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we sing. we dance. er, we just listen to music.*

Guess what today is? What I’m listening to Wednesday! This doesn’t necessarily mean I’ll always be talking about what I’m listening to, but just music in general. I’ll start with a little bit about my fam and music.

So, in case you haven’t noticed I was basically raised with music all around me. Nobody in my family is any good at making it, but we all love it and listen to it constantly. My sister has introduced me to many of my now favorite singers and bands (thanks to her band playing ex boyfriend!). My mom will argue she was a fabulous singer before she got pregnant and then her voice disappeared. I’m not even sure that’s possible, but I think it makes her feel good to believe. My dad can play Georgie Porgie on the piano and…that’s it. Not sure how he learned or how he remembers it, but he’s pretty damn good at it. And proud too.

I played the piano for 11 years and basically, the only word to describe my piano playing skills is: horrible. I also played the flute for 4 years, but that was going nowhere and it wasn’t cool to be in band and basically my friends and I disrupted every class before finally quitting. I continued piano throughout high school, but my lessons were basically therapy sessions as I just hung out chatting with my teacher. I also taught him how to use Napster so he could download songs for his DJ business. I’m actually pretty psyched because he’s DJing my sister’s wedding and I haven’t seen him in years.

Anyway, my favorite thing about my music loving family is that I can get my mom to listen to anything. I mean, I think my mom’s cool, but she’s typical mom. Busy being a nurse, cooking lots, and hanging out with my dad. But whenever I come home with CDs, she’ll give them a try and lots of times ends up liking them. She is obsessed with Coldplay. To the point that she was extremely jealous when I saw them in August but claimed “nobody my age will be there anyway.” But they were! There were lots of older folk jamming out to Coldplay. So when I heard they were coming back at the end of this month (so soon! I don’t know why), I snagged us some tickets for her birthday. And I’ve never seen her so excited about any gift before!! And she thinks it’s hilarious because many of her friends have never even heard of Coldplay before. She basically has every song memorized.

I could easily turn my mom into my concert-going pawn since I don’t have a lot of friends really into the music I’m into. But we’re going to see how this concert goes before making any rash decisions. She needs meniscus surgery on her knee and is in quite a bit of pain, so hopefully she will be able to stand and enjoy the show. Then again, she’s on her feet in the OR all day, so I say she just needs to take a day off. It should be fun though. And if Garth Brooks or Willy Nelson ever come to town, I’m so taking my dad.

In other music news, Friday night is the Jason Mraz concert!! I’m pretty excited to finally be seeing him.

*Actually, my sister is an amazing dancer. Again, I took lessons for 7 years and didn’t really progress. Don’t get me wrong, I can drop a beat or two but when it comes to ballet and following directions from a teacher, it’s not my thing. Katie and I got kicked out of class pretty much every week for chatting. Come to think of it, she was also a key disrupter along with me in band class. Maybe all of my musical non-talent is actually Katie’s fault. Yeah, that’s it.

7 Responses to “we sing. we dance. er, we just listen to music.*”

  1. So@24 Says:

    How good is your “Chopsticks”?

  2. emrlds Says:

    you will LOVE jason mraz. his show last week was incredible, he is the happiest performer. enjoy! =)

  3. transienttravels Says:

    That is so cool your mom is so open to new music.

    I love it and I haven’t really been giving it the kind of attention I used to. I missed Ryan Adams, I don’t even know what concerts are coming up and it is so unlike me.

    I need to get back on track!

  4. peterdewolf Says:

    Can I borrow Katie to blame for my lack of musical talent too?

    I have been listening to a lot of Jenny Lewis for the past couple of days.

  5. dmb5_libra Says:

    ooooh! i love jason mraz! i had to miss out on one of his concerts because of a fmaily emergency 🙁 one day i will see him again….aren’t we friends on facebook? you can see a picture of me and him from waaaaaaaay back in the day.

  6. brookem Says:

    you and i are into the same kind of music! we can be music buddies! too cute that you go with your mom- i do the same thing! she’s been to joshua radin with me, damien rice, and feist. 🙂

    (do you like joseph arthur?)

  7. Therapeutic Ramblings Says:

    That is an awesome thing you did for your mom. My mom use to love DMB….I didn’t realize until I was up visiting and it came on in the car. She knew all of the words too!

    James Mraz is some good music!

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