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what happens when you and your friends don’t have jobs.

Things that happened last night (Tuesday night) in list form:

-Sara and I had an innocent dinner at Ma Soba, eating sushi and sharing a bottle of wine. See? The evening started off classy.

-We then went to The Hill where we promptly ordered 2 more bottles of wine. Because one just wasn’t enough.

-Disappointed that the pizza place was closed, we went to a majorly sketchy Chinese restaurant and pigged out on scallion pancakes and chicken fingers (after being so healthy with sushi). Sara also ordered vodka and sodas for us, but thankfully we did not drink them.

-While at the bar in the sketchy Chinese restaurant, we yelled at every person there, demanding to know why they were there and where they came from. I got into a really heated political debate with a 45-year-old man with a moustache (Ron Paul? The Patriot Act? I have no idea). I think I talked to his friend on the phone, ew. I also attempted to take pictures of everyone at the bar. I think they hated us.

-We accidentally left sketchy Chinese restaurant without paying. To be fair, I don’t remember getting a bill and we chatted up the owners our whole way out the door. It’s not like we were trying to hide anything.

-Somewhere between sketchy Chinese restaurant, running up and down the streets of Beacon Hill, and arriving back at Sara’s, my wallet went missing. I didn’t notice until this morning. After spending 15 minutes panicking (and wondering how I could call sketchy Chinese restaurant to ask if they had it without getting caught for not paying), I received a call from the police at my alma mater. Allegedly they had a pile of cards that were mine. OK. I was nowhere near my old grad school last night but somehow someone brought the goods from my wallet (minus the cash and the actual very cute wallet) to the police there. They tell me it was a homeless man. He says he found them on the street, but I kind of hope he was the one who took the money and then had a conscience and turned everything else in. That would explain why the culprit chose not to take my Victoria’s Secret gift card. Or the AAA card. It does not, however, explain why they took my pink, extremely girly wallet.

-Sara fell in the middle of the road and had trouble getting back up. I tried to help her up but was laughing WAY too hard.

-We ran home. I slept at Sara’s. Thank God. If I hadn’t, I would have taken a cab home and tried to pay the cabbie with my non-existent money.

I learned that it is a very dangerous thing that Sara is now unemployed like me. Something tells me if we both had normal people jobs, Tuesday night would have never happened. These are going to be some very dangerous times for us. I probably should make sure I get a job ASAP.

Enjoying our sketchy but free Chinese food.

25 Responses to “what happens when you and your friends don’t have jobs.”

  1. legallyheidi.com Says:

    i need to move to boston asap sans job so we can have that much fun on a tuesday night. OMG you’re hilarious ‘cept i may or may not drag you to karaoke 😉 hahahahahaha

  2. PrincessPolly Says:

    Hee hee, that was brilliant, it made me laugh! Sorry about your cash and your wallet though. i’m imagining the homeless man walking about proudly showing off his lovely girly wallet full of cash! ;0

  3. Ashley Says:

    I so need to join you next time because being unemployed by yourself? Kinda sucks!! 🙂 Sounds like a great night, despite the wallet and cash gone missing.

  4. ToKissTheCook Says:

    Hahahaha…I was wondering what your Gchat was all about. I mean, not at all funny to have lost your wallet and cash. That’s terrible. But at least you have your plastic- and Driver’s License!

    The real laughter comes from politics and greasy Chinese food after 3 bottles of wine on a Tuesday night. I’m taking notes for March…try your best not to be employed by then!

  5. me & them Says:

    Gotta love how it starts off so innocently 🙂

  6. Maxie Says:

    I’m glad you at least got your cards back… I lost my wallet once at the mall and I guess someone took it but at least they mailed my cards… better than nothing I guess.

  7. bunny Says:

    Hahahaha… what the hell? That sounds like so much fun. Um, can we trade Tuesday nights? Because mine was definitely, well, not like that. Boo to your wallet though 🙁

  8. Katelin Says:

    haha, sounds like a fabulous evening.

  9. d Says:

    i love random tuesday night partying. and i have a real job. still happens.

    i lose shit all the time too, so that’s fine.

    all in all, you sound like you’re just rocking at life at the moment!

  10. Therapeutic Ramblings Says:

    Damn, that sounds like fun! I’ll be up there this spring to go on a bender with a friend…so keep an eye out because I’ll be asking for bar recommendations!

  11. L Sass Says:


    You make me feel so old.

    I feel like I need to practice a little before I go back to being a student.

  12. Yoda Says:

    Hahahaha! You guys had way too much fun. Not allowed when all of us have to wake up at 7 and go workie work 🙁

  13. freeandflawed Says:

    Ugh, I would hate to get my wallet stolen. At least some of your things were returned. Sad about the cash and wallet 🙁

  14. Julie Q Says:

    ahh i wish i had a fellow unemployed pal when I wasn’t working this summer! I didn’t go out at all during the week, plus it was nice out and perfect for cocktails on a porch..

  15. Sara Says:

    haaaaaaaaaaaaa OMG best recreation of the night EVER!!! we’re freaking wild! SO MUCH FUN. where are we going next tuesday?!

  16. Scotty Says:

    I love random nights that turn into late nights. I mean, they can be the best.

    That pic is pretty awesome too.

  17. kimberlie Says:

    love it! And was there a scetchy hangover??

  18. Shanti Says:

    last year around this time i was on a 14 nights in a row going out spree. tuesday nights were karaoke nights at avenue tavern i believe. i miss those times. now i’m just slightly unemployed with nobody to get crazy like that with. keep the weeknight partying alive my friend.

  19. Peter Says:

    Ha! That IS a fun story!

    And I’m guessing that the dudes in the sketchy restaurant/bar weren’t hating you, picture-taking or no.

  20. Stephanie Says:

    I can’t believe you lost your wallet! Ugh, that is THE WORST. Sounds like a fun night though. I know who to call next time I come to Boston! 🙂

  21. nicoleantoinette Says:

    Um, I do things like this. Even when I do have a job. Which makes me… an alcoholic? fun? crazy? haha all of the above?

    Either way, I LOVE scallion pancakes. Like more than I love blogging. And air.

  22. Damsel in Digress Says:

    ok. are you trying to force me to basically walk into the hr department and quit? then buy tickets to boston with my soon ending income to play?

  23. M Says:

    I need a fellow unemployed friend! that sounded like so much fun (minus the MIA wallet… I’ve lost mine twice in the past 6 months)

  24. So@24 Says:

    If a Chinese restaurant isn’t sketchy, you know the food isn’t going to be good. It’s like a proven rule.

  25. Phantom Hater Says:

    Sketchy is people not paying for their food. They probably curse you out in Mandarin after you dipped. 🙂

    You’re actually pretty lucky with the wallet. At least you didn’t have to go through the hassle of cancelling your credit cards. Maybe the homeless guy is going to give the pink wallet to his homeless girlfriend for Valentine’s Day. You never know.

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