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i should be sleeping.

After chatting with Jessi tonight, I went directly to the Paradise Rock Club’s website (or the Dise as some apparently refer to it…which has been the cause of some confusion.) to see about getting tickets for the Hotel Cafe Tour (with Ingrid Michaelson, Joshua Radin, Meiko, Carey Brothers, etc.). And that’s when I realized, why don’t I ever pay attention to the bands playing in Boston??? If I went to see every band I’m a fan of at the Paradise alone, I would be busy for quite a while. Matt Costa is going to be there on Friday. Gavin DeGraw and Landon Pigg are going to be there on Saturday. Sia is going to be there next Wednesday. A Fine Frenzy on the 19th, Drive By Truckers on the 22nd, Jens Lekman on April 4th, Minus the Bear on the 6th, AND rounding off my April picks are Tristan Prettyman on the 9th, Nada Surf on the 10th, and Rogue Wave on the 11th. And really, that’s not all…those are just the top ones. And that’s at one little rock club!

Sometimes I think I forget I live in Boston and there are constantly opportunities to see awesome bands. I need to start paying more attention/making more money/finding more friends who share my musical tastes, so I can go to all these shows. In other news, who knew The Presidents of the United States of America were still playing?? And The Breeders?? Wow, The Breeders had some good stuff. The Presidents? All I can think of are “Peaches” and “Lump” Ha. (OK, I just looked them up and they have a new CD coming out in a couple weeks. And have actually had albums come out in 1996, 1998, 2000, and 2004. Who knew? Not I).

In other news, what did everyone think of Quarterlife? I’m partly disturbed by it and partly intrigued. I hate that it came from Myspace, but I watched anyway and was admittedly entertained. The whole blogging aspect was pretty interesting, though I question the quote, “Why do we blog? We blog to exist, therefore we are…idiots.” Oh well, maybe it’s true.

The whole show was altogether very melodramatic. “I often cry for no reason, and then later it turns out that there was a huge reason that I was completely unaware of, which scares the crap out of me.” I think I’m pretty melodramatic myself, so I could get into it. But then when I sat back and thought about it, it made me gag a little. Which my own thoughts quite often make me do.

Anyway, I was supposed to get to bed early tonight, but that clearly did not happen. It just might not be physically possible for me to go to sleep before 4 a.m. In any event, I’ve got to get up early since the water in my apartment building is going to be shut off from 9-5 and I’d really like to get a shower in, or at least use some water. Totally not fair for those of us who work at home, but whatever. I’m just hoping they really turn it off at 9 and not at 8:40 when I have shampoo fully lathered in my hair…oh wait, you mean like last time? Right.

15 Responses to “i should be sleeping.”

  1. Trish Ryan Says:

    I’m not sure what to make of Quarterlife…I hope the writing gets better. I mean, your 20s are pretty angsty, but not quite to the extent they portray. Or maybe that’s not it…but there’s a sense that something is still off with the show.

  2. Peter Says:

    I haven’t been able to talk myself into watching Quarterlife.

    And I am not really getting any closer to it.

  3. ToKissTheCook Says:

    I watched the first quarter of Quarterlife. Not so much. All of the characters annoy me (blogger in particular) with the exception of the one guy I liked going in. That one guy, I fell for on the ABC Family show “Greek.” So you know this isn’t about me having any kind of discerning taste.

    Great catch-up:) And what a line-up at Paradise! Excited you’re gonna see Jason with Hotel Cafe and now I need to see if Jens Lekman is coming to Chi…

  4. Stephanie Says:

    Wow, I don’t remember the last time I stayed up until 4am on a weeknight!

    Did I miss anything on Quarterlife? Is it worth watching?

  5. bunny Says:

    Quarterlife is that new TV show, right? Well, I saw a poster for the show last week and was like “hmm maybe?” but after your description of the dialogue, I definitely gagged too. That’s really ridiculous. AND I’M DRAMATIC. But…no. No No.

  6. Jamie Lovely Says:

    I didn’t get to watch Quarterlife last night. Boyfriend DVRd is so I will watch it tonight!

  7. brookem Says:

    I love the Paradise. I’m going to almost all of those shows and I can’t flipping wait.

  8. Jenn Says:

    I watched Quarterlife this morning. I’m not sure what I think about it yet. I’ll watch another episode and give it a chance. But it hasn’t sucked me in yet. The whole “I love him, but he loves her who loves the other guy” thing is bugging me already!

    P.S. I sent you an email about BlogHer. And if you ever feel the need to come out to Chicago, please do! It would be great to hang out with you and the other Chicago bloggers 🙂

  9. Samantha Says:

    I’m going to watch it tonight or tomorrow. I have a huge crush on the guy that was in Greek. 🙂

  10. Katelin Says:

    I am definitely the same way with concerts. I live in LA and definitely don’t take advantage of all the cool concerts here enough.

  11. Sara Says:

    quartlife kinda creeped me out… don’t really know why.

    and sus, i’m way ahead of you on “taking advantage of bands at paradise”. i saw edwin mccain, like, a year and a half ago! hellooooo! 😉

  12. Shelley Says:

    I “hate” you multiple times over. This is one thing I dislike about living in Madison (there are very few things). The good concerts are sporadic because Madison is a smaller city. Many of the artists I like go to Minneapolis or Chicago. A lot of the time they are there on the week nights so that I can’t just drive 3-4 hours to go see them.

    I’m going to see the Hotel Cafe Tour (here in Madison… yay) in March. Matt Costa couldn’t pay in Madison because his equipment got stolen in Canada. Tristan Prettyman hasn’t scheduled a show here yet and I really really want to go see Nada Surf and Rogue Wave.

    Arg. So jealous of you. Definitely take advantage of the shows that you can see in Boston!

  13. Nina Says:

    oooh ill totally go see some bands with you! ingrid michaelson, nada surf, tristan prettyman?? Im in! Always up for hearing new bands too 🙂

    I’ll have to check out Quarterlife…seems like everyone else is!

  14. L Sass Says:

    AS and I are going to Hotel Cafe Tour on March 24th! I am so excited!

  15. Jonk Says:

    It’s one-and-done for Quarterlife on NBC:


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