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This week has been pretty crazy and I’ve been super busy. My GoogleReader in out of control. And I’m off to Chi-Town on Thurs. night. Lots to do before then.

Do you ever notice that after you clean your room, you feel so much more relaxed and can concentrate so much easier?

Getting a new comforter makes me feel like I got a new bed.

My neighbors gave me a Christmas card with a picture of my parents on it. It was cute but kind of freaked me out that my parents are on the front of their Christmas card. I hung it up on my bulletin board anyway.

Back in the day I was a Backstreet Boys fan, but haven’t paid attention to them with their last few albums. I just heard one of their new songs “Love Will Keep You Up All Night” and actually kind of enjoyed it. Who knew. Um, I have better taste than this. Really.

I’m getting my haircut tomorrow. Woot. Even better is the fact that my old co-worker does my hair and is coming to my apartment to do it. Door to door service. She’s a licensed hairdresser and does an amazing job and charges me a fraction of what I’d pay in a salon. Love her.

Really sad that Heath Ledger passed away. I feel so bad for his family.

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  1. me & them Says:

    You do sound like a busy lady!
    Hope the hair goes well – I had much fun playing with the Marie Claire (even if they did insult me, tsk!).

    You’re welcome for letting me waste more of your time!

    And as for the spider, I smooshed 3 that day (I don’t even pretend to be an ‘animal’ lover when it comes to things with more than 4 legs). I’d love to post photos of the pus and blood and terror that is my feet, but I actually want people to come back to my blog and leave comments 🙂

  2. Peter Says:

    Do they give everybody custom Xmas cards?

    Or did they give cards with your folks on them to everyone they know?

    These are the kinds of questions that stay in my mind.

  3. Yoda Says:

    Backstreet Boys? Really? :-p

    Enjoy your trip to Chi-town, one of my fave cities! Safe travels!

    I just got my Google reader under control, it was in triple digits 😮

  4. Damsel in Digress Says:

    so peter stole my question/s because while i found it very funny that your neighbors’ christmas card had your parents on it, my brain found it even funnier (and exponentially creepier, hence awesomer) if these neighbors just liked to freak people out by putting the card receivers’ parents on their own personalized card.

    i can’t wait to hear about the hair cut. have you decided to go with choice 1 from the last post but not as short?

    i love down comforters. one of these days, i plan to show up to work wrapped in mine. then maybe i will have finally found a solution to this cold weather in chicago.

    and speaking of! this weekend! chicago! that’s awesome. have you been inspired to stop at streeters to play beirut (aka beer pong beer pong beer pong)?

  5. Damsel in DIgress Says:

    (i decided that i think it’s funnier if your parents were on the christmas card they sent to everyone.)

    (fyi, you’ve been the latest victim of insomniac damsel’s rambling comments.)

  6. Jamie Lovely Says:

    I’m kind of freaked out that they have your parents on their Christmas card. Weeeeird.

    Have fun when you come here! Hopefully it’s not freezing and snowy.

  7. freeandflawed Says:

    Have fun in Chicago! Stay warm!

  8. Therapeutic Ramblings Says:

    My room SOOO needs to be de-cluttered. It is clean, I just have too much junk in it. I actually brought a bag in to donate a bunch of clothes…and it is still in the corner waiting for clothes……boo!

  9. Phantom Hater Says:

    I can’t believe the Backstreet Boys are still together and putting out new stuff. I guess A.J McLean’s new job of selling sexual favors for crack wasn’t paying so well.

    Hopefully your haircut is better than mine. I made the mistake of getting it dyed blonde with highlights, and ugh…well, you can see how it turned out in my picture. lol. I think I might upload the pic to my work bio and see if anyone notices.

  10. L Sass Says:

    I have a new comforter and a deep-cleaned room right now, too and it is divine! Aaaahhh relaxation!

  11. Le Petit Chic Says:

    Cleaning my room (and house) always makes me feel more relaxed too!

  12. Sara Says:

    i have the same question… did they send that picture to everyone?!

  13. nicoleantoinette Says:

    Um, post pictures of your haircut later! I can’t wait to get mine; the only thing holding me back is, as you mentioned, the MONEY. Sigh.

    Have fun in Chicago!!

  14. Virginia Says:

    I LOVE cleaning my room! (I know, I am sick.) But seriously, it makes me feel like a whole new person when everything is organized and just-so.

    Can’t wait to hear about your haircut! I think I’m going to go upload my picture and play around with it.

  15. PrincessPolly Says:

    Good luck with the haircut, post a pic of it once it’s done so we can all see please! 🙂 I can’t really get into backstreet boys now, they must be pretty much thirty by now, right? when do they stop being a “boyband” and become a “man-band” I wonder. . .

  16. Katelin Says:

    I always clean my room and feel so much better about doing so. Anyhoo have fun on vacation, you’re so busy! 🙂

  17. Julie Q Says:

    i didn’t even know the backstreet boys were still together! good luck with the haircut.. and yeah thats a little whacky about your parents being on their christmas card!!

  18. ToKissTheCook Says:

    Hi Dear! I just sent you a note with lovely niblets of contact info via Fbook. I think it might actually get above freezing for you on Saturday! As of now…frozen lake. No joke…big big body of water is frozen. Southern girl in me will just never get over that one.

    Coast. And DiD- Streeters, you say?

  19. Therapeutic Ramblings Says:

    <--didn't know they were still together either. Are they touring, lol?

  20. Scotty Says:

    My google reader has been feeling quite neglected also. Seems like every time I read one thing, two are added!

  21. t.b.f.love. Says:

    Haha, I was just thinking of your post a while back about not having anything on the gCal in… December? Anyway, now you’re busy, yay! And I know what you mean about the clean-room-thing; I feel like I can actually breathe better when the room is clean. Have fun in Chicago!

  22. Maxie Says:

    I agree that I feel better after I clean my room…but that happens like once a year.

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