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on my way to joining the academy.

I know I’ve talked about this before, but I’ll say it again: I am not a movie-watcher at all. In fact, I’ve missed some of the most important movies of my day (seriously, read here to see how horrible I am). Usually, going to see movies is the last thing I care to do and I rarely ever go. Maybe once or twice a year you’ll find me in a movie theater. I have a really bad attention span, made worse by this day and age. There’s too much to do at all times and I have a difficult time sitting and being entertained by a movie. It’s almost kind of sad. I don’t even watch much TV anymore; sometimes I have it on, but I never really pay attention. My brain just doesn’t let me. And if I’m with other people, forget it. I talk way too much. However, my aunt and uncle have pretty much every movie channel ever made at their house. And so, this weekend, I basically sat in their house with the pups on my lap and watched movies while I did work. And I really, really enjoyed it. What I watched:

Music and Lyrics– I am a huge Hugh Grant fan and he played one of his typical characters in this movie. Obviously not the best movie ever made, but I thought it was cute and like I said, if Hugh Grant is there, I’ll watch it.

Because I said So– Mandy Moore is one of my favorite actresses/people ever and she is adorable in this movie. Plus, I could totally relate to the mother/daughter relationship…granted, my mom and I don’t discus orgasms, we do have a close relationship and I can definitely see her trying way hard to set me up with some guy and pushing him on me to the point where I start hating him. This was just a feel-good movie…and it made me a bit emotional.

So I heard it was kind of lame, but I really think I need to see American Dreamz, because hi, Mandy Moore and Hugh Grant? Basically a dream come true.

Thin– Another documentary that my “cousin” made about anorexia. Really powerful. Nina and I watched it and then went back to our apartment and pigged out on junk food. I think we were just triple-checking that we are not anorexic. We might have to check again tomorrow. And the next day.

The 3rd season of Weeds– This is a seriously good show. When I first heard about it, I thought, “ehhh a show about weed??” and pretty much decided I would never watch it. But it’s actually really, really good. I’m pretty sure it’s coming back for a 4th season, but I kind of like the way the 3rd one ended, so I’m not sure where they’re really gonna go with another season. It will be interesting to see.

I feel like I’m really actually starting to like movies, which is huge for me. Maybe next year I’ll try to see all of the Oscar-nominated movies. And then, eventually, I will become an Academy member. Sounds like a plan.

Sadly, my “cousin” did not with the Oscar, but I still think she’s awesome. And she looked beautiful, despite the fact that they totally pronounced her name wrong!

It was a bad idea to have the little Oscar-watching party at my apartment. Because left behind were: lots of chips, lemon squares, brownies, peanut butter cookies, popcorn, hot chocolate, etc. I am going to have to get out of the apartment for a while tomorrow because I cannot sit here surrounded by all of this food. And as we have already determined, I am not anorexic. If I was, having all this food here would be an awesome show of strength. Oh well.

13 Responses to “on my way to joining the academy.”

  1. kimberlie Says:

    Sound like a nice night. BTW, i really liked American Dreamz- loved that it ripped everything off!

  2. ToKissTheCook Says:

    I think we were just triple-checking that we are not anorexic- HAHAHAHAHAHHA.

    I’ve asked Chels to freeze me a lemon square if there is one left. But you hosted so whatever survived the eating check-up is at your house…:)

    I need to get into Weeds. I love Mary Louise Parker.

  3. Thomas Says:

    I can’t wait till Season 3 of “Weeds” hits DVD.

  4. Peter Says:

    Mandy Moore!!

    Sorry, I get excited…

    Have you ever watched “The Wire?” I think it is one of the best television shows ever.

  5. L Sass Says:

    I love Mandy Moore, too, and I am not afraid to admit it! Definitely see American Dreamz–it’s funny.

  6. Lizzie M Says:

    I *heart* Weeds! I really have a compulsion and can’t watch any fewer than two episodes at a time. We are about halfway through season 2 right now!

  7. Yoda Says:

    I want them lemon squares!

  8. Jenn Says:

    Pop goes my heart! I loved Music and Lyrics. Drew Barrymore is adorable and I just loved Hugh in it 🙂 Because I Said So was a cute movie too. The mother drove me absolutely nuts though!

  9. nicoleantoinette Says:

    Weeds is amazing. Do you watch Californication? Equally amazing.

  10. Katelin Says:

    Ooh sounds like my kind of night of movie watching. Music and Lyrics really is cute. And American Dreamz…ummm don’t know if you really haaaave to watch that one, haha. It’s not good at all. 🙂

  11. erin Says:

    Love love love Weeds! Have just seen the 1st two seasons, but so good.

    And I heard Thin was really good as well…

  12. Jamie Lovely Says:

    Thin is an incredible documentary.

  13. Therapeutic Ramblings Says:

    1. Music & Lyrics: Cheezy, but decent. His 80’s lyrics were funny though.

    2. American Dreamz: Ugh. A train wreck, but entertaining (if you don’t pay for it) 😀 Oh, mandy was cute in it.

    3. Thin: Slanted, missing the point at times, but at least it was a look into EDs. Unfortunately they didn’t talk much about the therapy, and instead concentrated on the drama…which really isn’t what it is about. The book was very well done though.

    4. Weeds: I heart Weeds. My buddy works on it actually. I should try and squeeze him for info. 😀

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