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things i love right now, part 2.

I think this will become a weekly or bi-weekly post. Mainly because I love lots of things and I love talking about the things I love. So without further ado, here are the things I love right now.

Secret Deodorant

I’m really picky about a lot of the products I use, and this is especially true of my deodorant. I was obsessed with the Secret Platinum of the Glacier Mist variety. Best deodorant I’ve ever had. People used to walk by my desk at work and ask me why I smelled so good. I converted many of my friends into becoming Secret Glacial Mist deodorant wearers. Then Secret had to go and discontinue it, which obviously happens with all my favorite products. Sadness! However, I finally found a new deodorant that makes me almost as happy as my glacial mist. It is Secret Flawless in Completely Clean scent. Oh, and these all must be in invisible solid form. I hate gel anything. Which brings me to the question, why can’t I find woman’s shaving cream anywhere?? I hate the gel. Hate it.


I mean, this one seems obvious. I know it’s cheaper than CVS and Walgreens, but until yesterday, I didn’t realize how much cheaper. Especially compared to all my favorite pharmacies in the city. I got 2 of my above mentioned favorite deodorants for $5.63, whereas, in Boston’s CVS one costs at least $5.89. I got a couple nice toothbrushes (also very picky about these) for $2 each, when they would have been $4-something in Boston. Luna Bars are only 89 cents; even at Trader Joe’s they’re 99 cents. Basically, I’m very impressed with Target of Watertown’s prices.

Steel-Cut Oats

Sara got me into eating these and they’re amazing. Really large serving of super creamy oatmeal with a little brown sugar and maple syrup flavor. I like to add some cinnamon on top. For only 150 calories, these make a delicious breakfast, especially if you involve some banana.

GinGa Sushi

Finally tried the new sushi place right by my apartment (there are about 12 sushi places within a 7 minute walk of me) and I LOVED it! Because there was a gross little Mexican restaurant here prior to GinGa opening, I was a little skeptical and took my time trying this place out. Glad I finally did though. The waitress was adorable and after Sara and I ordered lunch she immediately brought over a complimentary appetizer for us to try (pictured above). The sushi was perfect and the prices not too bad. I live so close, this could be dangerous.

Sweet Potatoes

Everyone already knew I was obsessed with orange vegetables (yay for pumpkin season!!), but I have a newfound love for sweet potatoes. They make the perfect snack, and are allegedly the healthiest vegetable ever. They calm all sorts of cravings and they are just delicious. When I was little, I hated sweet potatoes and claimed my vegetables should not taste like dessert. Now, bring them on!

TKTC’s Quick Boston Visit

On her way back to Chicago from the Cape, TKTC stopped in Boston and we met up for a delicious dinner at La Famiglia Giorgio in the North End. The food was amazing, but the company better. And I got to meet Jamieson, who was absolutely awesome. It was so great to see them together and to see TKTC so happy. And I’ll hopefully get to see her again in a couple months when I visit Chicago. Not positive of the dates yet, but probably sometime in October.

16 Responses to “things i love right now, part 2.”

  1. dmb5_libra Says:

    Blaarrrg! Sweet potatoes…me no likey

    And I had the same problem with Secret discontinuing my scent…I just moved to Dove cuz secret was coming out with all those crazy bath & body works like scents. I may have to try your scent.

    I spend 78% of my income at Target. It doesn't help that there's one in the building I work in.

  2. Shelley Says:

    The way my mom cooks sweet potatoes makes them the least healthiest veggie. Caramelized in butter and brown sugar… uh, is it Thanksgiving yet?

    When I didn’t have a car on campus I had to wait until I went home to stock up on necessities because I couldn’t bring myself to spend money at Walgreens unless I absolutely needed something.

    Chicago?? In October? Let me know when you decide when to go… there needs to be a meet up. 🙂

  3. Sandy Says:

    That appetizer looks sooo good.
    And yes! Chicago!? When!

  4. pbandrazz Says:

    yes – come to chicago!

    and i love sweet potatoes too….especially in baked fry form.

  5. Renee Says:

    I LOVE Secret Vanilla Chai deodorant. It kinda makes me want to sniff my armpits all day.

    And Target? There’s no doubt I’m doing my wedding and baby registries there. Not that I think about those kinds of things…

    Can you come to Chicago AFTER the election so I’ll have free time to hang out?? Pllleeeease? Okay, maybe I’ll just play hookie one night. 😉

  6. TKTC Says:

    GAaaaahhh! I’ve been looking for good deodorant!! I accidentally bought the “Powder Fresh” scent a month or so ago and it’s made me hate wearing deodorant. Which is good for NO ONE.

    Target- well yes, of course.

    Steel Cut- on it. Pinch of brown sugar, cinnamon and banana? Like New Orleans for breakfast.

    GinGa- I think you pointed this place out over Memorial Day. And now I want sushi. Particularly since I just ate the 1/2 BBQ sandwich I brought for lunch and it’s only 10:30.

    Sweet Potatoes: Orange you gonna make my seasonal diet? Fall is coming, love. Bring on the orange:)

    TKTC: Loves you dearly. I’m so glad you were finally able to meet Jaimeson and I love that y’all are going to be kicking it after shows now. Dinner was oh so good and totally worth the early EARLY morning yesterday!!! CHICAGO!! FALL!! YES!

  7. brookem Says:

    oohhhh we love a lot of the same things! i need to look into these steel-cut oats some more?! sounds good! and i LOVE sweet potatoes. also, i was a big secret flawless wearer for a bit… just switched to dove, this energizing kind that i love the smell of. oh, and i KNEW that target looked familiar!

    we need to re-plan our date night! 🙂

  8. Larissa Says:

    Steel cut oats, huh? I love oatmeal for breakfast, so maybe I should try this.

  9. Katelin Says:

    i will always love target, they are fabulous.

  10. Jenn Says:

    Oh Target…my love. I go in there for one thing and always leave with at least five.

  11. nicoleantoinette Says:

    I want to meet TKTC! And you! At Target! While eating sweet potatoes!

  12. Therapeutic Ramblings Says:

    My friend swears by Steel-Cut Oats…never had, but I may give them a shot.

  13. transienttravels Says:

    I love La Famiglia Giorgio in the North End! And sweet potatoes.

  14. Julie Q Says:

    i just bought a new secret deoderant, i’ll have to check and see if its “flawless” lol. either way it smells frickin’ awesome 🙂

  15. So@24 Says:

    First off, I always love the Cook & Boston Gal pics. Warms my little blogging heart.

    And another thing I love about Target… they are the only place that has decent THANK YOU cards that males wouldn't be humiliated by sending out!

  16. Peter Says:

    I don’t want to point fingers at anyone for being undertall, but that is quite a height difference…

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