tres Ladies is giving away a t-shirt to a reader of We are not Martha. All you have to do is go over to the We are not Martha blog and leave a comment about the tees. I got my tee and it’s seriously awesome, completely comfortable, and pretty much perfect. Yay.

how to win a girl over: be lloyd dobler.

This post is brought to you by Shanti who completely tempted me to put Say Anything in my DVD player, get into bed, and write about relationship-y things.

I was going to write about my relationship deal breakers too, like Shanti did. But then I started watching and decided I would write about my deal makers instead. Deal maker? Be Lloyd Dobler.

If you know me, you know I am not a movie watcher at all. But Say Anything? I’ve probably watched it a million times and will watch it a bazillion more times (though my copy was a mess and skipping all over the place tonight). And through much discussion and thought lately about what exactly my friends and I are looking for in men, I’ve decided, I’m looking for Lloyd Dobler. Yes, I know Lloyd Dobler isn’t real (though John Cusack would do as well), but Lloyd is pretty much the ideal man.

Lloyd is tall and handsome. But most importantly, he has tons of self confidence, though not in an asshole kind of way. He has no problem calling Diane up, but is still nervous in a totally cute kind of way. In short, he is absolutely adorable, but in a manly sort of way.

Guys don’t understand why girls don’t always go for “nice guys.” A lot of times it’s because we like nice, but we don’t like super easy, we don’t like needy, and we don’t want a guy who just wants to be in a relationship. We want to feel like said guy could have any girl he chose, but he is choosing to be with us. Lloyd could have his choice of girls, but he’s madly in love with Diane.

And now, quotes from Say Anything that prove Lloyd is awesome:

-“How hard is it just to decide to be in a good mood and then be in a good mood?”

This is pretty much my philosophy in life. I hate people in constant bad moods and believe it’s not really hard to just be in a good mood. So yes, any guy I’m with must be an optimistic, positive, Lloyd Dobler happy type.

-“Did you really come here with Lloyd Dobler? How did that happen?”
“He made me laugh.”

I knowww, every girl says a sense of humor is the most important quality in a guy. Well, it’s true. And we’re not really talking funny in a joke cracking way. We’re talking, he can be silly, let loose and not worry about what other people think. But he must also be mature. It sounds complicated, but it’s really not. Easy-going and not uptight.

-“She gave me a pen. I gave her my heart and she gave me a pen.”

Just because it’s the best line in any movie ever.

And one final but important word of advice from Lloyd’s friend Corey: “The world is full of guys. Be a man. Don’t be a guy.”

If you haven’t seen it, the trailer sums it up amazingly. But go watch it anyway:

**Of course, as Chuck Klosterman says in Sex, Drugs, and Cocoa Puffs, John Cusack is to blame for the fact that none of us will ever be satisfied in relationships. “Stories like Say Anything are fucking everybody up…we need to worry about all the entertaining messages people are consciously accepting when they’re twenty-six. They’re the ones that get us, because they’re the ones we try to turn into life…I wish I was Lloyd Dobler. I don’t want anybody to step on a piece of broken glass. I want fake love. But that’s all I want. And that’s why I can’t have it.”


let’s play catch up.

Baby, I’m back. I’m starting to realize that I resist structure and commitment with everything in me. So the second I put myself on a schedule, I ran and hid (actually, I’ve really just been insanely busy). But obviously I can’t stay away from my home base for too long. I just can’t restrict myself in a schedule. It’s called, I’ve been working from home for almost two years now and spend all day trying to enforce structure into my life. Blogging can’t be a part of that.

Soo, what have I been up to? Well, I spent a bit of time in Chicago with the sister and the future bro-in-law. Um, eating a lot of cupcakes obviously. But we did a lot of other things too, like tons of bonding. And then I decided that while I really wanted to do a little bridesmaid type diary here, I really don’t want my sister to see any of the plans I have up my sleeve, so I can’t. I’d kind of love to start an anonymous blog (because there are lots of…issues I guess you could say…coming up already). But then, I think about having another blog and laugh out loud. I also kind of have this thing called work. You know the stuff that makes you money? And makes it tough to blog in 18 places.

Last night, Chels and I attended a Boston blogging event held by Povo . We had a blast listening to the panel of bloggers speak, meeting lots of new people, and talking about our blog too. Also, while I had heard of Povo before, I never really knew exactly what it was. And now? I’m super excited about it. If you live in Boston (or even if you don’t), check it out! It’s basically a Wikipedia for Boston, but much more fun and much easier to use (Wikipedia drives me in-sane). Anyway, anything you want to know about Boston neighborhoods, restaurants, stores, etc. can be found on Povo. I will definitely be spending time on the site. And I really hope Povo holds more blogging events in the future because I would probably go to one every week if I could.

I actually have a million more things to write about, but instead of turning this entry into more of a mishmash, I will collect and organize my thoughts and resume to a regularly updated (but not on a schedule!) blog with posts that actually have coherent thoughts.

At the risk of over-sharing my entire life with you, if you’ve missed me too much there’s always my tumblr- Better Than Cupcakes. This was originally my social media/technology blog, but it turned into an absolutely amazing community (hi, best party I’ve ever been to last Saturday night) and has caused me to do things like post pictures of myself (GPOYW!), respond to everything everyone says, play my fave music, and show off my favorite quotes. Eventually, I will bring it back to its social media roots (maybe).

One last thing. Check out the shirts Sara and I just ordered:

If this shirt is not perfect for me, I don’t know what is. You can get your own at the TresLadies Etsy shop. Or check out their website for even more cute shirts!