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hangin’ tough in my visor.

I’m still slightly confused by the fact that the New Kids on the Block are reuniting and going on tour. I’m back and forth on whether I want to try to get tickets. But I’m leaning towards no, because why would I really want to see them except for nostalgia sake? And even if I tried to get tickets when they go on sale, I’d probably have no luck because I’m sure Ticketmaster doesn’t really have any tickets and the scalpers all already have them and will sell them at outrageous prices. However, I’m sure it would be ridiculously fun to see them again. Yes, again. I attended their first tour and it was obviously a huge blast. Then again, I was only 8 year old.

Umm yeah. I unfortunately didn’t have any NKOTB gear at the time but I was sure to wear my rainbow Denver visor and my Tweety Bird sunglasses. Also note that the 4 of us had no less then 3 pairs of Fisher Price binoculars between us. So glad to see my sister looking beautiful in white (she’s also wearing a Swatch watch). My friend and her brother? I don’t really keep in touch with her, but she’d probably kill me for posting this picture online. Her glasses are like whoa. And the girl next to me, her jeans are pretty classic. Then again, everyone in this picture is.

Kinda makes me want to go back an experience it again…this time sans Tweety Bird. Maybe.

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