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Archive: March 2008

party full of nurses.

See, I have this aunt. Oh, I think I’ve maybe talked about her before. You know, the one with the dogs. The one who takes me to fancy dinners. The one who’s basically amazing and would do anything for me. Anyway, she asked me to help at a wedding shower she was throwing for a friend. Basically I help at a lot of her parties, just getting food ready, doing dishes, cleaning up, etc., so she can enjoy the party a little instead of stressing the whole time. And I can utilize my fabulous catering skills.

This party was a wedding shower for one of their co-workers and was at her friend’s house. I of course agreed to help, but was then a bit annoyed because I sort of had plans Sat. night and had been figuring showers were afternoon-ish…and she didn’t tell me until the night before that it started at 5:00. Oh well. Helping my aunt means doing something for someone who does A LOT for me (and $$$). And I figured I could be home by 9ish and on my way.

I didn’t get home from the shower until midnight. The party was basically 45 women nurses age 45-65, having a blast. And I actually had a blast too. First of all, I seriously hope that I still have such fabulous girlfriends and we still have so much fun when we’re 50+ (pretty sure I will!). But even more amazingly, these women were co-workers, and they all got along so well and spent the entire evening laughing non-stop. If I ever have a job that requires me to work with people (right now it’s looking like I might do freelance and work all by my lonesome forever), I hope I can form such fabulous bonds with great people.

Secondly, the food at this party was seriously amazing. The woman throwing the shower has Lebanese roots and she cooked a lot of Lebanese foods, including kibbeh, which is pretty much amazing lamb with wheat and pine nuts. She made 500 grape leaves. 500! And oh my God, they were SO good. She made her own hummus, delicious sweet potatoes, ham, and I don’t even remember what else because I was in a food coma. And now, all I want to do is learn to make grape leaves as good as hers. I really wanted to photograph all the food, but thought that might look a little sketchy if I pulled out my camera and started snapping away. There were about 34242 desserts, after dinner, including the biggest cake I have ever seen, from Party Favors (BEST ever).

The woman’s 80-year-old aunt was the cutest thing in the world and insisted on helping me with everything. It got slightly annoying as I just wanted to wash the dishes, and she insisted on doing it herself, telling me she was “just washing her hands.” People probably thought I was putting the old lady to work! She kept telling everyone I was such a good friend and she was so happy to meet me…soo cute. Anyway, putting 45 women (nurses nonetheless) in one party pretty much guarantees that everyone wants to help, so I wasn’t even that busy. Though my arms are in some pain today from carrying the crates of dishes up and down stairs (I am in horrible shape).

It was great meeting so many people, some who know my mom (they work for the same hospital, but my mom for a satellite location) and hearing them say non-stop fabulous things about my aunt and calling her the best boss ever. Several of them said, “oh my God, I can’t believe you call her your aunt! And watch her dogs! You are soo lucky.” Aww I know I am.

Anyway, who knew I could have so much fun with a group of age 45+ nurses. They were all telling me to start my own catering business, which would be amazing but tough because a) I would have absolutely no social life and b) nobody would ever pay me as well as my aunt does. Plus, I’d want to do the cooking too and I’m probably not at a point in my life where I can handle all that. But still, maybe some day…

Also, a big yayy to my mom who just passed her CNOR exam, which is a ridiculously hard test for nurses to get certified in the operating room. She’s one of the only nurses at her OR who took it, besides her boss. She’s been flipping out for the past 4 months thinking she wasn’t going to pass. I knew she would. I’m so proud of my mom who quit her nursing job to stay at home with me and my sis, got her RN in night school when I was in elementary school, then went back to the big OR when I was in college (with a bit of school subsitute nursing and catering in between). I know from experience that my mom is the best nurse in the world and all the little kids she takes care of daily are so lucky 🙂


Line of the night, from the man who takes calls for Red Cab and directs the cabs where to go:

“I’m gonna go take my break. Just going to jump off the Tobin Bridge. Be right back”

Spoken over the intercom to my cab driver. Who took 40 minutes to pick me up. Who claimed he was looking for #91, instead of #19. He’d been driving back and fourth for 30 minutes. Funny, since it’s basically the shortest street ever and I was standing in front of the building the whole time. Then he yelled at me because it was “peak time” and he wasted 30 minutes looking for #19.

