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right now.

Things I’m happy about right now:

  • The Celtics won game 1 of the series!
  • I’m taking tomorrow off. Sas and I were planning a day at the Colonnade pool, but since the weather isn’t going to be 100% fabulous we’re putting it off. But we will go lie in the sun somewhere and enjoy the day anyway. And get all dressed up and go out at night. Why? Because it’s Friday, the start of summer, and Sas has about 150 party dresses she needs to wear. And we always love an excuse to get dressed up.
  • A When Pigs Fly Bakery opened next to my apartment and it is the best bread in the world. I am seriously obsessed and am planning on trying every single kind. Like the chocolate. I just bought the whole-grain anadama, but I think cinnamon raisin is next. SO good.
  • I think I have at least one fun thing on my calendar each week for the next couple months. I love that.
  • I’ve been doing well with my gym routine and am feeling really good about it. I guess when you pay ridic. amounts of money for a gym membership, you tend to want to use it.
  • I have crazy amounts of work to do and while I’m feeling rather overwhelmed, having work to do is a good thing. Taking tomorrow off may not be the best idea, but I need it. And there’s always the weekend. I’m still loving writing for Guidespot, as well as my other lovely jobs. I’m lucky to be able to do what I do!
  • Did I mention it’s going to be 90 degrees out this weekend??

What are you happy about??

12 Responses to “right now.”

  1. cdp Says:

    Yay for fun things! And YAY for happy.

    Today I’m happy that it’s Friday and I’m going to the pool tomorrow AND Sunday. I love summer.

  2. Pam Says:

    Yesterday I tried the Sicilian Green Olive bread and the Black Bean bread at When Pigs Fly… I think that place is going to be dangerous…

  3. Jamie Says:

    I’d be even more chubby if I lived by a bakery. I’m still jealous though!

  4. Katelin Says:

    oh yay for friday and funness and summertime, ah i can’t wait.

    i’m happy for great weather this weekend and lots of fun plans coming up, woo!

  5. L Sass Says:

    I am happy about apartment decorating, naturally!

    Thank goodness it’s Friday!

  6. classy & fabulous Says:

    heck yes go Kevin G! Too bad he never got this far with the Twolves (im from MN and I know they suck aw)

  7. Jenn Says:

    Yay for happy things 🙂

    Today, I’m happy about the Macbook and Wii Fit I got yesterday!

  8. Maxie Says:

    I’m just excited that it’s almost vacation time!!!

  9. thethinker Says:

    I’m happy about the fact that it’s perfectly acceptable for me to sleep in until noon every single day. It’s summer!!

  10. nicoleantoinette Says:

    I’m happy that KK is turning out to be so amazing!

    And I’m happy that my camp is starting soon! So much work, but so much fun too 🙂

    Glad you’re smiling!

  11. Trish Ryan Says:

    The Celtics won game #2, I made it home safely from the land of to many tornadoes, and the air conditioner is installed in the bedroom. Happy times 🙂

  12. Paula Says:

    I’m happy that I’m finally (nearly) over my ex!

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