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the stuff i’m loving as we speak.

So it isn’t exactly my favorite things Friday, but more like my favorite things Sunday. Close enough, right? Well, I had a fabulous weekend and without it, half of this favorite things list would not be possible.

This week’s favorite things:
Strawberry Banana Extra
Lately I’ve been obsessed with all things strawberry banana. I’m not usually a fruity gum person, but this stuff is faaabulous. And I love the alternative packaging for old school sticks of gum. How long will it be until they run out of new gum packaging/shape ideas??

Sweater Dresses
I have a new obsession with sweater dresses. I can’t quite explain it except to say that they are so incredibly versatile and allow me to wear dresses when it’s not dress weather. And yesss I do wear leggings sometimes. So kill me. I understand people’s dislike of them, but they keep me semi-warm when I want to wear a dress and yes, I believe they can be cute. So there. But anyway, sweater dresses are lovely and I have feeling my wardrobe will fill up with them in the coming months.

Jason Mraz
Saw him on Friday night and was ridiculously impressed. I’ve been a fan since his early days, but had no idea his live performance would be so good. He’s got some crazy fans, but now I’m probably becoming one. Allegedly, his $35 tickets were selling for $500 in Boston. How crazy is that?? And honestly, I get why people would pay that. Much respect for his showmanship, positive attitude, and all around talent. His show was a blast and his new album is incredible. So go watch him and go buy his album. Thaaank you!

Me and 7 foot guy

I saw this guy out on Saturday night and decided I needed to know how tall he was. So I asked, learned that he is 7 feet tall, and then asked for a picture with him. I knew I was being rude by treating him like a photo opp, but I just thought it was awesome and I have never met anyone that tall before. Seriously. Look how happy I am.
And those are my favorite things of the week. This week ahead is quite busy as I am starting some new freelance work that actually requires me to be working during certain hours (eeek! But a good thing; I’m seriously craving a little structure in my life). I’m also taking Sara out for her birthday dinner tomorrow night annd then departing for Chicago on Friday morning with Chels. Sooo excited to spend some time my sister and future bro-in-law!! And see Jessi!! And maybe some other bloggers? Working hard until then!

23 Responses to “the stuff i’m loving as we speak.”

  1. ANG* Says:

    1) i totally love mraz. i see him in about a month when he’s here in chicago!

    2) being a shorty myself, i always take advantage of these kind of hilarious photo opps. i must have 10 pics just like yours 🙂

  2. TKTC Says:

    I am totally on the Fruit Sensations bandwagon…SO good!!! And as for 7ft man? You are seriously so cute in that picture and I can’t wait to see you!!

  3. Sara Says:

    i’m glad i sort of, kind of remember him!

  4. Renee Says:

    I’ve been a Mraz fan since his early days, too. He actually came to my school a few years ago before he was really big and it was a fabulous show.

    And I need to get a sweater dress to rock with leggings. I’m sure you’re adorable in that outfit and I need to keep up. Ha!

  5. Miss Musing Says:

    I love sweater dresses! Bloomingdales has some really cute ones on sale right now!


  6. emrlds Says:

    so glad you enjoyed jason. he really is just a lot of fun. =)
    and does 7ft man live here in town? i must find him! haha

  7. brookem Says:

    ha, look at you and mr. 7 foot man! he’s kind of cute? just soooo tall. wow. i LOVE sweater dresses and feel that leggings are acceptable when worn in that way- just not as a pant. “worn as a pant”- i just sounded like stacy/clinton.

  8. BlondeSilverLining Says:

    I agree about the sweater dress! I’m totally in love with some I saw in a catalog a couple weeks ago and am on a buying binge. If you spot any good sales, let me know!

  9. Shelley Says:

    I need someone to donate to the “Shelley needs tickets to the Mraz show” fund… because he is awesome live. Glad you got to see him and that you liked him.

    I think sweater dresses would just emphasize the fact that my legs are shorter than my long torso.

  10. Katelin Says:

    i love jmraz, i saw him perform in ohio a couple of years ago and it was awesome. luuurve it.

  11. k a t i e Says:

    7ft tall guy is looking pretty happy, too 😛

    I’ve just discovered Jason Mraz (go the Aussie’s only getting his stuff now….err) and am in love. Love, I tells ya!

  12. transienttravels Says:

    I am getting into sweater dresses too.

    And at 5’0 I so would have taken advantage of that photo opp!

  13. peterdewolf Says:

    Did he put you in his pocket and carry you around for the rest of the night?

  14. Lynn Says:

    I LOVE Jason Mraz! Especially love his Java Joe album. Incredible. 🙂

  15. Larissa Says:

    Jason Mraz?! I’m so utterly jealous of you.

  16. Joy @ Big Time Fancy Says:

    Oh man, I loooooooooooooove sweater dresses. So warm, so cute.

  17. kimberlie Says:

    7 foot man is awesome!

  18. So@24 Says:

    It’s okay, my friends made me take a picture next to a girl who was also 7′

    Seriously. You can check it out on my FB.

  19. Amy Says:

    I LOVE sweater dresses and actually want to go sweater dress shopping this weekend…so fashionable!

  20. K. Says:

    I totally love sweaterdresses and just bought three over the weekend. Good call!

  21. HBee Says:

    So I stumbled across your blog and will now be a faithful reader. Hello Jason Mraz?? I’ve been trying to get in touch with Jason to tell him that “I’m Yours” for quite some time. 7 foot guy? So cool… Sweater dresses? I’m on the hunt for some…

  22. Gooseberried Says:

    Wait. People don’t like sweater dresses?! How dare they.

    That picture of you and the 7 foot guy looks like all pictures of me and 6-6.

  23. Little Miss Obsessive Says:

    Couldn’t agree more on the sweater dresses and JMraz!!

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