I could have walked home twice in the amount of time I waited. But unfortunately our world is not safe enough for me to walk around at 2:00 a.m. That makes me sad. At least I had some entertaining convos with the taxi dispatcher, who seemed extremely exasperated by the incompetence of his drivers. I very much know what it’s like dealing with incompetent people too, but don’t jump man, it’s just not worth it.

please donate your canned goods…to me.

My dad drove me back to my apartment yesterday morning. I don’t have a car because having a car in the city of Boston is ridiculous, would cost me at least $150 extra a month to park, and would rarely get used. Luckily I have the best parents ever and they never complain about coming to pick me up from the city. And really, even if I have to take the train home, I don’t even mind. It’s easy to get to and drops me off a 5 minute drive from my parents’ house. And I can just sit and read a book for the hour it takes to get me there. I consider myself very lucky. But they rarely ever make me take the train. Usually what happens if I want to go home is that my mom will come pick me up and we’ll spend the day out. For instance, on Saturday we went to the Met Club (my favorite place ever) and had lunch and then went to various stores all the way home. And since I have, as Sara has now termed it, an “alternative work schedule,” I can stay home until Monday morning when my dad will drive me back to the city (He has an “alternative work schedule” too, also known as being retired. My mom, she works full time. And interesting change from when I was growing up).

My dad likes to joke with me because for whatever reason, every single time he drives me back, I have about 50 bags all weighing approximately 50 pounds each. I honestly don’t know how it happens, but I’m sure it has something to do with the fact that I often bring laundry home and that my parents love to give me stuff to bring back. They insist loading me up with paper towels and toilet paper. I know. I often feel like a total schmuck being a 25-year-old woman and taking paper towels and toilet paper from my parents, but I do it anyway. I think they just really respect that I totally work my butt off, but that my career takes time to make money in (story of my life). So they help me where they can. And I am very thankful for this.

Anyway, this time was no different. My dad and I had to lug all the bags up to my apartment, which is luckily only up one flight of stairs. I had laundry, my Easter gifts, and lots of random heavy stuff. My mom had also bought me a 5-lb bag of flour and a 5-lb bag of sugar, equalling 10 lbs of baking ingredients. There was one particularly heavy Demoulas bag and I had no idea what was in it. “Oh,” my dad said. “We had some extra canned goods in the pantry, so I figured I’d give you some.” OK, who can’t use canned goods, right? After he left, I opened the bag and found the following:

2 cans of tuna fish
1 can of chick peas
1 can of kidney beans
1 can of cannelloni beans
1 can of black beans
1 jar of pasta sauce

What. I seriously couldn’t stop laughing. I know I’m not rich, but do my parents now think I belong in some sort of soup kitchen? Please bring me canned goods. Specifically of the bean variety. Remember in elementary school when you’d have to bring canned goods to school over the holidays and you’d always bring the most random stuff in? Like all the random beans and stuff you knew your family wasn’t going to be eating any time soon? Yup. So now I have a random selection of canned beans and am thinking I need to find a recipe that will combine them all.

Ohh if only I could count all the ways I love my parents.

Happy Easter!

Wow, once again I’ve been an awful blogger. I’m catching up on all that this week though…really! Writing and reading. I’ve been posting a lot over at my new Tumblr, but I’m definitely not abandoning my blogger. Tumblr has just been conducive to my current lifestyle; I can randomly post what I want/when I want. For some reason, writing on blogger seems like more of a commitment and something that needs to be thought out. And I really haven’t had much time to think lately. But I love blogger, and I especially love all the people here (that includes all you Word Press users!) and miss the interaction with you all.

On the bright side, the reason I’ve been so busy is mainly because I started another freelance job, which I LOVE. I think I finally found what Sara refers to as my “genius zone,” except I am in no way a genius at it yet. Basically it’s tech writing and I’ll give more details as it progresses, but for now, I’ve been learning so much and it’s been awesome. And I’ve never been sucked into something so quickly before. Right now it’s a part-time freelance job, but I spend a lot more than my required hours immersing myself in it because I want to learn as much as I can. It’s a hard field to break into, but I think there are lots of opportunities. My boss paid me to go see Lisa Stone (founder of BlogHer) speak at Harvard last week and she gave a great presentation. I think I want to talk more about this later, so stay tuned.

My boss at my other freelance job also wants me to start my dating/relationship blog, so I’ll send along the link when that’s up. Should be interesting as my dating/relationship life is pretty much non-existent right now. We’re gonna have to dig into the archives until something exciting comes along.

