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Line of the night, from the man who takes calls for Red Cab and directs the cabs where to go:

“I’m gonna go take my break. Just going to jump off the Tobin Bridge. Be right back”

Spoken over the intercom to my cab driver. Who took 40 minutes to pick me up. Who claimed he was looking for #91, instead of #19. He’d been driving back and fourth for 30 minutes. Funny, since it’s basically the shortest street ever and I was standing in front of the building the whole time. Then he yelled at me because it was “peak time” and he wasted 30 minutes looking for #19.

I could have walked home twice in the amount of time I waited. But unfortunately our world is not safe enough for me to walk around at 2:00 a.m. That makes me sad. At least I had some entertaining convos with the taxi dispatcher, who seemed extremely exasperated by the incompetence of his drivers. I very much know what it’s like dealing with incompetent people too, but don’t jump man, it’s just not worth it.

12 Responses to “jumping.”

  1. nicoleantoinette Says:

    Ha, hilarious story. Glad you got home safe!

  2. Renee Says:

    Dealing with cabs is always interesting!

  3. SeeLeigh Says:

    whyyyy in the eff didnt you call me while you were downstairs waiting?! i would have let you back up! hahaha.

  4. surviving myself Says:

    sounds about right.

  5. Therapeutic Ramblings Says:

    You should get a gun!!! Okay, not really….but maybe you could fake it with some Charlie’s Angels posing, using your hands as a gun!

  6. me & them Says:

    Knives in my socks, mace spray in the handbag etc …. I’d stiLl take a cab.
    And hey – it gives you amusing things to blog about!

  7. Scotty Says:

    Whenever in a cab, I always find listening to their little cabbie radio entertaining.

  8. Amanda Says:

    Getting a cab in Boston is hell. I once waited outside my dorm with a 103 fever for an hour before the cab I called (four times!!) came to get me. At least you get a good story out of it!

  9. Brittany Says:

    that’s hilarious. red cab drivers are always the craziest.

  10. kimberlie Says:

    I often have issues with my taxi drivers. They can NEVER find my house, even though i live directly behind their rank and specify this each time. Seriously.

  11. L Sass Says:

    Taxi dispatcher does not equal a job that I would like to have!! I have a feeling that issues like that are pretty common.

  12. Katelin Says:

    haha, what a tool. glad you made it home safely.

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