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get excited.

I think it’s crazy scary that it’s already October. That means there are only 3 months of 2008 left (Yes, I’m good at math). 3 months?!? But it feels like 2008 just started! Luckily, in addition to the holidays, I have some pretty awesome things planned for the restof 2008. Actually, I’m just plain excited for lots of things that are coming up (some small and some bigger). There’s actually a lot more than this, but there’s always more time for that.

Things I am excited for right now:

Pushing Daisies!

Ever since reality TV started, I’ve forgotten how to watch actual TV shows (dramas, sitcoms, etc.) and can only concentrate on reality TV. Gross, really. But I started watching Pushing Daisies and actually really, really like it. So I’m psyched that it’s starting tonight and I can have something to look forward to on Wednesday nights. Also kind of getting into Dirty Sexy Money, which also premieres tonight!

New Furniture!

Tomorrow my new furniture arrives from Jordan’s. I am extremely excited for several reasons. First of all, my lovely Target furniture has been falling apart for a while now. Several drawers are completely ruined and not only does this make it look like I live in a huge mess, but I don’t have enough room for all my clothes. I’m sure my new furniture still won’t give me enough room (I have WAY too much stuff), but at least it will look pretty and be functional. Things I’m not looking forward to? Emptying my 2 old dressers and nightstand and bringing them out the the trash. Boo.

Seeing These Girls!

I haven’t seen the ciss and the mitz in quite a while, but will be spending all weekend with them. Excited to spend some good quality time with my cousins and hope to get in a few good walks around the pond with them. I hope they’re ready for my rigid exercise program!

Blogher in Boston!

I really wanted to go to Blogher in San Fran this summer, but since I couldn’t quite afford it, I didn’t make the trip. So to hear that Blogher is going on tour and
coming to Boston (well, Burlington really) on October 11, totally excited me. Obviously grabbed tickets (thanks to Trish Ryan for alerting me!) with Chels and Tarryn and we are psyched to meet new bloggers, go to the panels (there’s one on food blogs!), and learn tons of new stuff. Other Boston bloggers, you should really sign up for this. It’s going to be a fabulous time and only costs $100 for an entire day of blogging fun!

Chicago Visit Fall 08!

I was really sad when my sister and her fiance moved from Boston after living here for 4 months (they’re doing traveling PT). The only thing that made it brighter? They moved back to Chicago; one place I do not mind visiting at all. And We are not Martha will be visiting Chicago together at the end of October! I’m so excited to spend time with my sis and Adam, hang out with Jessi (and maybe other Chi bloggers??), eat sushi at Coast, and…wait for it…Chicago Cupcake Crawl Part 2!! Yes, my sister is planning part 2 of the cupcake crawl as she claims there are many new cupcake venues since the last time I visited. I’m not eating cupcakes until then. Yay!

Cooking Classes!

I have a couple awesome cooking classes to look forward to in the coming months, both presents I got for my birthday. My mom got me a class with the amazing Chris Kimball, who also happens to be one of my culinary idols. He’s amazing (and his test kitchen is in Brookline!) and I cannot wait to see what he does. Also, Chels is taking me to a pasta making class at Stir! I’ve never been to their kitchen, but allegedly it’s small and beautiful and perfect for learning some new skills. Yess!

19 Responses to “get excited.”

  1. dmb5_libra Says:

    oh, i am way jealous of the cooking class with chris kimball…i love him!

  2. claire Says:

    ooh, we should have a boston bloggers cupcake crawl. please?

  3. Renee Says:

    Pushing Daisies!! Yay!! I can’t wait to watch it online this weekend when I actually have an hour to waste!

  4. Jenn Says:

    I’m so excited about Pushing Daisies!

  5. Katelin Says:

    okay cooking class and a cupcake crawl?! i am jealous. so jealous.

  6. jamie Says:

    Yay for Chicago!

  7. Therapeutic Ramblings Says:

    Pushing Daisies….I think I saw an episode or two; I think I’m going to add that to my online queue.

    Cooking class….nice!

  8. k a t i e Says:

    Sounds like you’ve got a heap on! I especially want photos of the cupcakes crawl. Drool.

    And if that photo actually is your new furniture…love love love it! (I totally have to keep buying dressers etc not because my old ones fall apart…but as more places to hide my vast array of clothes 🙂

  9. Peter Says:

    Man, it is so nice to have Pushing Daisies back on tv.

  10. Amanda Says:

    Alright, first, Pushing Daisies was ADORABLE last night. I love that show too too much. Second, I am jealous of your taking cooking classes. Hopefully you guys will find lots of yummy recipes to share on “We are Not Martha” and third, I really wanted to go to the reach out tour, but my mom’s coming into town 🙁 (Well, I’m happy about that, but sad about the timing.) Hope you guys have an awesome time!

  11. transienttravels Says:

    I am going to blogher in Burlington – I will see you there!

  12. nicoleantoinette Says:

    This all sounds very, very lovely 🙂

  13. TKTC Says:

    Our lists…they always match:) I make pie in honor of the Pie Hole…cheese baked in and everything!
    New furniture? I love Jordans! CANDY!
    Puppies? What monster wouldn’t get excited for puppies????
    Blogher? The awesomeness of women on the internet doesn’t wane!
    AND. the piece de resistance?! CHICAGO! Chocolate Pumpkin Bundt Cake, Batman! Yay Yay Yay:)

  14. Larissa Says:

    Cooking class sounds so fun! Maybe I’ll ask for that for Christmas.

  15. kimberlie Says:

    i have been thinking about doing a cookingc class- keep us posted!

  16. teality.wordpress.com Says:

    Wow, seriously. It does feel like 2008 just started! Hmmm… did I complete any of my resolutions? Time is running out!

  17. Shanti Says:

    jealous! those puppies are too cute and chicago in october has to be pretty high up on my all time favorites list.
    p.s. i fell off of the blog universe for a while, but i’m back and i LOVE and i repeat LOVE your tumblr. especially the latest posts on pumpkins!

  18. Miss Musing Says:


    Those cooking classes sound like a lot of fun! I took a few when I was in college in Boston (I’m from NY) and I had such a great time!

    I may or may not have accidentally burned the first few things I made…live and learn 🙂

    BTW, reading your blog makes miss living in Boston so much! I lived in an apartment on Buick St. with the most beautiful view of the Charles.

    Looking forward to reading more:)

  19. Kristen Says:

    Ahh pushing daisies is the best show. So whimsical. Doesn’t matter how bad my day sucked – that will ALWAYS make it better!

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