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Archive: February 2008

little miss priss.

Peter told us to take this quiz so I did. And since I have nothing to blog about, I’m going to tell you to take it. It was kind of long and annoying, but the questions were easy to answer and interesting so I trucked on. The quiz results told me my dating persona and now I realize why I am probably completely screwed when it comes to dating. My dating persona is…The Priss. Wow. And it’s probably true. How boring do I sound? Mature. Responsible. Artistocratic. Excuse me. The Priss. Right, excuse me while I go and get just a little bit more bored by myself. Yawn. I guess my mom was right in calling me “little miss priss;” I still hate it when she says that. But at least I’m smart and unfake…and “excellent at redirecting internal negative energy.” Still, priss is not a pretty word to me.

Not to mention, they tell me to consider dating The Manchild. Um, first of all that just sounds scary. Second of all, I clicked on his profile and they basically tell The Manchild to stop dating because he sucks at life. And wait, I think I’ve already dated a few of those so I’m all set, thank you very much.

Granted, I’m not really taking this test too seriously since it’s from OKCupid. Which actually looks like an entertaining website. Minus the fact that it’s sketchy as hell.

But take it. And if you’re a Manchild, then by all means.

I really need to clean my room tomorrow. I can’t concentrate in clutter. And I’ve got clutter everywhere. Oh, and as far as I could tell, they didn’t shut the water off at all today. Good thing I got up after getting 4 hours of sleep so I could shower and use some water for the day. That was fun. So now I must sleep.

i should be sleeping.

After chatting with Jessi tonight, I went directly to the Paradise Rock Club’s website (or the Dise as some apparently refer to it…which has been the cause of some confusion.) to see about getting tickets for the Hotel Cafe Tour (with Ingrid Michaelson, Joshua Radin, Meiko, Carey Brothers, etc.). And that’s when I realized, why don’t I ever pay attention to the bands playing in Boston??? If I went to see every band I’m a fan of at the Paradise alone, I would be busy for quite a while. Matt Costa is going to be there on Friday. Gavin DeGraw and Landon Pigg are going to be there on Saturday. Sia is going to be there next Wednesday. A Fine Frenzy on the 19th, Drive By Truckers on the 22nd, Jens Lekman on April 4th, Minus the Bear on the 6th, AND rounding off my April picks are Tristan Prettyman on the 9th, Nada Surf on the 10th, and Rogue Wave on the 11th. And really, that’s not all…those are just the top ones. And that’s at one little rock club!

Sometimes I think I forget I live in Boston and there are constantly opportunities to see awesome bands. I need to start paying more attention/making more money/finding more friends who share my musical tastes, so I can go to all these shows. In other news, who knew The Presidents of the United States of America were still playing?? And The Breeders?? Wow, The Breeders had some good stuff. The Presidents? All I can think of are “Peaches” and “Lump” Ha. (OK, I just looked them up and they have a new CD coming out in a couple weeks. And have actually had albums come out in 1996, 1998, 2000, and 2004. Who knew? Not I).

In other news, what did everyone think of Quarterlife? I’m partly disturbed by it and partly intrigued. I hate that it came from Myspace, but I watched anyway and was admittedly entertained. The whole blogging aspect was pretty interesting, though I question the quote, “Why do we blog? We blog to exist, therefore we are…idiots.” Oh well, maybe it’s true.

The whole show was altogether very melodramatic. “I often cry for no reason, and then later it turns out that there was a huge reason that I was completely unaware of, which scares the crap out of me.” I think I’m pretty melodramatic myself, so I could get into it. But then when I sat back and thought about it, it made me gag a little. Which my own thoughts quite often make me do.

Anyway, I was supposed to get to bed early tonight, but that clearly did not happen. It just might not be physically possible for me to go to sleep before 4 a.m. In any event, I’ve got to get up early since the water in my apartment building is going to be shut off from 9-5 and I’d really like to get a shower in, or at least use some water. Totally not fair for those of us who work at home, but whatever. I’m just hoping they really turn it off at 9 and not at 8:40 when I have shampoo fully lathered in my hair…oh wait, you mean like last time? Right.

on my way to joining the academy.

I know I’ve talked about this before, but I’ll say it again: I am not a movie-watcher at all. In fact, I’ve missed some of the most important movies of my day (seriously, read here to see how horrible I am). Usually, going to see movies is the last thing I care to do and I rarely ever go. Maybe once or twice a year you’ll find me in a movie theater. I have a really bad attention span, made worse by this day and age. There’s too much to do at all times and I have a difficult time sitting and being entertained by a movie. It’s almost kind of sad. I don’t even watch much TV anymore; sometimes I have it on, but I never really pay attention. My brain just doesn’t let me. And if I’m with other people, forget it. I talk way too much. However, my aunt and uncle have pretty much every movie channel ever made at their house. And so, this weekend, I basically sat in their house with the pups on my lap and watched movies while I did work. And I really, really enjoyed it. What I watched:

Music and Lyrics– I am a huge Hugh Grant fan and he played one of his typical characters in this movie. Obviously not the best movie ever made, but I thought it was cute and like I said, if Hugh Grant is there, I’ll watch it.

