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resolutions revisited.

I know it’s already August and so, 2008 is officially more than half over (and eek, this scares the living daylights out of me!), but I realized that I never did my mid-year New Year’s resolutions check in (again, eek, this is scaring me). Ok, then. Here’s where I depress myself right? Let’s hope not too, too much.

Did I follow through on my resolutions??

1) Find a job that I really enjoy and can utilize my mad skillzz at- HAHAHAHAHA. Wait. HAHAHAHAH. I’m sorry. HAHAHA. OK, this really isn’t funny. I need to stop laughing. HAHAHA. Sorry. More than 6 months later and I still don’t have “a job.” At least not the kind I was talking about in this post, which is the kind that will make me “get out of my apartment and be around other people and stop constantly talking to myself.” HOWEVER, I have gained many more freelance jobs that are making me veryyy happy. Which means I put my great job search on hold as I’m quite content doing this. Of course I do still go a little crazy in my apartment (and I still talk to myself quite often), but I’ve also become much better at balancing my life.

2) Be healthier in terms of working out and eating- Woooot. I am rocking this one. Hardcore. Well, at least the working out part. Maybe not as much the eating. Anyway, I joined the gym back in April and have been hitting it hard, as in at least 5 times a week. And getting really into my workouts. And lucky me, I think I’ve gained upwards of 10-15 pounds since I’ve joined, which greatly depresses me, BUT I’m pretty sure it’s muscle (a girl can hope, right?). The other day at the gym, I actually felt muscles in my arm (you don’t even know what a big deal this is for me). A single tear may have fallen down my face as I sat at the shoulder press machine. I’m also taking pilates classes twice a week. And the other day after one move, my teacher actually said, “Wow Susie, maybe you can start subbing for me!” Obviously she wasn’t serious, but still. Yet another single tear fell from my cheek and landed on the pilates mat. I actually don’t look like a scrawny 11-year-old anymore. Thank you, gym!

3) Write a lot more- Hmmm OK, so I write a lot more for work, but I’ve definitely slacked on the blogging in 2008. Though that’s not quite true since 2008 was the start of We are not Martha. Still not writing and/or reading as much as I would like to be. I had a goal to read 50 books this year, but might have to trim that to 30.

4) Learn to speak conversational Japanese- Damn. I really am still learning. For seriously. It’s just that whole time thing getting in my way. Pesky. As soon as I’m better organized with the whole work schedule thing, I’m building this into it. I mean, I’m pretty good with my alphabets and all the characters, but I still have a long, long way to go. And I still do really want to learn this, despite people telling me I should learn Mandarin Chinese instead. Give me another year or so, K? Arigatou gozaimasu. Bai.

5) Get my finances in order- HAHAHA I want to laugh more. I mean, I don’t really know what I meant by this, except that “Hopefully a new job will help this situation.” It’s kind of hard to get finances in order when you need to start paying your graduate school loans back. Whatevs. Loans are the only debt I’m in so I consider myself lucky. And even though it’s a huge chunk of money out the door every month, it actually feels kind of fabulous to know that with each payment, I’m one step closer to being done. Grad school was fabulous and I don’t regret going so I’m fine dealing with the consequences. Not to mention, I live a pretty fabulous life and am sure I could save more moolah if I wanted, but would rather enjoy life. Without being in financial trouble of course.

6) Network more- Ooh yes, I have definitely been doing this. I’ve met up with several awesome bloggers and hopefully we will continue having meet-ups. And just plain meeting up in general? We don’t have to be so formal about. I’ve also been more active as a Yelper, another group of awesome people. And tonight I’m meeting up with the Boston Tumblr crew. Love it. I am realizing just how much I love meeting new people, friends, colleagues, etc.

7) Sleep more/get on a better sleep schedule- Only just recently! And now, GO ME. I try to be lights out by 12:30 or 1:00 every night and am up by 7:15 at the latest. This is amazing, considering back last year (or like 2 months ago) I would go to sleep at 4:00 a.m. and get up at 9:00 or 9:30. I realized that I am very much a morning person, but also a huge night owl. So, I’m trying to get the best of both worlds (there really needs to be 6 more hours in the night). The thing is, if I get up early enough, I’m actually really tired at night and that’s fabulous. I do miss my late-night pow-wows (with myself), but enjoy my morning ones much more.

