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party full of nurses.

See, I have this aunt. Oh, I think I’ve maybe talked about her before. You know, the one with the dogs. The one who takes me to fancy dinners. The one who’s basically amazing and would do anything for me. Anyway, she asked me to help at a wedding shower she was throwing for a friend. Basically I help at a lot of her parties, just getting food ready, doing dishes, cleaning up, etc., so she can enjoy the party a little instead of stressing the whole time. And I can utilize my fabulous catering skills.

This party was a wedding shower for one of their co-workers and was at her friend’s house. I of course agreed to help, but was then a bit annoyed because I sort of had plans Sat. night and had been figuring showers were afternoon-ish…and she didn’t tell me until the night before that it started at 5:00. Oh well. Helping my aunt means doing something for someone who does A LOT for me (and $$$). And I figured I could be home by 9ish and on my way.

I didn’t get home from the shower until midnight. The party was basically 45 women nurses age 45-65, having a blast. And I actually had a blast too. First of all, I seriously hope that I still have such fabulous girlfriends and we still have so much fun when we’re 50+ (pretty sure I will!). But even more amazingly, these women were co-workers, and they all got along so well and spent the entire evening laughing non-stop. If I ever have a job that requires me to work with people (right now it’s looking like I might do freelance and work all by my lonesome forever), I hope I can form such fabulous bonds with great people.

Secondly, the food at this party was seriously amazing. The woman throwing the shower has Lebanese roots and she cooked a lot of Lebanese foods, including kibbeh, which is pretty much amazing lamb with wheat and pine nuts. She made 500 grape leaves. 500! And oh my God, they were SO good. She made her own hummus, delicious sweet potatoes, ham, and I don’t even remember what else because I was in a food coma. And now, all I want to do is learn to make grape leaves as good as hers. I really wanted to photograph all the food, but thought that might look a little sketchy if I pulled out my camera and started snapping away. There were about 34242 desserts, after dinner, including the biggest cake I have ever seen, from Party Favors (BEST ever).

The woman’s 80-year-old aunt was the cutest thing in the world and insisted on helping me with everything. It got slightly annoying as I just wanted to wash the dishes, and she insisted on doing it herself, telling me she was “just washing her hands.” People probably thought I was putting the old lady to work! She kept telling everyone I was such a good friend and she was so happy to meet me…soo cute. Anyway, putting 45 women (nurses nonetheless) in one party pretty much guarantees that everyone wants to help, so I wasn’t even that busy. Though my arms are in some pain today from carrying the crates of dishes up and down stairs (I am in horrible shape).

It was great meeting so many people, some who know my mom (they work for the same hospital, but my mom for a satellite location) and hearing them say non-stop fabulous things about my aunt and calling her the best boss ever. Several of them said, “oh my God, I can’t believe you call her your aunt! And watch her dogs! You are soo lucky.” Aww I know I am.

Anyway, who knew I could have so much fun with a group of age 45+ nurses. They were all telling me to start my own catering business, which would be amazing but tough because a) I would have absolutely no social life and b) nobody would ever pay me as well as my aunt does. Plus, I’d want to do the cooking too and I’m probably not at a point in my life where I can handle all that. But still, maybe some day…

Also, a big yayy to my mom who just passed her CNOR exam, which is a ridiculously hard test for nurses to get certified in the operating room. She’s one of the only nurses at her OR who took it, besides her boss. She’s been flipping out for the past 4 months thinking she wasn’t going to pass. I knew she would. I’m so proud of my mom who quit her nursing job to stay at home with me and my sis, got her RN in night school when I was in elementary school, then went back to the big OR when I was in college (with a bit of school subsitute nursing and catering in between). I know from experience that my mom is the best nurse in the world and all the little kids she takes care of daily are so lucky 🙂

7 Responses to “party full of nurses.”

  1. Trish Ryan Says:

    Yay for your Mom! (and yay you for cheering her on). The party sounds great…don’t you love when you end up having fun with a group of people you’d never think to hang out with?

  2. me & them Says:

    Congrats to your mum – and for you for being so open minded and able to have fun any age! There’s not too many people that can do that, ya know 🙂 I hope I can have parties like that when I’m older! (hell, even now would rock 🙂

  3. Peter Says:

    Awwwww. Congratulations to your Mom!

  4. L Sass Says:

    OMG, I wish I knew how to make amazing grape leaves. Drool.

    Sounds like an unexpectedly great afternoon!

  5. Therapeutic Ramblings Says:

    My uncle use to let me work for him on random days during the summer (when I was 12-14 and couldn’t get a real job). He (and my aunt) are very bohemian, and so many of their friends are artists, musicians, etc….and I’d get to hear about all of these stories involving my uncle. It was their way of spoiling their favorite nephew. 😀

    ps. It’s awesome that all of those nurses love your mom, I know hospitals can be really hit and miss with cohesiveness of staff.

  6. Katelin Says:

    aw i hope i have friends that close too when i’m older. so cute!

    and congrats to your mom! 🙂

  7. Phantom Hater Says:

    Wow, a party full of nurses. What a great fantasy. Of course, maybe not age forty to sixty-year old nurses, but I can edit that part out.

    45 people is a lot of folks.

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