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things i love right now.

Things I love right now:

Shazam application for iPhone

I haven’t even needed to use this and I’m in love with it. Basically I sit holding it in front of my computer to see if it knows the songs I’m playing on iTunes. And it always does! Shazam will be awesome for, say, when I’m in the car and really need to know what song is on the radio. And for real, this does happen to me a lot. I just cannot get over how well it works. YAY for Shazam!


I’ve always hated those people who are obsessed with going to the gym. And now I’m becoming one of them. I finally understand how amazing working out feels. When I can run just a few more minutes at a little bit of a higher speed than I could the week before, that gives me a sense of accomplishment. When I can actually see my muscles, that feels good. But pilates is what I’m really obsessed with. I can see myself improving so much and becoming stronger and more graceful. But now I’m starting to freak out if I have to miss one of the two classes I take a week. And I have to miss the next two classes. That means no pilates class for 9 days. I am starting to get panicky. Not happy about this at all. But then, this brings me to my next point.


Yes, I have to miss pilates class on Thursday for sushi, so I can’t really complain. I’ve been obsessed with trying the best sushi places in Boston lately. And since it’s Restaurant Week in Boston, Sara and I are off to Oishii for lunch. This is supposed to be some of the most amazing sushi around, so I’m pretty excited to check it out.

The Olympics

My highly improved sleep schedule has been greatly disrupted by the Olympics. And I know I’m not the only one. Are the Olympics 10 times more fun than they’ve ever been in the past?? Or maybe I’m just more into them. But it seems like everyone is more into them than ever before. They have been completely awesome and I am intrigued by everything from swimming to handball to gymnastics to tennis. And I cannot wait for track and field. Yes! The only thing I haven’t really gotten into is volleyball. I just can’t feel it.


Jessi must have been reading my mind and realized I was desperately looking for another social networking site to join. That was sarcasm. The LAST thing I need is another social networking site to join. Seriously, I don’t think there’s anything I need less. BUT. When she mentioned Foodbuzz, I obviously couldn’t turn it down. I mean, you have to admit, the site was pretty much made for someone like me. I’m already in love with it, though it’s taking me a bit of time to figure everything out. If you have a food blog or just plain love food, you really must join. And friend me obviii.

Martha and puppies

Paw Paw’s grandsons came to visit Martha and they are the cutest things in the world!! She’s going to pick one to be her new pup. Seriously though. If those things ever came to my house, I would not be able to give any of them back. Just wouldn’t be possible.

Oh. You knew that one already, huh?

13 Responses to “things i love right now.”

  1. Renee Says:

    Those puppies are so smooshy!!

    I’ve been obsessed with swimming, gymnastics, diving, and volleyball. I don’t know why I’m so into vball this year, but I get really rowdy when it’s on. Haha.

  2. cdp Says:

    I’m starting Pilates in a couple of weeks with a friend who was just certified as an instructor. Now I’m super excited AND motivated.

    ps that sushi place looks SWEET. color me jealous!

  3. Jenn Says:

    I really need to get back to the gym. My body knows I haven’t been in a month-ish. I feel different and I don’t like it.

    On another unhealthy note, that cupcake looks DElicious 🙂

  4. Amanda Says:

    I am completely with you on the Olympics! I’ve been staying up WAY too late to catch all the action. It’s addictive!

    And I’m totally jealous of all your sushi eating. I’ve been too busy at work to take advantage of restaurant week 🙁

  5. TKTC Says:

    Whatevs…you know you were looking for another way for us to communicate. I’m counting…10. I think we are now connected 10 ways. Minimum. Still miss your face though:)

  6. transienttravels Says:

    My whole office is exhausted this week because we are all addicted to the Olympics

  7. Katelin @ M80 Says:

    i want an iphone just so i can get shazam. seriously that app sounds amazing. and the olympics, yeah i’m slightly obsessed these days too, it’s sort of bad, haha.

  8. dmb5_libra Says:

    arggg….i have not been able to stay up for the olympics 🙁 i’ve missed all the good stuff!

  9. nicoleantoinette Says:

    Ah, I still haven’t sent you your present!! It’s sitting in my car 🙁 I’ll do it soon though! Promise!!

    Um, and I’ve never taken pilates and clearly should. When I have time to work out again.

  10. Maxie Says:

    I love sushi with all of my heart– if only I could get in my town. so depressing!

  11. Smilf Says:

    I am super obsessed with the Olympics this year! I am normally not but this year for some reason I find myself still awake at midnight propping my eyes open with toothpicks. 🙂

  12. sara the terra Says:

    i recently just had sushi for the first time and i cant believe ive missed out all these years on it. if i could eat it once a week i would easily.

  13. Trish Ryan Says:

    You’ll report back on the sushi, right? I’m always looking for a new sushi connection (especially after the minor food poisoning incident at my old favorite place in Cambridge…)

    LOVE the Olympics 🙂

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