8) Figure out what I want in life- Ummm. What does this even mean? I thought I knew what I wanted in life? Maybe I was feeling uncertain in 2007. Obvi. there are many things I have no idea about, but really, who does? Wait, don’t answer that if you do.

9) Cook more- I should get awards and medals and trophies and stuff for this one. I’ve been a crazy cook lately. And I’m sure you’ve all seen over at We are not Martha. Cooking is one of my favorite things in the world to do and I love that the more I do it, the better I get.

10) Start some of the business ventures I have in mind- Well yes, Chels and I started our website, which I think is pretty cool. I’m really not even sure what other “business ventures” I had in mind. But my freelance business is doing well and I may even have a few others things I’m not revealing too much about right now. Maybeee. Maybe not.

OMG. This is how I ended my resolutions list in January:

BE HAPPY!!!!! I love being happy and really, it doesn’t take much to make me happy, sooo I’m pretty sure I won’t have a problem with that. But I want 2008 to be the happiest year yet!

HAHA. Wow. Am I not the lamest person in the world? Well, at least we’re clear on that. Thank you Susie of January for being so happy. And yes, I’m still happy, so we’ve got that one covered at least. But wow, I still can’t believe I’m that ridiculous. Sorry you had to deal with that. I probably shouldn’t go back and re-read any more entries for risk of making myself seriously ill.

Anyway, happy half-way year!!! Now, GO BE HAPPY!!!!!! 2008 isn’t planning on sticking around too much longer!!

12 Responses to “resolutions revisited.”

  1. Shelley Says:

    It’s funny how January seems like so long ago but, hello, it’s already August and I’ll be back to my old life as a student. Time flies!

    Have fun at your Tumblr meet-up! I don’t know many Wisconsin bloggers besides Jonk (who I plan on seeing Bon Iver with in Minneapolis next Friday). I have to go to Chicago to see any more fellow bloggers.

  2. Katelin Says:

    woo for eating healthy and staying happy, that’s the most important one of all 🙂

  3. Sandy Says:

    Oh man, for the first few months of 08 I tried to do a resolution recap, but completely stopped eventually. Oops. Maybe I’ll go check mine out, too!
    Oh and yeah, I’m moving out to Boston hopefully within the first 6 months of ’09 (so thanks for reminding me how LITTLE time is left this year! ha) do you guys have a lot of meet ups? There are always a bunch in Chicago but being underage kinda sucks, because most end up happening at a bar.

  4. Jenn Says:

    I love these resolution reflection posts. If the person achieves their goals, it inspires me to do so. If they fail, then I don’t feel so bad ignoring my own resolutions haha.

  5. Julie Q Says:

    omg were you the Susie A they mentioned in the Boston Yelp Email blast? I totally thought it was you, but there was no link in the email.

  6. kimberlie Says:

    oh good on you!! I envy you re the gym- i am trying to get back into a routine but am struggling big time!

    BTW, if you don’t mind me asking, how did you get into freelance work? I am wanting to get into freelance proofing, but have no idea where to start! 🙂

  7. brookem Says:

    sounds like you have been doing pretty damn good to me!

    and speaking of meetups and being less formal about it all? i hearby say we check out these mango margaritas miss emrlds speaks so highly of. asap.

  8. Maxie Says:

    you are doing so much better than I am on the resolution front!

  9. Amanda Says:

    I’m definitely with brookem about the margaritas. We need to get on that.

    And way to go on those resolutions. I can never seem to keep up with anything.

  10. transienttravels Says:

    I am impressed even though they aren’t all complete.

    And I second brookem on the mango margaritas too!

  11. Peter Says:

    Am I not the lamest person in the world?

    Naw. It is super endearing.

    However, you ARE a Pats fan.

    Well, now I’m torn.

  12. L Sass Says:

    Screw “real jobs” and “figuring out what you want in life.” Sounds like you’re doing pretty damn good to me!

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