I spent Saturday/Sunday with my parents and it was really great. My mom and I went to lunch at the Met Club on Saturday and then spent some time at Home Goods. Today was spent just hanging out with the parents, doing laundry, and relaxing. The Easter Bunny brought me some fun stuff like a pretty pink rug, new pink sheets, a pastry bag set, and other fun stuff. Then tonight my mom randomly told me she’d buy me a vacuum. Nina’s broke about 6 months ago and I’ve basically been cleaning my dust-bunnies with a broom. Not OK. She told me to pick one out and order it, so I did and I am MORE than excited! Yay for cleaning.

The up-coming week involves a lot of work and tons of Google Reader catching up and commenting. Hope you all had happy Easters and I’ll be checking in soon 🙂

chicago comes to boston.

This weekend was filled with the awesomeness of friends…and cupcakes. Starting with the fact that Jessi was in Boston Thursday night! She arrived around 11:30 p.m., after finding out her suitcase was put on another flight and meeting a cute Boston guy who paid for her cab to my apartment (how does she meet a cute Bostonian before even leaving Chicago, and I don’t even meet any living here 24/7?? I’m impressed).

After some quick freshening up and meeting Chels, Jessi and I were on our way to Boylston St. We cabbed it to Vox, but it was pretty dead, so we walked down to Dillon’s, which was a bit more lively. On our way to Dillon’s we ran into more sketchy men than I have ever seen in Boston. It’s almost as if they heard Jessi was in town and all came out of their hiding places to yell at us and follow us down the streets of Boston. Somehow we made it to the bar unharmed. By the way, love love love Jessi’s white leather jacket.

After a couple blueberry stoli and sodas and endless chatter, the bar was closing and we were hungry. The only place I knew of nearby and open was Little Stevie’s Pizza (also known as the sketchiest place ever), but the pizza was exactly what we needed. We obviously ran into more sketchy people, including a few boys straight from Ireland, one of whom tried to share his pizza with us. Thanks, but no thanks. We had to get back to my apartment. We had cupcakes to eat.

Yesss. Jessi brought cupcakes from my favorite Chicago cupcake spot, Molly’s Cupcakes. And I had also bought cupcakes from my favorite Boston cupcake spot, Party Favors. So needless to say, we had a lot of cupcakes. We got all super serious about it and even went so far as to write out a rating chart, which we then did nothing with. Because we were too busy eating and talking. At around 4 a.m., we figured it was a good idea to get a couple hours of sleep.

Jessi was up at the crack of dawn to head back to Logan Airport to claim her suitcase. Somehow she made it there in back in 45 minutes, which is absolutely unheard of. It used to take me 45 mins. just to get to work in the morning and I worked a lot closer to my apartment than Logan is. She’s already an all-star Boston commuter, which will be great for when she moves here (ahem…she doesn’t have any plans to move here right now, but she will eventually. I’m sure of it). She left to have brunch with her cousin, who coincidentally shares my name and neighborhood. Unfortunately, I didn’t get to hang out with Jessi anymore this weekend due to the fact that I basically passed out on Friday night, she went to the Cape, and I stupidly left my phone sitting on my bed while out gallivanting on Sunday. But, she will be pack memorial day weekend, which really isn’t so far off.

I can’t even tell you how fabulous it is to be able to hang out with Jessi. When I first started blogging, I never imagined I would actually meet anyone in real life, much less someone who I have so much in common with and get along with so well. I mean hi, I always thought meeting people online was something majorly creepy people did. But I’m pretty sure I’m not creepy, nor is Jessi, so I guess I was wrong. And she even brought me hair products and nail polish and chocolates from Vosges. Do friends get better than that??

There were more fun parts to the weekend, but I’ll have to save that for later.

In other news: Just in case I don’t engage in enough blogging/force you all to follow my life at different URLs, I started
a Tumblr. I basically started it so post cool stuff that I find regarding technology, but I have a feeling it’s going to turn into a bunch of everything. By the way, Tumblr is awesome…so.much.fun. I’ve been wanting to try it for a while and now that I’m on it, I’m obsessed. So easy to use and so pretty looking. I’ve clearly been having trouble with my blogging lately, and this makes it so easy to just randomly post anything I want. Analogy? If a blog is like an online journal, a Tumblr is like an online scrapbook. You should start one. We can “follow” each other. Shelley’s the only person I really “know” who has one. Oh and Ryan Adams has one, sooo now I can really stalk him. And I will. Mine’s called better than cupcakes; so read it if you can’t get enough of me 🙂