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i’m always obsessed with something.

New goal for October! Blog here more often. I’m making a 4 time a week goal. I know…pretty lofty considering once a week is what I’ve been doing. And I actually just made that number up with no prior thought because if I write it down, it will happen. But honestly? I miss it. I just had dinner with my best friend from college and she told me her sister just got engaged (same age as my sis and the wedding will be one week after my sis’s!). After discussing our maid-of-honor duties, I briefly considered starting a maid-of-honor blog and then stopped in my tracks. Um, time? Yeah, not there so much and I’d rather stay true to my Boston Girl blog roots.

Haven’t done it in a while, so I’m doing it now.

Things I’m obsessed with right this second:

Peanut Butter & Co Peanut Butter
Hello. I wasn’t aware that it was possible for me to like peanut butter even more than I already did. But alas, I was mistaken. This, my friends, is amazing. If I lived in NYC, I would probably move into at Peanut Butter & Co. but since I don’t have that option open to me, I am grateful to the Gods who ship it to the Christmas Tree Shop and sell it for $2.99. If the Christmas Tree Shop is out of stock I will probably cry and beg someone to reorder (and I’m guessing they won’t give a care about my PB woes). Or else I’ll just have to pay the $6.99 for it online. Because it’s worth it. I am going to buy so much of this stuff, it will hopefully last me years. Or a day.

My Filofax

No mine isn’t pink; it’s teal. But I had to purchase it since the normally priced $95 planner was on sale for $4.99. Though I figured I would use it for a week before it would be stashed in a drawer and forgotten, I had to buy it (because I am a girl and I cannot resist a sale). Little did I know at the time that I would become obsessed with it and get shaky when I temporarily misplace it. Did my life get busier? Probably. Do I have more planned in advance? Perhaps. Did I become more forgetful? Surely. In any event, I am madly in love with my Filofax and encourage all to purchase one. I actually think my life is getting more eventful because I own a Filofax and feel the need to keep it filled up. Can your planner do that?

Ryan Adams and the Cardinals Cardinology CD

It’s no secret I’m a huge Ryan Adams fan. Any look at pretty much any entry on my blog will tell you that. And actually, before I started Tumbling, it was rare I came across any other RA fans. Now I almost feel like a follower/groupie because everyone on Tumblr seems obsessed with him (or maybe I have just finally found my people. I probably should just move to NYC now. Ooh, I’d get peanut butter too). Anyway, Ryan Adams and the Cardinals (Neil Casal, yay!) are coming out with their new CD, Cardinology, on October 28. I was all set to pre-order on iTunes when a thought crossed my mind. I want this CD in my hands. I want to look at the insert. I don’t want to freak out if anything happens to my computer or my iTunes (OK so that was several thoughts). So, I decided I’m pre-ordering on Amazon instead. Can’t even remember the last time I purchased a material CD, but I’m so excited to actually hold a CD again (maybe unreasonably so). I don’t really get if Amazon will deliver it ON Oct. 28, but they better. Plus when I pre-ordered Harry Potter, UPS delivered at 8 a.m. on the day, so I have faith.

Dating Makes You Want to Die

This may be the best book ever. Don’t laugh at me. Sara and I have a thing for “self-help” books and she tends to purchase them for me for holidays (um, trying to tell me something? Probably). Seriously though, last birthday it was Profiling Your Date: A Smart Woman’s Guide to Evaluating a Man. The year before it was Dr. Phil’s Love Smart. And for Christmas, The Guide to Getting it On. But Dating Makes You Want to Die is absolutely hilarious. You should read it even if you’re in a relationship because it’s that funny. My favorite line? In discussing why lunch dates are a bad idea, the authors say, “By the time you get home, you won’t even remember eating lunch. You’ll use this lack of memory as an excuse to watch more Fraiser and fill up on chocolate-covered popcorn. And then you will get fat and no one will love you. Because of your lunch date, you will die alone.” Perfect? Yes.

15 Responses to “i’m always obsessed with something.”

  1. Jonk Says:

    Ryan Adams and the Cardinals were just in Madison a few nights ago. If tickets weren’t $30, I may have gone. Lousy excuse, maybe, but I just moved a few weeks ago and I currently have no job; thus, poor Ryan Adams does not make my current budget cuts. Oh, and… is it just me, or is that new Cardinology cover art ugly?

  2. Lynn Says:

    I need to purchase a daily planner. Now that I actually have a real adult life, have to pay bills and make appointments. I wish I were still a little kid sometimes, sigh..

  3. dmb5_libra Says:

    i am totally buying that book 🙂

  4. Peter Says:

    Four times a week?

    Someone is ambitious.

  5. Miss Musing Says:

    Ohhhh I love PB & Co! So delicious. I can't live without my daily planner either. Mine fell out of my bag in a cab once and I about died when I realized it was gone. Luckily, though, the cab driver was a really nice guy and realized it belonged to me and drove back with it. I was practically in the door to my building when I saw him running up the stairs with it! haha.

    Also, I added you to my blog roll b/c I love reading your blog. I hope that's ok 🙂


  6. Kristen Says:

    I was a maid-of-honor last year and this time last year I was going through all of my duties. Hmmm wish I made a blog about it now lol.

  7. Valley Girl Says:

    Why would I laugh at you when I own a copy of “He’s Just Not That Into You?”

  8. transienttravels Says:

    You should commit to writing about being a maid of honor on a certain day of the week! That was selfish, I am in my first wedding next July (not maid of honor, but close enough) and it would still be great to watch your journey along the way so that I know I am doing the right things. Also, I am finding that I blog more when I commit to sticking to certain themes on certain days of the week. You would think it would be daunting, but it actually makes it easier.

    See you on Saturday at BlogHer!

  9. emrlds Says:

    ugh, i love ryan adams. SO MUCH.

    and about the CTS – they will call other stores and ship things in for you. best, ever. =)

  10. Katelin Says:

    i want a cheap filofax, i need a cheap filofax, haha.

  11. Julie Q Says:

    that peanut butter looks fantastical!!!

  12. nicoleantoinette Says:

    Ha, I basically DID move into PB&Co.

  13. Daddy Dan Says:

    For the record, Amazon usually delivers new releases on the day they’re released, at least in my experience. Sometimes even a day early!

    I love Ryan Adams too.

  14. molly Says:

    Another good product for the PB obsessed? PB Loco. SO good.


  15. Therapeutic Ramblings Says:

    The “Dating Makes You…..”…HAHA!

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