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Archive: May 2008

Boston Bloggahs Happy Hour…Finally!

The Chicago bloggers have done many and always have a blast. Boston seemed to be lacking in bloggers for a while, but as time goes by it looks like there are more and more of us. So Julie Q from The JQ Lounge and I have put together a little get-together for all of us. Yay!

It’s taking place on June 14th in Downtown Boston and we promise it will be a good time. If you’re interested in coming, and if you’re in Boston, you should be, e-mail me (Anderson.SusanM@gmail.com) with your blog URL and I will send you the evite with all the details. Even if you’re not an active commenter and think we have no idea who you are, now is a fabulous time to get to know everyone.
And as Julie said, if you’re looking to do some traveling, Boston is beautiful this time of year so why not plan a little trip to Boston for June 14th?!
Can’t wait to meet everyone!

escape to the cape.

Why have the last couple of days been fabulous? Mainly because I hung out with TKTC and her awesome family on the Cape. Here’s the brief synopsis of my Sun-Mon:

  • Took the bus from Boston to the Cape. A good experience, except for the fact that the bus driver decided not to stop at the bus stops. When I questioned where the Eastham bus stop was, he said it was wherever I wanted it to be. I told him someone was picking me up at the actual bus stop and he said there was no actual bus stop and dropped me off on the side of the road. Luckily J knew where the Ben and Jerry’s was and came to rescue me.
  • J and I seriously indulged in clam rolls and onion rings from Arnold’s. Amazing. I love beach food and don’t eat it too often because it makes it so much more special when you only get it in placed like the Cape, Gloucester, and Ogunquit.
  • J’s Cape house is absolutely beautiful and her family delightful. They were so so nice to have me for the night and they actually reminded me a lot of my family. From everything to the way the aunts and uncles interact, the cute kids running around, the wine drinking, board game playing, and simply sitting around never running out of stuff to talk about, I could definitely relate. And it made me a bit more excited for my own family reunion vaca. in Chautauqua.
  • We went to the beach thinking it was going to be pretty chilly and almost didn’t even bother wearing bathing suits. It was the most beautiful day and we ended up laying in the sun in bathing suits for a couple hours. I got lots of sun; a nice way to begin the summer. Me, J, and her cousin went on a nice beach walk and saw a ridiculous amount of horseshoe crabs mating.
  • We ate A LOT. And yes, the vanilla rhubarb cake was just plain addicting. I’m pretty sure J got the recipe and it will be coming soon.
  • We made a valiant attempt at going out by going to the Beachcomber after dinner and waiting until the bar opened. Then we realized everyone in line had tickets. We found out that Cracker was performing at the bar. We debated paying the $15 to get in but ultimately decided to go home and drink wine. So we did.
  • J and I were asked a million questions about blogging, etc. and I’m pretty sure all of her family members will be starting blogs asap.
  • We left fairly early today to beat the traffic. Instead of taking the bus back and being dropped on the side of the road, J’s fabulous brother drove us back to the city. He and their cousin just happen to live in Boston; more reasons for J to eventually move here. J and I walked from my apartment to Newbury St. stopping for crepes and iced coffee along the way. We met Sas on Newbury St. where we shopped around a bit and sat and chatted with our iced tea. I’m glad the two of them finally got to meet! And then J was off to the airport and back to Chicago.

And now, between all the sun and all the sugar, I’m ready for a really good night’s sleep. Tomorrow it’s back to the routine, including an extra long gym sesh. And some serious detoxing because the amount of sugar I consumed this weekend is probably illegal in some states. But it was all oh so good and worth it. If any of you are in town, I highly recommend finagling an invite to her Cape house. Unfortunately, I promised her parents I wouldn’t advertise their address on my blog. Sorry 🙂

The lone pic taken on our way out the door this morning.


Posting has not turned into just a weekly thing, I swear. I know I say it all the time but ahh I’ve been so busy! And lots of stuff has been going on. Fun stuff, but also stuff that’s disheartening even to an eternally cheerful optimist like me.

I think I’m becoming more and more cynical about things like relationships and I’m not really liking that. I used to be all whoo hoo love! But recently I just haven’t been into the whole dating deal and find that I’d so much rather hang out with myself or my friends than be in any type of relationship. Clearly I’m not dating the right people to be so incredibly unenthusiastic about the whole thing, but what can you do? And when you see sadness all around you, it makes it difficult to stay positive about the whole thing.

This is totally the season for breakups and it’s extremely hard to see horrible stuff happening to everyone all around you, especially people you love. And as much as I’ve tried to give advice and come up with answers, I’ve realized that I don’t know. I just don’t know. I don’t know what it’s supposed to be like. I don’t know what’s normal and what’s not. I don’t know how many chances you give someone. And I don’t know when you’re supposed to call it quits. I don’t have a clue. I know what I’ve done with my experiences. But I have no idea if I did the right thing or not. I personally think it’s a hell of a lot easier to be broken up with than it is to break up with someone. But maybe that’s just the horrible indecisiveness in me talking.

