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just do it.

I’m one of those people who is generally always happy. I try my best to keep my stress levels low and do everything in my power to stay content. This most definitely doesn’t mean I don’t feel stress (oh believe me, I do) and it doesn’t mean I don’t ever cry or feel pain. It means that when given the choice over happiness and despair, I always choose happiness. Because, why wouldn’t I?? I think this annoys some people who wonder why I’m always positive. And worries others, like my mother who sometimes wishes I would express a little more panic in certain situations.

I’ve been talking a lot recently about how it’s possible to just be happy and I had a hard time putting it into words. I guess I just feel like, though my life isn’t perfect, it’s good enough that I have no business not being happy. Most things in life usually work out. I’m a better problem-solver when I’m not completely stressed and panicked. And when I look back at my life, I want to remember being happy, not being sad and blahh. I think I am especially prone to stress and anxiety and I quickly realized that if I didn’t do anything to stop this, I would constantly be a huge mess. So I stopped it. I really think we are in complete control of our moods (obvious exceptions include clinical depression and things of that nature) and I choose to be happy.

I just read this Prevention article about how to be happy and realized that I actually do participate in most of the habits they suggest. For instance:

1) They work their cell phones- This doesn’t mean I’m on my phone 24/7, but it does mean I have a thriving social network. If I’m feeling down, I know I can always find a friend or family member willing to chat with me on the phone. And if that fails, the blogging/online social network is a tremendous place of support. I truly never have to be alone unless I want to be. Even just reading the stories of people who have similar problems to you has the power to make you happier. Finding people to connect with is the most important thing in the world.

2) They express gratitude (within reason)- According to the article, “People who write about all the things they are thankful for are optimistic about the upcoming week and more satisfied overall with their lives…” Oooh hi, see! Another reason blogging is completely awesome and is helping us all be happy. I’ve been keeping journals since the day I turned 7 (no lie) and writing about my happiness definitely makes me even more happy.

3) They’re randomly kind- I don’t think I’m really a huge giver of random acts of kindness, but I like to think I’m kind and of course I know that being nice makes me happy.

4) They reappraise their lives- This is about writing again. Or mentally revisiting an event. The article says, “Perhaps now that a few years have passed, you’ll be able to see how that breakup or failed job opportunity opened other doors and finally forgive yourself–and your ex-boyfriend…Even if a memory is painful, it’s good to work through it…If you can come to terms with past events, you’ll be better able to handle tough times down the road.” I am 100% a believer in this. Of course I was angry when the ex and I broke up, but now I sometimes feel like calling him to thank him because I see what a better person I am now. Coming to terms with things and seeing the bright side of them is SO important for happiness.

Happiness isn’t going to find you. You just need to be happy, and you will be happy. It’s that simple.

“Most folks are about as happy as they make up their minds to be.” ~Abraham Lincoln

11 Responses to “just do it.”

  1. sandy Says:

    I think you’re totally right.. I think you definitely need to do little things to keep yourself happy (& I agree, blogging is a great way for it!)

  2. ToKissTheCook Says:

    I love and agree with all of this AND I will always be on the other end if you need to “work your cell phone!!”

  3. nicoleantoinette Says:

    I love blogging for all the same reasons- although getting too busy to blog stressed me out so it’s a bizarre cycle.

  4. Maxie Says:

    I’m so with you about blogging being a good social environment to pick you up during certain times. If my closest friends are either unavailable or I don’t feel like talking to them I go to my blog and my bloggy friends always cheer me up 🙂

  5. biscuitinabasket Says:

    Hi Boston girl,
    I came accross your blog in the past couple of days, and I really love this post. If it is ok with you, I want to post a link for this post over on my blog – (biscuitinabasket.wordpress.com)


  6. biscuitinabasket Says:


    I added you to facebook as well, I am T J.

  7. L Sass Says:

    I completely agree–so much of happiness is choosing to have a good attitude and choosing to reach out for positive influences instead of wallowing in negativity. It’s a good thing to practice!

  8. Katelin Says:

    “Happiness isn’t going to find you. You just need to be happy, and you will be happy. It’s that simple.”

    love this. such wise words susie 🙂

  9. Amanda Says:

    This is such a nice post! I’ve been in a weird rut lately, and it’s nice to think that I am really in control of how I feel about things. I’ll definitely have to try to put some of these things into practice.

    Also on an unrelated note: I bought some “When pigs fly” bread today and had one the best sandwiches ever! Thanks for turning me on to them!

  10. Colleen Snell Says:

    Well said! I took notes. Mental ones, but still.

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