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escape to the cape.

Why have the last couple of days been fabulous? Mainly because I hung out with TKTC and her awesome family on the Cape. Here’s the brief synopsis of my Sun-Mon:

  • Took the bus from Boston to the Cape. A good experience, except for the fact that the bus driver decided not to stop at the bus stops. When I questioned where the Eastham bus stop was, he said it was wherever I wanted it to be. I told him someone was picking me up at the actual bus stop and he said there was no actual bus stop and dropped me off on the side of the road. Luckily J knew where the Ben and Jerry’s was and came to rescue me.
  • J and I seriously indulged in clam rolls and onion rings from Arnold’s. Amazing. I love beach food and don’t eat it too often because it makes it so much more special when you only get it in placed like the Cape, Gloucester, and Ogunquit.
  • J’s Cape house is absolutely beautiful and her family delightful. They were so so nice to have me for the night and they actually reminded me a lot of my family. From everything to the way the aunts and uncles interact, the cute kids running around, the wine drinking, board game playing, and simply sitting around never running out of stuff to talk about, I could definitely relate. And it made me a bit more excited for my own family reunion vaca. in Chautauqua.
  • We went to the beach thinking it was going to be pretty chilly and almost didn’t even bother wearing bathing suits. It was the most beautiful day and we ended up laying in the sun in bathing suits for a couple hours. I got lots of sun; a nice way to begin the summer. Me, J, and her cousin went on a nice beach walk and saw a ridiculous amount of horseshoe crabs mating.
  • We ate A LOT. And yes, the vanilla rhubarb cake was just plain addicting. I’m pretty sure J got the recipe and it will be coming soon.
  • We made a valiant attempt at going out by going to the Beachcomber after dinner and waiting until the bar opened. Then we realized everyone in line had tickets. We found out that Cracker was performing at the bar. We debated paying the $15 to get in but ultimately decided to go home and drink wine. So we did.
  • J and I were asked a million questions about blogging, etc. and I’m pretty sure all of her family members will be starting blogs asap.
  • We left fairly early today to beat the traffic. Instead of taking the bus back and being dropped on the side of the road, J’s fabulous brother drove us back to the city. He and their cousin just happen to live in Boston; more reasons for J to eventually move here. J and I walked from my apartment to Newbury St. stopping for crepes and iced coffee along the way. We met Sas on Newbury St. where we shopped around a bit and sat and chatted with our iced tea. I’m glad the two of them finally got to meet! And then J was off to the airport and back to Chicago.

And now, between all the sun and all the sugar, I’m ready for a really good night’s sleep. Tomorrow it’s back to the routine, including an extra long gym sesh. And some serious detoxing because the amount of sugar I consumed this weekend is probably illegal in some states. But it was all oh so good and worth it. If any of you are in town, I highly recommend finagling an invite to her Cape house. Unfortunately, I promised her parents I wouldn’t advertise their address on my blog. Sorry 🙂

The lone pic taken on our way out the door this morning.

12 Responses to “escape to the cape.”

  1. Jenn Says:

    Wow! Sounds like a great weekend! I hope one day I’m able to visit the Cape. Every time I read/hear about it I get more and more excited about going.

  2. ToKissTheCook Says:

    Hahaha- That was SO fun! And considering how much we discussed blogging over the weekend, you’d think we’d have taken more pictures! The one we do have of both of us looks like I stuck my finger in a light socket. Instead I think we gave ourselves diabetes with peanut butter blondies, o’henry’s, brownies, rhubarb cake, breakfast cupcakes and donuts. Plus wine. And summer ale. And crepes (yum.) My stomach feel distended just looking at that list. Thank God we walked a lot.

    Talked to Mom last night and she said you are welcome back anytime, but I could have told you that:)

  3. L Sass Says:

    Ugh! I am so jealous!! TKTC’s list of delicious goodies is making me hungry.

    Sounds like a fantastic weekend!

  4. Katelin Says:

    sounds like one kick ass weekend, glad you had fun!

  5. Julie Q Says:

    I love sun tans that aren’t fake 🙂 🙂

    too bad its pouring right now… blerg

  6. Yoda Says:

    I love the picture of you and brook shields together!


  7. Trish Ryan Says:

    That sounds like the perfect start to summer! I was on the train Friday from NYC back to Boston, and there were all these people headed up to go to the Cape…it made me miss that first weekend at the beach feeling!

  8. Gooseberried Says:

    Can you say jealous? Yep! That’s me.

  9. K Says:

    Sounds like a beautiful fantabulous weekend. Its awesome you found such a great friend through blogging not like its rare but its still neat to see others! I cant wait to meet a blogging BFF!

  10. emrlds Says:

    so jealous! granted brookline (my new neighborhood!) was beautiful this weekend, there was no sand and ocean. sad. glad you had fun though! =)

  11. brookem Says:

    i LOVE the cape! sounds like a fabulous weekend!

  12. Paula Says:

    Your weekend sounded awesome! I’m jealous.

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