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movies and dogs.

I don’t usually get all excited about the Oscar’s or any of those award shows because, a) I usually have never have seen any of the movies that are nominated and b) I get bored easily and the shows are sooo long.

This year, the only major Oscar-contending movie I’ve seen is Juno, and while I loved it and thought it was fabulous, I don’t really see it bringing home any Oscars.

But this year I will be watching…because my cousin is up for an award! I use the term cousin loosely as we’re not really related and I’ve only even met her a handful of times. But she’s up for an Oscar and I’m calling her my cousin. Really, she’s my “uncle’s” daughter. I use quotes around uncle, because he’s not really my uncle. I do, however, refer to them as my aunt and uncle because I’ve been super close to them since I was a baby and I’m closer to them than many of my actual relatives. And while they are off gallivanting around LA, mingling with the stars, I will be staying in their house, spending the weekend with their beautiful little pups. You know they love me when they trust me enough to take care of their babies.

Anyway, we’re all really proud and excited that her film was nominated. Check it out You can also read a little interview from her. if you’d like. And when you’re watching on Sun. night, cross your fingers for her! Even if she doesn’t win, it’s still a totally huge and amazing honor (obvi) and one that she truly deserves!

In the meantime, this is what I’m enjoying:

They’re really hard to take pictures of….and we got about a million inches of snow in Boston today. Which made my walk over here quite interesting. And now I sit in bed with two little pups lying right on me (and every single movie channel in the world and about 100 bottles of wine). Ooh yay.

16 Responses to “movies and dogs.”

  1. B Says:

    hope your “cousin” wins 😉

    those dogs are adorable!

    I still need to see juno

  2. Trish Ryan Says:

    That sounds like an amazing way to spend a snowy weekend!

  3. nicoleantoinette Says:

    Yah, I feel the same way about the Oscars, although watching the red carpet stuff before is always fun!!

  4. Therapeutic Ramblings Says:

    Snow!! I miss snow….sorta. It was 80ish, but I would have much preferred some snow, a fire, and that crisp air.

  5. Virginia Says:

    The pups are so cute! I love watching dogs play in the snow. And I agree with you on the Oscars…I’ve usually never seen most of the films, and other than critiquing everyone’s outfits, I don’t particularly care what happens. I do hope your “cousin” wins though!

  6. Maxie Says:

    cutest. dogs. ever.

  7. Yoda Says:

    I’ve not seen Juno yet 🙁 I need to see it ASAP!!

    I saw Junebug today and LOVED it.

  8. Jamie Lovely Says:

    that is awesome about your cousin!

    you’re pups are the cutest:)

  9. Peter Says:

    That really sounds like a very interesting film that your cousin made. Good luck to her.

    Have fun with the puppies.

  10. The Stormin Mormon Says:

    Adorable dogs…

    I saw No Country For Old Men. It will win a ton of awards, and I couldn’t care less. I thought I was alright, but it just had the artsy feel that award shows love.

  11. Julie Q Says:

    good luck to your cousin!! my aunt, angelina jolie totally got robbed because she wasn’t even nominated

    hahaha i crack myself up. 🙂

  12. t.b.f.love. Says:

    Oh wow – congrats to your “cousin!” How awesome. Those puppies, however, are completely adorable.

  13. Princess Extraordinaire Says:

    How cool that you know someone that has been nominated – very cool indeed! Your pups are too adorable!

  14. L Sass Says:

    Your pups are so cute!!! I need a puppy. And a “famous” “cousin.”

  15. Katelin Says:

    Sounds like a lovely evening, cuddling with pups and wine…mmmm. 🙂

  16. Samantha Says:

    Those puppies are soooo cute!

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