Because I said So– Mandy Moore is one of my favorite actresses/people ever and she is adorable in this movie. Plus, I could totally relate to the mother/daughter relationship…granted, my mom and I don’t discus orgasms, we do have a close relationship and I can definitely see her trying way hard to set me up with some guy and pushing him on me to the point where I start hating him. This was just a feel-good movie…and it made me a bit emotional.

So I heard it was kind of lame, but I really think I need to see American Dreamz, because hi, Mandy Moore and Hugh Grant? Basically a dream come true.

Thin– Another documentary that my “cousin” made about anorexia. Really powerful. Nina and I watched it and then went back to our apartment and pigged out on junk food. I think we were just triple-checking that we are not anorexic. We might have to check again tomorrow. And the next day.

The 3rd season of Weeds– This is a seriously good show. When I first heard about it, I thought, “ehhh a show about weed??” and pretty much decided I would never watch it. But it’s actually really, really good. I’m pretty sure it’s coming back for a 4th season, but I kind of like the way the 3rd one ended, so I’m not sure where they’re really gonna go with another season. It will be interesting to see.

I feel like I’m really actually starting to like movies, which is huge for me. Maybe next year I’ll try to see all of the Oscar-nominated movies. And then, eventually, I will become an Academy member. Sounds like a plan.

Sadly, my “cousin” did not with the Oscar, but I still think she’s awesome. And she looked beautiful, despite the fact that they totally pronounced her name wrong!

It was a bad idea to have the little Oscar-watching party at my apartment. Because left behind were: lots of chips, lemon squares, brownies, peanut butter cookies, popcorn, hot chocolate, etc. I am going to have to get out of the apartment for a while tomorrow because I cannot sit here surrounded by all of this food. And as we have already determined, I am not anorexic. If I was, having all this food here would be an awesome show of strength. Oh well.

movies and dogs.

I don’t usually get all excited about the Oscar’s or any of those award shows because, a) I usually have never have seen any of the movies that are nominated and b) I get bored easily and the shows are sooo long.

This year, the only major Oscar-contending movie I’ve seen is Juno, and while I loved it and thought it was fabulous, I don’t really see it bringing home any Oscars.

But this year I will be watching…because my cousin is up for an award! I use the term cousin loosely as we’re not really related and I’ve only even met her a handful of times. But she’s up for an Oscar and I’m calling her my cousin. Really, she’s my “uncle’s” daughter. I use quotes around uncle, because he’s not really my uncle. I do, however, refer to them as my aunt and uncle because I’ve been super close to them since I was a baby and I’m closer to them than many of my actual relatives. And while they are off gallivanting around LA, mingling with the stars, I will be staying in their house, spending the weekend with their beautiful little pups. You know they love me when they trust me enough to take care of their babies.

Anyway, we’re all really proud and excited that her film was nominated. Check it out You can also read a little interview from her. if you’d like. And when you’re watching on Sun. night, cross your fingers for her! Even if she doesn’t win, it’s still a totally huge and amazing honor (obvi) and one that she truly deserves!

In the meantime, this is what I’m enjoying:

They’re really hard to take pictures of….and we got about a million inches of snow in Boston today. Which made my walk over here quite interesting. And now I sit in bed with two little pups lying right on me (and every single movie channel in the world and about 100 bottles of wine). Ooh yay.

37 years later.

Last night’s record release was tons of fun and Shanghai Thrills was fabulous. The show was at a bar in Allston called Great Scott; a bar I had never been to before, but always wanted to go to for a couple reasons. 1) It’s named after the great F. Scott Fitzgerald who wrote one of my favorite books in the world. And 2) Back in the 70s before it was Great Scott, it was the bar at which my parents met. Pretty much about 37 years ago.

Adorable right? I have no idea what’s changed. Slash if they tore the entire building down and rebuilt. But even if they did, I still think it’s cute. I have this weird problem where I have a really difficult time thinking of my parents at my age. Hanging out at a bar. Walking around Comm Ave. But they did. Obviously. Or I wouldn’t be here today.

I made sure to get a picture of the bar, though my parents are most likely going to say, “Ummm, it looks like any other bar,” which it does. But I can’t help it; I’m nostalgic. Even for things I wasn’t there for. But hey, I figure my parents meeting is a pretty important event in my own life. Though I’ve heard stories that my dad first tried to hit on my mom’s roommate. Then he tried to buy my mom a drink but she didn’t need one because a guy had already bought her one (this is her version of the story, but my dad doesn’t work too hard to deny anything). In any event, they ended up dating on and off for 6 years (again, my mom’s story. She claims she was dating other people much of the time…keeping her options open. I say she was hopelessly in love with my dad from the start) before getting married and having 2 lovely daughters. So yes, this bar is very significant to me.

By the way, we have no clue who the man standing behind me and Nina is. We had no idea he was actually behind us at the time. I hate when people ruin perfectly good pictures. Actually, now that I think about it, last night would have been a whole lot cuter if I had met my future husband there too. But I’m pretty sure that didn’t happen. Probably because men like the one standing behind us are not really my type of men. I hope my dad was better behaved 37 years ago!