You can go through all kind of experiences, but you’ll still never have the answers. I don’t like not having answers. When people come to me for help or advice, I like knowing exactly what to say. I want to make things better. But I think it’s OK not to have the answers all the time. What fun would life be with them? It wouldn’t be much fun, but it also wouldn’t be so horribly painful. I know everything will work out; it’s just a tough road getting there.

updates on life.

Updates for everyone (or just anyone who cares):

Sas has a fun new blog you should check out. It’s called ComfortSource and is “Your Guide to Life’s Comforts.” I’m loving it so far (especially since she already put up pics of my puppy cousins, the ultimate in comfort!).

Thank you all for your fabulous music recommendations! You all had great ideas that are making the gym so much better. I’ve decided I need a way to listen to my iPod, watch and listen to TV, read, and people watch (my gym is in a busy area with nice big windows!) all at the same time. The more distractions I have, the better. I think I’m basically the only person who belongs to my gym (well, maybe there are 10 of us, but I’m the only one there at 9:30 a.m.), which is lovely because I can basically do whatever I want. And it’s all brand new and pretty. I just hope it doesn’t shut down due to lack of business.

My sleep schedule is getting better. I’m so proud of myself! I go to bed “early” (OK, anytime before 2:30 a.m. is early for me) and I get up “early” (again, anytime before 8:30 a.m. is early for me). And it works because even if I want to stay up later, I can’t because I’m so tired from getting up early. Of course, tonight might get all screwed up since it was free iced coffee day at Dunkin’ Donuts and I may have taken a little too much advantage of it. Just a bit wired right now.

Updates especially for my lovely Bostonians:

If you like wine (and who doesn’t?) and you’re in the Boston area, you should make sure to grab your ticket to come see Gary Vaynerchuk at BU on June 19. Tickets are free and there are only 37 of them left, so you might want to hurry. Gary is awesome. You may know him from his website Wine Library TV, where he talks about wine in a fun, easy to understand way. He also makes other videos on his website and talks about things like the fact that he gets between 500-1,000 e-mails a day and answers all of them! Um yeah, I get between 30-40 e-mails a day and answer like 5 of them. He was on Conan O’Brien and Donny Deutsch within the past few days. He also just came out with a book, 101 Wines Guaranteed to Inspire, Delight, and Bring Thunder to Your World. I just bought it and am loving it so far!

Obviously, he’s no 2guysuncorked, but he’s still pretty fabulous and an awesome public speaker. So get your ticket! I’ll be there with a couple friends.

Also, I said it at We are not Martha, but I’m saying it again here. Go to BerryLine in Harvard Square. It is seriously the most amazing thing ever. And I will be there lots this summer. It’s about 7 miles there and back from my apartment and I walked it all last week. Would do it again and again for this stuff. Of course, I could also take public transportation, but I love walking, especially if I have good company.

I’ve been working hard on writing Boston guides over at GuideSpot. If you want some cool Boston info. like where to find the best martinis or where the best concert venues are, check out my guides. Even if you’re not from Boston, GuideSpot probably has guides for your city too! It’s a lovely place to write for.

Oh and also, Bryan Adams is going to be on Regis and Kelly tomorrow morn. Nottt like I’m overly excited about it or anything!!

hangin’ tough in my visor.

I’m still slightly confused by the fact that the New Kids on the Block are reuniting and going on tour. I’m back and forth on whether I want to try to get tickets. But I’m leaning towards no, because why would I really want to see them except for nostalgia sake? And even if I tried to get tickets when they go on sale, I’d probably have no luck because I’m sure Ticketmaster doesn’t really have any tickets and the scalpers all already have them and will sell them at outrageous prices. However, I’m sure it would be ridiculously fun to see them again. Yes, again. I attended their first tour and it was obviously a huge blast. Then again, I was only 8 year old.

Umm yeah. I unfortunately didn’t have any NKOTB gear at the time but I was sure to wear my rainbow Denver visor and my Tweety Bird sunglasses. Also note that the 4 of us had no less then 3 pairs of Fisher Price binoculars between us. So glad to see my sister looking beautiful in white (she’s also wearing a Swatch watch). My friend and her brother? I don’t really keep in touch with her, but she’d probably kill me for posting this picture online. Her glasses are like whoa. And the girl next to me, her jeans are pretty classic. Then again, everyone in this picture is.

Kinda makes me want to go back an experience it again…this time sans Tweety Bird. Maybe.