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pilates with new friends.

Today I took a pilates class with two 70+ year-old women. And it was fabulous. Basically, my gym experience involves hanging out with the older crowd since I’m there during non-traditional gym hours. Since my workout plan was clearly not working (read: I gained 1o lbs since I started going to the gym and could no longer put my pants on), I recently switched it up and decided to add pilates as it’s probably the best thing for me to do right now. And lucky for me, there’s a class 2 days a week right when I’m at the gym anyway. And that class currently has two 70+ year-olds in it. Semi-private, not so bad, eh?

Of course, pilates with 70+ year-olds probably isn’t quite the intensity level I’d usually aim for, but I believe it’s what you make it. And since my pilates background is basically made up of watching Denise Austin smile and tell me I’m doing a fabulous job, I should probably start slowly anyway. The teacher told me I did a fantastic job (gold stars, yay!), but couldn’t get over how “weird” my ribs are. I’ve always noticed they stick out, but never realized that was odd.

The only thing that bothered me was at the end of the class when the instructor asked if we wanted to work our abs or our butt more. Of course the older women yell, “butt!! butt!!” and since I’m new to the class, I feel it would be rude of me to argue. But really, my problem areas are much different than a 70 year-olds. I’m just saying.

After I finished pilates, I completed the rest of my workout on the treadmill with the 60+ year-old men who attend my gym. The area I live in is seriously really young, so I have no idea where these people come from during the day. But really, I don’t mind it at all.

Will I do the pilates class again? Well, I kind of already promised Martha, who I ran into in the locker room. She’s worried the class will get cancelled if not enough people show up, so I assured her I’d be there on Tuesday. Hooray for new friends.

14 Responses to “pilates with new friends.”

  1. Gooseberried Says:

    When you have a chance, email me your workout routine por favor. contact@gooseberried.com


  2. ToKissTheCook Says:

    You are hilarious.
    a) You have not gained 10 lbs.
    b) Go figure that you would make friends with a woman named Martha.
    c) This week has convinced me that I’m destined for an alternative work schedule. SUNLIGHT! YAY!

  3. Peter Says:

    Were you just bragging about your butt, Susie??

    No fibbing.

    I caught that.


  4. Karen Says:

    Pilates is fun! And harder than it looks! I took free classes in college…

  5. L Sass Says:

    I LOVE that you are doing pilates with the old ladies! My regular spin class has a late 70s man in it. He brings wrenches and WD-40 before class and tunes up everyone’s bike for them!

  6. Amanda Says:

    I have two older people in my gym class (which is at my school’s gym…) and it just makes me feel super fit.

    I’m interested to see if you think pilates works, because I’m starting a pilates class next week. I have high hopes.

  7. Therapeutic Ramblings Says:

    Pilates are great! I was req. to do it regularly in college to improve my flexibility. I use to do a class at the gym too….and I really miss it.

    Rock out with the old ladies!

  8. Maxie Says:

    I love pilates…but my current gym (the only one within a 30 mile radius of my home and job) only offers classes during the day while I’m at work. Plus you have to pay extra- blah!

  9. Spicy Law Girl Says:

    I love the old women at the gym!

  10. Julie Q Says:

    that is awesome!! can you please get a pic with these new friends?

  11. Trish Ryan Says:

    Aww…that’s fabulous. And you never know, you could end up with a rockin butt that distracts folks from your ribs… 🙂

    (I’m still trying to imagine how your ribs could be THAT strange, but if you say so!)

  12. Pink ditz Says:

    Haha I’m picturing all those older Woman yelling butt butt butt.

    funny how you are friends with someone named Martha.

    This post inspires me to start working out. (maybe)

  13. Damsel ni Digress Says:

    you are seriously so adorable.

    and yes! the denise austin video, i had one too.

    and i’m with peter. and now i’m jealous of your hot tush.

    (did i just say tush? must be all this mention of 60 and 70 year olds.)

  14. Da Bocker Says:

    Rumor has it the 70 year old women in Brookline are not your average 70 year olds… any truth?

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