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cleaning out my closet.

I recently cleaned out a few of my bureaus and part of my closet. I learned several things:

1) I have WAY too many clothes. Like ridiculous amounts. I got rid of 8 pairs of jeans that I didn’t even know I had.

2) The ex wasn’t lying when he saw me and said “That can’t be her. She’s like 20 pounds skinnier than that” Maybe I haven’t been so aware of my massive weight gain, but holy effer. I couldn’t get most of these pants on past my thighs. I probably shouldn’t have even tried them on knowing it wasn’t going to be pretty. Honestly, I know I used to be way too small and I’m actually happy to have grown a bit (I don’t look like a child anymore…just a 16 year-old now), but still. It’s never fun to see it.

3) I have way too many skirts that are way too short to wear in public. I remember wearing them in college and realizing that while it’s cool to wear short skirts in NH, it’s kind of sketchy in Boston. All it gets you in Boston is stares from gross men.

4) A lot of my tank tops and stuff are kind of skankish. I asked my mom if she would take my clothes to Goodwill or something and she said she has a co-worker who needs stuff for a church sale so she will give them to her. But I’m not so sure my stuff is church-appropriate. Are there rules on that? I told my mom I wasn’t sure my clothes were good for church girls and my mom said she was sure there were some skanky church girls. Fair enough.

5) My tastes have changed a lot. For some reason, I have lots of old surfer-ish clothing. Tons of skirts from Pacific Sunwear (or PacSun as I guess the kids call it now) and just plain strange stuff that I would never wear these days.

6) I also cleaned out some of my clothes at my parent’s house. Interestingly, the stuff from high school fits me; some of it too big. Conclusion? I wore my clothes far too large in high school, realized this in college, and then massively grew. Who goes through growth spurts a couple years after college? Apparently I do.

7) After getting rid of tons of clothes, somehow all my drawers, etc. are still full. Round two is coming soon.

So, that was tons of fun. And now I’m going to bed so I can get up early to go to the gym. The Colonnade pool later this week? Must fit in bathing suit.

12 Responses to “cleaning out my closet.”

  1. ToKissTheCook Says:

    As someone who has quite recently seen you in a swimsuit, let me iterate publicly that this is absurd. If you were 20 lbs or even 10 lbs lighter, I would be very very nervous. As it stands, I’m just a steady, healthy envy. Part of that envy is because you get to hang out at the Colannade while the rest of us are working.

    Good for you on the closet cleanse though…feels good!

  2. Larissa Says:

    That reminds me that I need to get rid of a handful of jeans too. I have way too many that don’t even fit!

  3. Katelin Says:

    i seriously need to clean out my clothes too, i have so many that i don’t wear. and definitely feel ya on the short skirt business. totally legit for college parties, but once that’s over, yeah not so much anymore.

  4. L Sass Says:

    I have been weeding out my closet bit by bit as I prepare to move and it feels GREAT! Better to have a smaller wardrobe of perfect items than a closet crammed with so-so stuff!

  5. Julie Q Says:

    AND that’s why he is your ex i hope! Boys know better.. this post is so funny b/c i just randomly dissected my pants drawer and put half of them in a bag. I’d really like to just chuck the bag but i’m sure i’ll put it in the basement with the rest of the hourds (sp?) of clothes i keep

  6. So@24 Says:

    I went numb at the “short skirts” part.

    I remember the days when that used to be in style. sigh.

  7. damselindigress Says:

    “I told my mom I wasn’t sure my clothes were good for church girls and my mom said she was sure there were some skanky church girls.”

    this is why moms are awesome.

    i’ll begin cleaning my closet and then just get very scared and defeated. because i’m a horder. and that striped tunic from 2002? apparently, i don’t have the heart to get rid of it. (and also, i just had a mild heart attack realizing that 2002 was SIX YEARS AGO. oh my god.)

    ok. this comment started off wanting to congratulate you for the closet clean! and it’s going to end by asking if you have any room in them for me to go hide and cry.

  8. me & them Says:

    I’d had my wardrobe halved when I moved in Feb…but apparently it just encouraged me to buy buy buy.

    Still, I did get rid of some things I never knew I had – and there was no way in hell I would wear. Also a lot of thing still with price tags on…I’m such an impulse/emotional shopper!

    As for the gaining wait thing – Bah! Girls don’t stop changing shape. Something to do with being womanly, or so I’m told.

    I just had another spurt these past few weeks – I’m 22, and it’s still going on – and my feet went up nearly two sizes. What? Why?

    I still fit into the stuff from high school – although I wore it bigger back in the day – but it hugs different bits of me now. I grew childbearing hips, damnit!

  9. nicoleantoinette Says:

    Since I move around so much, I’m really really good at doing the closet purge. Sometimes I wish I had MORE stuff. Silly, I know.

    Also? hilarious: “and my mom said she was sure there were some skanky church girls.”

  10. Gjelly Says:

    Cleaning out my closets is one of my favorite hobbies. A nice glass of red wine and a brutal round of editing. There’s nothing better than a clean, well organized closet.

  11. Therapeutic Ramblings Says:

    Short skirts AND skanky tank tops…why did you change…WHHHYY?!!! 😉

    I donated 3 large trash bags to Goodwill the other week. The 30 gallon leave bags….hopefully someone can use them.

  12. Closet Designer Says:

    Gross men and skanky church girls? You definitely are getting the hang of this blogging thing.

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