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Archive: January 2008

virtual haircuts.

I just found the funniest slash awesomest website ever. I’m getting a haircut on Wednesday and have been trying to figure out what to do. My hair has been feeling so BLAH lately (really, it told me), but I am not one for drastic changes. They scare me. I think I’m mostly bored with my hair because it barely has any style and has a super boring part. So, I’m planning on getting some highlights to brighten my hair up for the long winter and get a cut that’s fresh and fun. And not too difficult to handle. I went through the bangs thing last year and while I enjoyed them, it was so annoying to have to cut them all the time. And it was nearly impossible to wear a winter hat or hood with them and still have them look decent.

Anyway, I found this super amazing program on MarieClaire.com where you can upload your own picture and give yourself virtual haircuts. I’ve been having way too much fun with it, though it’s sort of creepy to see yourself with different hair, especially since many of the styles look like wigs.

I think I might go with something along this style; it allows me to kind of have bangs without being stuck with them. And it gets rid of my boring part. But this is far too short for me and I will need a lot more length:Of course, these pictures assume that everyone has the perfect hair day every day, whereas I have the perfect hair day maybe 3 times a year. And I don’t think I could ever make my hair as thick and full-looking as it is in the picture.

I would love to just screw it all and dye my hair brown, but I think that would be way too drastic and shocking (and would give my mom a heart attack). I’m too much of a wuss to dye my hair a color that it isn’t even close to in real life. At least my blonde highlights bring out the natural blonde in my hair

Haha this site is seriously entertaining. Try it! Ew, for the first time, I’m actually happy my hair cannot be curled like this.

That is horrendous! I could keep going. Really. But work must get done and time needs to stop being wasted on giving myself hideous hairstyles. Too bad.


Photo from Boston.com

And the Pats do it again! Very proud of them and excited for the Super Bowl.

Fabulous weekend.

crime scene.

We still don’t have any idea what happened since we couldn’t find it in the news anywhere, but Friday night, we saw all sorts of commotion, fighting, and yelling outside the Prudential food court. Then a bunch of guys started running down the stairs and down the street with police chasing after them. Tons of ambulances arrived and cops were speeding down Boylston trying to catch the guys. Because Chels and I are the nosiest people in the world, we watched. Some cops eventually came back and had a guy in handcuffs. I wanted to take pictures but I felt rude. Hence why I would be the worst journalist in the world. Chels and I got dangerously close to the scene of the crime and asked a cameraman from channel 4 what happened. He told us it was a stabbing, but we’re not really sure since we didn’t see them put anyone in an ambulance. They taped the whole terrace off with “crime scene, do not cross” yellow tape, but somehow Chels and I wandered into the area and got stuck in it. We just wanted to get down the stairs, but it was all taped off and we had nowhere to go. We were the only people on the scene except for a detective examining the ground. Finally, the detective saw us sketchily standing there and told us to just go under the tape. So we did. And we thought it was funny so we took a picture.

The best part was when my mom called and I said, “I think there was just a stabbing across the street from us” and she said, “Do you think maybe you should just go home?” “Hmm probably,” I said, as we walked across the street to get closer.

I totally want to be a detective. Watching more CSI ASAP.

game on.

While I’m in love with Boston, am psyched for the Patriots game this weekend, and am sure they’re going to beat the Chargers, I have to say San Diego fans aren’t totally bad. I mean, I’m trying to imagine Pats fans in San Diego. They would no doubt be complete assholes to everyone. I legit love Boston pride, but that doesn’t mean I beat up people who cheer for the opposing team. So tonight, when Chels and I started talking to two Chargers fans in town for the game, we were kind of surprised that they were actually nice. Of course there was that “our team is better” banter back and fourth, but nothing got nasty. They didn’t trash talk Brady, they actually said he was one of the best quarterbacks ever; but they claimed they would still beat us. OK, fair enough (even though they’re not going to beat us). And they bought us drinks AND also paid our tabs off for us. Why do I feel like Boston guys would never do this? Obviously they were 21 and 22, because really? When do I get hit on by guys my own age? I’m going with never. They said if they had to guess my age it would be 19. I’m sure I’ll appreciate this someday.

More tomorrow on the huge scene (stabbing?) at the Prudential downtown. We still don’t know what happened. But I do know we watched the entire scene, including the police chase where they found the guy and handcuffed him. And Chels and I crossed a crime scene. And legit crawled under the yellow crime scene tape…twice.


I had a nice day with my mom today doing a bit of shopping (yay Linens n’ Things!) and having an awesome dinner (yay Dad!). Anyway, I had to get a bunch of work done after dinner and now I’m dead tired and ready to pass out.

Earlier tonight I was looking at my bookshelf in my childhood bedroom and I saw a book that I had read in college and began flipping through it. It’s called “That’s Not What I Meant! How Conversational Style Makes or Breaks Relationships,” by Deborah Tannen. I read it for Intro. to Interpersonal Communications Sophomore year and I remembered really liking it because it made so much sense and was so relevant (though it was written in the 80s).

I’m really big on communication and understanding how and why things go wrong when it comes to communicating. Like seriously, I think about communication issues a lot. I probably should have been a sociolinguist. But maybe not, because I think I already spend too much time analyzing conversations as it is. Anyway, this book does an awesome job at explaining the differences between men and women and their communication styles. It basically makes you feel a little bit less crazy and like your man’s not such a mess.

But in reading through the second chapter, I read an excerpt that I though really made a lot of sense:

“We need to get close to each other to have a sense of community,to feel we’re not alone in the world. But we need to keep our distance from each other to preserve our independence, so others don’t impose on or engulf us. This duality refelects the human condition. We are individual and social creatures. We need other people to survive, but we want to survive as individuals.”

“Another way to look at this duality is that we are all the same–and all different. There is comfort in being understood and pain in the impossibility of being understood completely. But there is also comfort in being different–special and unique–and pain in being the same as everyone else, just another cog on the wheel.”

We are constantly trying to balance these two goals that completely violate each other. And thus, it is impossible for communication to ever be perfect. I’m not really sure if that’s comforting to me or not.

But I think it’s a good reason for why we blog. We all want to be understood. And to know there are others like us. But just the same, we all like being individuals. Keeping our distance and not being smothered. It’s kind of a good balance here, I think.