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gimmie gimmie guidespot.

You probably already know I’m pretty obsessed with Guidespot. I have a blast writing guides and coming up with new ideas (Um, I just wrote one all about Ryan Adams…how fun is that?!). So I’m super excited that Guidespot recently launched a new type of guide called community guides, which are guides anyone can contribute to. I absolutely LOVE these because, as much of a Boston snob as I am, there’s lots I don’t know about Boston (shocking, right?). So, with community guides, I can put up guides asking for other people to help. So we can all learn about what our glorious city has to offer!

If you want to contribute on Guidespot, you just have to create a log-in name (easy!) and you can add anything to my, or anybody’s, community guides. You can also make your own guides. It’s a really awesome community with lots of fun people!

Here are my Boston community guides:

Happy to Be at Happy Hour in Boston. For some reason, I’m happy hour inept in Boston. Maybe because I don’t have a traditional job, I just don’t know where all the hot spots for after work are. BUT I do hear that happy hour is where all the men are, so I need to stop going out at 10:00 p.m. and get my butt moving at 5:00 p.m. Help?

It May Not Be Asia, But Boston Has Some Pretty Fabulous Chinese Food. I know it does. But it’s seriously hard to find. But since I love Chinese food so much, I want to know where to get more of it!!

I’m Not in College, But I’m Still Young: Boston’s Guide to Bars for the “In-Betweens.” Uhh this is something I’m clueless on, so I need some help. I hate going to bars and being hit on by 21-year-olds who are completely shocked I’m 25 (26 in two weeks EEK!). But I have no idea where to go to hang out with an older crowd who isn’t “old.” I hate this age.

Your Favorite Bostonians. Tons of famous people hail from Boston and I want to hear who everyone’s favorite is. I chose Jay Leno and Sam Adams, duh.

Not all my community guides are Boston-based though; some are just for fun:

I Love Bad Television. So I wanted to see what other bad television everyone else loves. Maybe it would make me feel not so bad about loving bad television.

Your Best (or Worst) Halloween Costume Ever. I’ve had some pretty fab and some pretty bad costumes through the years. If only I had a scanner, I would scan in the picture of me as a magician. Umm actually I probably wouldn’t because it’s kind of really awful. I had a moustache!!

On that note, I’m off to do some work because….I’m off to NYC tomorrow for the Martha Stewart Show on Wed!!! I’m obviously uncontrollably excited, but slightly overwhelmed since it’s only Monday but it feels like the weekend already. I’ll be in NYC until Wed. night and then am off to the Cape for my friend’s wedding on Friday morning. Yes, the first of my childhood friends is getting married!! Slightly scary, but about 14 of us are getting a house for 2 nights and I have a feeling it’s going to be a pretty fabulous time! Obviously more on that soon. And a Martha wrap-up, of course!

11 Responses to “gimmie gimmie guidespot.”

  1. transienttravels Says:

    The – I’m Not in College, But I’m Still Young: Boston’s Guide to Bars for the “In-Betweens” – one is essential.

  2. Katelin Says:

    i need to come to boston, simple as that 🙂

  3. brookem Says:

    oh we need to find these happy hours with the cute men, and the bars with dudes our own age!

    have the best time at martha! let me know when you’re back and we’ll meet up:)

  4. emrlds Says:

    i second what brookem says! have fun! =)

  5. damselindigress Says:

    what .. the martha show??

    i just moved to new york (like, literally, two weeks ago)! i wish i had known you were going to be here … maybe we could have tried to arrange a meet up??

    have so much fun!

  6. Sindhu Says:

    I blog-hopped my way over here… and as soon as I saw that you’re a Boston girl, I had to read. (I went to BU for my undergrad, and I have love for beantown!). 🙂 Nice blog, I read your last couple of entries. Hope you’re having a blast with Martha!

  7. claire Says:

    ooh, how was her eminence? And thanks for starting the happy hour post! In New York, a bunch of bars give out free food with drinks -wonder if it’s the same in boston?

  8. Trish Ryan Says:

    This is some vital information you’re gathering. Seriously, my move to Boston could have been so much better had this information been available. I think Mayor Menino should have you on staff…

    Happy Martha-ing 🙂

  9. Larissa Says:

    How was Martha?! Tell us!!!

  10. nancypearlwannabe Says:

    Hey, that looks like fun! I’m always looking for great new Boston spots, but I usually use Yelp to find them.

  11. nancypearlwannabe Says:

    Oh, PS, a bunch of other Boston bloggers (and myself) are getting together for happy hour on October 1st. You’re welcome to join in!

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